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An Interview with Robyn Andrews:

A Case of Alleged Mass Alien Abduction, Past Lives, and Psychic Inventors

By: Brent Raynes

Robyn Andrews is a long-time author, researcher, and hypnotherapist from Atlanta, Georgia. Through the years, Robyn has found herself suddenly and unexpectedly confronting some of the most challenging and bewildering paranormal situations that one’s life could ever possibly offer.

This interview begins as Robyn explains about a very strange event that happened to a large number of people at a telecommunications facility outside of Atlanta, Georgia, a facility known as CONTEL.

Robyn Andrews:
What happened is that I had two clients who had had many abduction experiences prior to this. They were both kind of executives there. One of them I had known for many years and I had worked with numerous times. At first, they didn’t know each other, but I had suggested that they both go to some lectures – a UFO lecture or something – so they both went and then the next day she noticed his ring – he had an unusual ring – and then she realized that he had been there the night before. So anyway, they became good friends prior to this incident that happened.

The afternoon that it happened, he was walking toward his office and he passed her and he spoke to her and he said she was just like glazed over or something. He sat down in his office and turned on his computer. He had a coke in his hand and a glass of ice and he sat that down and then he started getting really woozy and he thought, ‘Oh my God, I’m going to fall asleep.’ So then he came to, a couple of hours later. He had turned the computer on but the computer was off and he went to turn it on and the power was down and the phone was dead. And not only that, everything had been erased from the computers, and they had a system where somehow the information went onto some kind of tapes or something, but anyway all of that was erased. So he was real groggy and walked out into the hall and everybody else was coming out of their offices in the same state wanting to know what had happened.

Well this is a high security building. You had to use a card to get in and out and all, and people who were supposed to leave at 3:30 it was now about 5:30 – and, you know, they had to pick up children and husbands – things like that. So it was creating chaos because they couldn’t understand what had happened. It was like missing time for 150 people, and then the people in the parking lot who were supposed to come to work at 3:30 were trying to get in. They had arrived at 3:30 and here they were trying to get in at 5:30 and so it just created big confusion.

See this building was supposedly built to withstand a nuclear attack. There were two back-up systems. One was a diesel system and then another system of some sort, and both of those systems failed. Batteries had melted or something. Anyway, the main power cable coming into the building had totally melted. The conduit over it and everything had melted and engineers couldn’t understand what had happened because they said that there hadn’t been enough power to melt all of that metal, and it had to be like scraped off of the side of the building.

There was one guy who was in a lead lined room and he said that everything started to arc and then the lights went out. There were emergency battery lights in there and of course electronic doors. He couldn’t get out. He had had some UFO experience too.

Brent Raynes:
He had had some missing time also?

Robyn Andrews: Yeah, everybody did. There were five burned circles on both ends of the building; three on one end and two on the other. They were 15 to 30 feet in diameter. The grass was burned. The landscape crews came and replanted the grass and it would die every time they did that; four or five times. Finally they had to take up about 8 inches of dirt and put down new sod, and I have a picture where a year later the grass was still real yellow where the circles had been. The company put some things over where some of them had been. One was a basketball court or something. The company really tried to kind of suppress everything.

My friend Tim, I had regressed him and he was being taken out of the building by Grey aliens. But he was used to that, and he said that they were really like scanning his mind. Now this was not only a telecommunications facility, but this was a facility that had all the addresses or something for everybody in the country there. And that day, that particular day, there was supposed to be a meeting with GTE about a merger, and of course the meeting did not occur because of this incident. And so it was Tim’s job to find out why everything was erased and all of that, and everywhere he went he got stonewalled. He would ask them about the meeting, pointing out that they didn’t have the meeting, and they said it didn’t matter or something. He just got stonewalled and he couldn’t get anywhere with questioning people about it. They started moving people out right away. A lot of them moved to Tampa and to other cities, and they started talking about closing that facility down.

Well Tim was one of the few people who was kept on until the end I think. Anyway, I got him on a television show – a station out of Marietta (GA) – and he talked about what happened. He got some phone calls threatening him saying that he might not have a job, he might not get his benefits, so he was really kind of worried about talking much after that.

Sometime after that – you remember that show Sightings?

Brent Raynes:

Robyn Andrews:
They called me and wanted to do a show on it and so they contacted the landscape companies and got details of that, and see Tim was always a little worried about me delving too much into it because they had such high security and because they were threatening him, stonewalling him, and all of that, and so it was difficult for me to get more information.

The TV show called up the security company that they had, and they had these battery operated security cameras on the outside of the building, and so what the security company told the TV people was that spaceships had landed and they had people frozen in their cars in the parking lot and they were taking people out of the building.

From my perspective that appeared to be what happened. Anyway they worked on all that and we had been working on it for several weeks and I was trying to do a little more research on it, and then they called me on like a Thursday or Friday night, and it was the 4th of July weekend and they said that they were going to shoot the whole show that weekend. Well, a lot of those people had been moved to Tampa and even though some of them had agreed to be on the show they were reluctant, you know, and I talked them out of it. I said, ‘This is foolish. They don’t want to be on it anyway and they’re not going to give up their 4th of July plans to be on a show this weekend.

So they never did do the show. They paid me well for my work.

Oh, another thing that came out, and I don’t know if this had anything to do with it but Dean Radin – you know who he is?

Brent Raynes:
The parapsychologist who did lab work.

Robyn Andrews:
Right, the scientist. I read an article, and this was much later after the event, like three or four years ago, and – well I do a lot of work with Dr. Raymond Moody – in fact, we’re doing a workshop this month – anyway he knew Dean Radin because Raymond was out in Las Vegas for a couple of years doing a chair at a university. So anyway I tracked Dean down out there at Las Vegas and called him because the article said that he was working for CONTEL and it was at this exact time because it mentioned that they were about to merge with GTE, which I think they later did, and it said that he was working on a thought switch. Now he wasn’t at this facility. He was somewhere else. But he was working on a thought switch, and I don’t know exactly what that meant, but obviously it was being able to affect some kind of equipment at a distance.

I called him up to see if that could possibly – because it was right at that exact time – and I think that maybe he didn’t finish doing the work on it because of that merger. But anyway, I wondered if this could have had any affect on that, but obviously if he was working on that it was probably some classified project to begin with. Anyway he didn’t pick up on anything I said, or relate to it in any way that I could tell, so I didn’t pursue that anymore, but I still wonder.

Brent Raynes:
So how many people did you actually interview? I know it was difficult because a lot of them were being transferred and the company was trying to actually deny that it happened and keep it quietly.

Robyn Andrews: I think I only regressed three and I interviewed some others. Daniel and Tim had a party that they had invited some of those people to and I got to talk to some of them at the party too.

Brent Raynes:
So this is Daniel Trussell that you’re talking about?

Robyn Andrews: Yes. Daniel and Tim lived together. I’ve known them both now for about 30 years. Daniel and I had a hypnosis school. Tim is a genius. He’s brilliant.

Brent Raynes:
Are you still in touch with Daniel and Tim?

Robyn Andrews:
Oh yeah. I’m supposed to go and do a regression on Daniel as soon as I can get to it. He’s had some kind of encounter. They used to have a lot of encounters, and nothing had happened in quite awhile and then all of a sudden another encounter.

Brent Raynes:
This is a UFO encounter?

Robyn Andrews:
Right, like an abduction type thing or something. Tim had had encounters since he was a little boy. His mother would find him outside and so they started putting locks on the door up so high that he couldn’t reach them when he was just like 4 or 5, and they still found him outside. He said that one time they found him out and they were upset and they asked, ‘How did you get out here? What’s going on?’ He said ‘Oh I just went up in the flying book mobile.’

Brent Raynes:
How did you get into the UFO aspects? I know that you are a hypnotherapist.

Robyn Andrews:
I knew a lot about UFOs. I had even had an encounter myself, but I was pretty skeptical for a long time because back then, this was the early 1970s, and it was just a weird thing to talk about – people talking about implants, abductions and being impregnated – all kinds of things – I just felt like I was in a science fiction movie for awhile. Then I had an encounter that kind of let me know that it was a serious thing.

But let me back track for a minute and say that back in 1969 I lived in Birmingham and I was driving my daughter up to the high school one day – in Mountain Brook, if you’re familiar with that area – it’s kind of an affluent little city right outside Birmingham, and as we were driving to the high school we noticed this little plane ahead of us – and I talked to my daughter the other day to refresh some of our memories about it – but anyway, there was a small plane, like a 150 Cessna or something like that, and it was flying ahead of us and very low and then there appeared to be a UFO flying right behind it, and it was not dark. We said, ‘Well that looks like a UFO’. It had flashing lights around it. You could see the hard metal edges. It seemed not that weird at the time. We had to make a right turn, to head up to the high school, and when we did it started to follow. The plane went on, but the UFO started to follow us. So we were about another mile to the high school, which was up on a hill. I’d say that nearly a hundred people had gathered outside. Students, teachers, parents – everybody – and watched this UFO for quite awhile. It was right there in that vicinity moving around.

Brent Raynes:
Was this a disk shaped object?

Robyn Andrews:
Yes. Then, late that night, something else happened. I had very close friends who lived on that road where we first picked it up, and I didn’t find this out until the next day, but they were watching a UFO, very close, that would light up and then after awhile it would extinguish and then they would see it over here and over there and they stayed outside watching it for hours.

Well, another very close friend of mine was visiting over there and watching that and finally at 3 o’clock in the morning she said ‘I’ve just got to go home’ so she started down that same road that we had driven down and said that there was this huge glowing disk on the road in front of her. All she remembers is just absolutely being terrified out of her mind and just trying to get home as fast as she could. She was even afraid to tell her husband because she knew that he would ridicule her so much. I have yet to be able to do a regression on her. She had quite a lot of trouble and it was so traumatic talking about it and I see her occasionally – maybe once a year – at Christmas or something when I’m over there – and I still want to see if – but she’s such a scared-y cat. She wouldn’t ever have a baby because she’s so afraid of doctors and needles, or anything like that. It would be a challenge, but I’m still hoping to because from my experience if there’s a UFO down like that there definitely had to have been some kind of encounter. I wouldn’t suggest that to her before we did a session but I’m still hoping to do a session with her to figure out what had happened.

Anyway, back to what happened later, I was getting all of these weird UFO abduction stories. I knew a lot about UFOs but I was really skeptical about this. I thought that they were probably mostly like out-of-body type of things or something, because they were talking about being taken through the ceiling and all of that kind of stuff. So anyway, I had this man who I was working with for every day for about three months. He was a very unusual subject. We were really working on his past life stuff because he had all of these strange past life things. You see, my main work had been with past life regression. Anyway, whatever culture he was in he would speak that language and he could also write it while he was under. Some of the ancient Egyptian had been verified and all kinds of interesting things. But what would happen is he wanted to research past lives and try to validate some of them. So that’s what we were primarily working on. So we worked for every day for two or three months and during that time he rented a basement apartment that I had so that it would be easier for us to do the work.

This is when my life really started feeling like I was in a science fiction movie because in the middle of most of the regression sessions – and sometimes a whole crowd of people would come over to watch him – psychologists, psychiatrists, and all kinds of people interested in this man – so anyway, in the middle of these sessions he would start to channel a so-called alien – and that part I really was skeptical of – and the alien would say ‘Have him each more spinach’ and ‘Teach him to meditate,’ ‘Teach him to be more spiritual,’ and all kinds of things they were telling me to do like I was his mother or something.

So anyway this went on for awhile. He got infectious hepatitis and so he was really, really, really sick – I mean, he had a fever like 105, 106 on this particular night and I was afraid that he was going to die. He wouldn’t go to a doctor. He looked terrible and he asked me to put him under. Well putting him under was just snapping my fingers and saying one word and if he was standing up he’d fall like a dead tree. I had to be sure that the word to put him under didn’t ever get put on the tape because he had had some interesting people work with him before he came to Atlanta and they studied him at the Mental and Psychiatric Research Center, Ian Stevenson at the University of Virginia has worked with him, and at the Mental and Psychiatric Research Center they said he was the deepest trance subject that they had ever studied.

Anyway this alien would come through and say things and then he would continue the regression, and sometimes he would get up in the middle of a session and walk around. Well I found out that I couldn’t work with him unless there was a man big enough to catch him. He was real tall. I was afraid that he would fall and hurt himself.

Anyway he asked me to put him under and I was very reluctant because he was so sick and I didn’t know what might happen. But he just insisted that I put him under, so I put him under. Well the alien didn’t usually come out right away but this time he came out immediately and said, ‘We’re going to cure Allen’s illness’ and I said, ‘Okay, go ahead.’ So he immediately gets up and starts walking in my entry hall, which was ceramic tile. I had a friend who happened to be there and he was walking behind him, and then he started going out the front door. There was ceramic tile on the front porch and concrete steps down to a concrete drive-way, which is steep and curvy down to the street. So we were very nervous because here he is in deep trance walking down these steps. We were watching his feet, naturally, so we get down to the driveway and then we see it. There’s a UFO over the house. It’s huge and glowing, and its 8:30 at night. There’s a poplar tree in the front yard that was about a 100 feet tall, we have estimated, and it wasn’t that far above that, just hovering and with kind of a glow around it. He stood out there and stretched his hands out and his palms up, looking up, and you know, the other UFO encounter to me seemed very natural and casual and didn’t upset me. This didn’t upset me but it stretched my mind a lot and when he did that it mad me so angry. I just wanted to get him safely back inside on a couch so that I could come back out and figure out what this momentous thing happening in our front yard was and I had to worry about him. Your mind gets such crazy things. Like what if the neighbors saw him. I don’t know. It was crazy thoughts going through my mind.

Brent Raynes:
Maybe you just felt anxiety because nothing was under your control. Here was this guy you were worried about and then there was this UFO.

Robyn Andrews:
Well it was just a momentary reaction, but what I didn’t realize of course until much later is that as a gesture of openness and reception and all of that, and he had been telling me about all of these encounters that he had had, which I didn’t really believe at the time. So then he turns around and heads back into the house. We of course have to follow him and get him settled and then rush back out there and it’s gone then of course. Well, he was cured of whatever was the matter with him – he was cured – and after that night he never did have any problem at all.

Brent Raynes:
Those were really strange, major incidents there.

Robyn Andrews: Another man has written a book about him. In fact, he contacted me and followed up on some of my research with him too. He had a lot of strange, strange stories. He told me things like – and this is why I was so skeptical of stuff that he said – as he said ‘Well if anything happens to me just take me to the nearest school yard or somewhere and just pull me out of a car and knock on my forehead and they will come and get me.’ (laughs) Yeah, right.

Brent Raynes:
What was this guy’s name? You say that a book has been written about him.

Robyn Andrews: His name was Alan Lee. I don’t know if that was his real name, but this Irvin Mortis who is the other hypnotist who has written a booklet – I’ve got it around here somewhere. It wasn’t a big book. But anyway, before that I lectured and did conferences mostly about the past life work. I wouldn’t talk about this stuff because that was in 1979 and the first encounter was in 1969 – and Budd Hopkins had a book that came out right about that time and things were starting to come out – but up until that time I had been reluctant to even talk about it at a conference or anywhere because it was so weird. People thought you were crazy if you even talked about this stuff. Some of them still do. (laughs)

But anyway I began to speak at UFO conferences all over the country after that and I had support groups for a long time. I had all of the typical abduction kind of cases. I had a number of people who were pregnant, who hadn’t been having sex. One lady was abducted and taken aboard a UFO and shown a whole group of children. She said there were maybe thirty. She was told that they were all hers. She was asked to work with them. You know of course the story that they say they don’t have any emotions and they realize that these hybrid kids that are born in incubators need nurturing because they’re half human. These were little toddlers and she tried to teach them to hold hands and to dance, play and smile and things like that. I think she went several times and she told me that she had learned to telepath with them and that she was trying to teach the children to be more independent and that the aliens definitely did not like that.

One time she came over for another regression and so we decided during the session that she was going to try and have contact with them, and so at that point in the session the tape recorder just jammed up. I could not move any button or dial. Everything on it was totally frozen like it had been poured in lead. So I got another tape recorder and the same thing happened to it. So I went and got a third tape recorder and the same thing happened to that. That was all I had, so I realized that they weren’t going to let that happen. Of course, they seemed to be able to affect things like that.

After a week or two, all three of those tape recorders were perfectly normal. I didn’t have any problem with them at all. They were just okay all of a sudden.

One girl – this is a very strange case – she worked at a lab on a military base. She said there were several strange fetuses that had been born. Well they were dead, but they were very different and bizarre looking, and it was her job, if something like that happened, to inform the parents and see if they wanted to see the fetus and all of that. Then there were several things that happened in the blood work that she thought was highly unusual. She saw something very strange under the microscope and she was chastised for that and they were very upset that she saw it or something.

Then this one time she was taken down an elevator to a basement level and she said that she felt kind of drugged. She was taken in a room – Oh, before this she had found herself pregnant and she said, ‘Look, I consider myself a lesbian but I wasn’t having sex with anybody.’ She told me she was even scared to go out with her friends and have a drink because she took two or three pregnancy tests and they were all positive and it was freaking her out.

So anyway this was about three months into it and she was taken down to this lower level and she said there were the grey aliens down there and that the people who worked there in the hospital part, in their white coats, were standing against the wall, with their hands behind their backs, just watching, and she said that they took the fetus. Now part of this came out in the regression. Some of it she remembered, parts of it that is, like going down the elevator and some parts afterwards.

So then after that she was taken into another room and she said there was just a bare light bulb hanging right down over her face and this man was leaning over her screaming at her, saying that she didn’t remember anything. Then she was taken back up a stairs and she said that this military officer – like a Colonel or somebody – just strolled around the base with her. This was somebody she had not known before. He kept saying, “Do you feel okay? Are you sure you’re okay?” Things like that. Maybe they just wanted to see if she was going to hemorrhage or pass out or if she remembered anything.

She was really paranoid after that about the government stuff and all. One time we had a party here and we were looking at videos about UFO stuff. I had invited a lot of people who were interested over. I heard her speak to one person and I heard her ask ‘What do you do?’ And he said, ‘Well I’m with the government,’ and I just saw this black cloud just come down over her face, like she was really quite worried. She also became quite psychic after a lot of those experiences too.

Brent Raynes:
What facility was it that she was working at when this happened to her?

Robyn Andrews:
It was a military base. I think it was in Colorado. I’d have to look back in my records.

Brent Raynes:
Now you’re going to do something with Dr. Raymond Moody soon?

Robyn Andrews: It’s going to be here in Atlanta. He lives in an old mill out in the country between here and Birmingham. The mill, which I found for him, was built back in the early 1800s. He did a lot of his work there, which was on television a lot. Joan Rivers went there one time.

Brent Raynes:
The mirror. Yes.

Robyn Andrews: The workshop, scheduled for January 21st, is actually a writing workshop. It will be called “Mystical Figures of Speech.” He’s one of the most brilliant people I have ever known. There’s a paper here on it which reads, “By taking this amazing course you will quickly become an expert on the figures of speech and you will know more on this subject than most university professors of language and literature. This will benefit you in three major ways. You will become a better writer and speaker. You will develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of literature. You will become a better critical and analytical thinker.”

Anyway that’s one of his favorite things to talk about. He does all kinds of workshops. He and I taught a lot of classes and courses together too in the past. He and I and Dannion Brinkley used to do some work together.

Brent Raynes:
Has he ever expressed any views on the UFO stuff, or come across that himself?

Robyn Andrews:
Well that hasn’t been a particular interest of his, but he did write a book on past life work. I regressed him and he was a wonderful subject to regress. He would do all kinds of things when he was under, and one time when I regressed him he described a whole abduction thing. The thing is, when you put Raymond under to do these things he doesn’t remember anything when he comes out. So I think he’s very skeptical of it, although he described to me seeing one very low over his house one time.

He predicted, while he was under, many of the things that I think related to the World Trade thing and all. This was way back, like twenty years ago, that he predicted a lot of these things. Like terrorists having nuclear bombs in briefcases and gonna come to this country, and all kinds of things.

He’d predict these things while he was under and then when he would come out he wouldn’t remember anything. I’d tell him about it. He was a very good subject.

Brent Raynes:
I have a friend over in Memphis who attended a workshop he did on the psychomanteum.

Robyn Andrews: Oh yes, that was a fascinating thing. What happened is he studied the scrying mirrors in Greece and Tibet and different places. He then tried to apply what he had learned by doing some mirror experiments. He sat in front of a mirror and meditated for awhile. He was trying to contact his maternal grandmother, who he had been very close to, and so after awhile he got up and he sat in a chair and then he said this woman walked into the room. He said, “Oh please, have a seat.” And then he screamed, “Oh, grandmother!” Well it was his paternal grandmother, who he never really liked or got along with and he said that for an hour or more she was fully materialized and they had a fully audible, two way conversation, and resolved everything that had been a problem.

So that’s what made him decide that he wanted to start working with people that way, so he was working at West Georgia College at the time teaching, in the psychology department, and I was a board member with him over a parapsychology unit that we had there and we put on conferences and classes and all kinds of things. He told everybody in the psychology department that he was going to move to Alabama and start doing these mirror sessions, and they all said, “Well there goes your career.” Well I don’t think so (laughs) because they’re still at West Georgia College and his books are in 80 languages or more.

So anyway, he asked me to find him a house in Alabama. I’m from Alabama originally. So I found this old house near Anniston, in the country, in this old French settlement. He said it just has to be an old house and it has to have a front porch because he has to write while he’s rocking in a rocking chair, in long hand on a yellow pad, which is how he writes his books as he doesn’t use a computer. So I found this old house, it had a front porch, and I showed it to him and he said, “Yeah, I think this will do it. Let’s go buy it.” I said, “Well Raymond, let’s not be so hasty. Let’s look around.” He said, “No, no. This will do it. Let’s go get it.”

Well we were driving out of that settlement and across a covered bridge and pulled up in front of this mill, which is just like a picture postcard, built back in 1812 with a pond and a creek. It was beautiful. It wasn’t for sale or anything, so I asked this lady, and this is an interesting story too – as we called the lady who lived there. It was a couple. He was a retired Navy Captain, and so she agreed to show us the house. So we were walking around and he had been introduced and she didn’t pay any attention, and so after awhile she turned around and she said, “Now what do you do?” He said, “Oh, I’m a writer.” I said, “This is Raymond Moody,” and she said, “Oh my God. Dr. Moody, do you know that Dr. Ritchie used to live here and we had a group in this house that studied near death experiences and paranormal phenomena, and we still meet here!”

Well Dr. Ritchie later was the professor at the University of Virginia who told Raymond, when he was a student there, about his own near death experience, which is the most remarkable that I’ve ever heard of, and which inspired Raymond to later, when he went to medical school, to start recording the tales that people had of such experiences. So it was just amazing that Dr. Ritchie had been there and that we were led to this mill which, after it took us about six months of negotiating, he finally bought it and it’s just a fabulous place. I helped him set up the first psychomanteum but then he built a nicer one up on the attic floor. I don’t think he does private sessions of that anymore. He just doesn’t have time really, and he’s adopted two children.

Anyway I wanted to tell you one more thing about Dr. Ritchie. Raymond’s father was a doctor in Macon, Georgia, who didn’t believe in anything psychic or paranormal, and he was reading Raymond’s book Life After Life when it first came out, and he said, “Hmm. Camp Barkley, Texas.” This is where Dr. Ritchie had his experience when he was a young soldier. He had just been told that he could go to medical school and he was trying to get to the train to go there when he had a relapse of pneumonia, he became unconscious and they put him back in the hospital, and that’s when he had his near death experience.

So Raymond’s father said, “Hmm. Camp Barkley, Texas? Dr. George Ritchie. Hmm.” So he later became a doctor and was teaching at the medical college in Virginia. Now Raymond’s mother and father were stationed at Camp Barkley, Texas at that exact time and Raymond was conceived at about that time, and after she became pregnant with him they moved to Virginia.

So later he had this encounter with Dr. Ritchie, who wasn’t even a professor of his. Raymond got a Ph.D in philosophy and taught philosophy before he ever went to medical school and became a psychiatrist. So anyway a student took him to Dr. Ritchie just to hear this story and the story was so remarkable because when they got him in the hospital where he was unconscious the doctor worked on him and said “He’s gone. There’s nothing we can do for him.” And they covered him up. So this orderly, who was about George’s age, came and just begged the doctor to try again and he kept not wanting to do it, and then finally he did but they couldn’t revive him. They covered him up again. About 15 minutes more went by and finally the orderly pleads that they try one more time. This time he wakes him up.

Well in George’s life he was racing to get on the train to go to medical school and then he realized that he didn’t have his body with him and he panicked and he went back to the hospital to try and find his body, and he was going through walls, and he didn’t know what room he was in because he had been unconscious, and finally found his body, that was covered up, with a hand sticking out with a ring, and he said that it looked like his dead father’s hand. He laid down on top of the sheet and tried to wiggle into the body and he couldn’t do it. He couldn’t get in. He said about that time the room just filled up with light and there was this spiritual figure. George is real religious and he thought it was Jesus. Anyway this figure, who then took him on some tours before he goes up into this spiritual realm, where there is all the light and all of that, and this is the part that’s interesting as he showed him several suicides that were walking along behind their families and they realized that the problems still existed and now they couldn’t do anything about it. They were like, “Please, I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize what pain that this would cause.”

Then they took him to a bar and it was a bar that he had never been in or anything – it was a raunchy, waterfront bar where sailors were just getting roaring drunk and he noticed that the room was full of spirits grabbing at the drinks and he said that he could tell the spirits from the live people because the spirits didn’t have auras. He said that they were just grabbing at the drinks. Then one sailor just downed a whole drink and then just keeled over and he said his aura just peeled open and that spirit was in him like a flash. Then it happened to another guy.

That experience helped me a lot because I’ve done a lot of work in releasing entities from people and I think that most alcoholics and drug addicts have an attaching, addicted spirit who, because they can taste the alcohol and feel high, and if you get a little drunk they can take over for a little while where people have these black out spells and don’t remember what happened because they weren’t there. They were pushed out of the way for a little while.

Anyway, he saw all of that, and then several weeks later after he had gotten out of the hospital, he was driving with some people in a little town in Lousiana, that he had never been in, and as they were going down this street he screamed, “Stop the car!” There was this bar and he ran inside and he said it was the same bar that he had seen in his near death experience. The exact same bar.

There was a lot more to this story, but those were the main points. The synchronicity was just amazing.

Brent Raynes:
I had psychiatrist friend, Dr. Berthold Schwarz, who was very much into parapsychology and UFOs, and would say that you know you’re on the right track when you’ve got synchronicity going on.

Robyn Andrews:
Oh right! Yes! I’m doing some writing right now about synchonicity. I’ve had so many things happen that way where things just fell into place that are just uncanny.

I had found another type of experience, which I called the Prodigy Experience. I found a whole group of people who had had something happen when they were children and it was like they saw a being or had an encounter with a being – sometimes more than once, sometimes once. It would change them. Sometimes their IQ would double overnight. As they got older they were downloading very advanced technology and they were mostly geniuses. Some of them had free energy type of devices and all kinds of things, so I started a group of them and they would come over here once a week and I would put them all under and then once they got into a deep state then I would just let them – and then somebody would say “Well I see this schematic” and then somebody else would say, “Oh yeah, I see it too!” and then somebody else would say “Oh yeah we can put a coil here and a switch here.” So when they came out they would be so excited. They would get paper and start drawing. Some of them formed companies. I wrote a book about that work. We called them ETIP, Extraterrestrial Telepathic Intelligence Phenomena. We had several conferences about it and everything. Some of them got funding and got their stuff going. This was back around 1991 that we started doing that.

Brent Raynes:
What was the name of the book that you had on this?

Robyn Andrews:
It was called Prodigies: Extraterrestrial Telepathic Intelligence Phenomena. I sold them at conferences for years. I’m not doing as much speaking these days. I do some, maybe one a month or something like that. It was quite hectic for awhile.

Thursday, June 20, 2024