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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, March 2024

The Coming Eclipse Magnetic Events and the Allais Effect
A Call For Voluntary Research at Mound Sites

by: Dr. Greg Little

There is quite a bit of excitement about the full eclipse coming to the United States on April 8 of this year. The next one is in 2044 so this year provides an opportunity that lots of scientists are taking advantage of. I have put together a simple survey during the April 8 eclipse that involves taking simple magnetic measurements at Native American mound sites in areas of the eclipse window. The survey is completely voluntary and only involves watching a simple magnetic compass just before, during, and just after the eclipse takes place. At mound sites which allow walking on a mound the measurements can be taken on a mound, but it is just as important for some measurements to be taken in the areas around the mounds. I ask that only public sites be visited, such as parks and all rules be followed. I have attached a simple reporting form. I plan on doing a t-shirt giveaway random drawing to give a few commemorative shirts to a group of participants who send in the forms. This will be done live on a YouTube broadcast that I'll announce on Twitter and Facebook. In essence, here are the basic requirements.

1. Go to a public site only (this means a park open to the public). Make sure that what you will do is both legal at that site and within the site rules. Leave a $ donation if they accept it. Take nothing from the site and leave nothing behind.

2. You do not have to stand on a mound. In fact, the plaza area between mounds is probably the preferable place to make your observations. But if you go onto a mound, make certain that it is allowed. At some sites you are not allowed to walk on mounds. You should be as quiet as possible and not move around during the process.

3. Take along one or more hand held compasses (not an electronic one or cell phone). Also take a flashlight as it will be dark at the height of the eclipse.

4. A few minutes before the eclipse begins place the compass on the ground and allow it to stabilize. You can film it if you want to, but the entire process will take about 8 minutes or so. Keep anything electronic away from the compass. (Several feet at a minimum.)

5. Note if the pointer is completely still, or if it shows slight fluctuations. Note what happens when the eclipse begins. Note what happens to the pointer when the eclipse is full. Note what happens when it ends.

6. You are looking for any difference in stability before, during, and after the eclipse. You are looking for a possible “blip” (sudden movement) before, during, or just after the eclipse.

7. All results are welcome, especially results that show no changes at all. In general, “outliers,” something like a massive shift show in the compass pointer, are probably “glitches” and will likely be discounted.

8. I’ve attached a potential reporting form with instructions. You can post your results on Twitter (tag me) or email the report form.

9. If you do this, be as respectful as possible, and keep to yourself as you don’t want people moving around your compass.

10. Remember that all mound sites are considered to be sacred sites.

11. Send in the results to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DrGregLittle2 Put your name and a mailing address on it if you want to be in the t-shirt drawing.

Background Hypothesis

In my 1994 book "Grand Illusions" (re-issued in 2022) I wrote about possible rituals at Native American mound sites that were conducted during a full eclipse. During a full eclipse there is an "eclipse window" of under 8 minutes that likely reduces electromagnetic disturbances on the surface area located in the "umbra" area. In that book I wrote about the night effect, the blocking of solar winds on the side of earth not facing the sun as well as the brief time areas are blocked from the solar winds during an eclipse. This was also cited as one factor that might be involved in some unusual experiences reported by certain people roughly during the time of 2:30-3:30 AM. I also explained that many of the Hopewell geometric earthwork sites were not only constructed to chart the 18.61-year lunar cycle, but also functioned as eclipse predictors. It was clear that the eclipse window was a brief period when some of the most profound rituals and ceremonies too place. It is also known that some of the most profound rituals performed at geometric earthworks took place throughout nighttime.

The mainstream view about what happened at ancient sites during eclipses was dramatically demonstrated to me by a master's level archaeologist based on what he was taught at school. According to that idea, the chief or shaman who were aware the eclipse was going to happen, would gather the populace and say something like: "I am the great and powerful Oz and I am going to demonstrate my power to you. I will blot out the Sun." When the eclipse was full the chief or shaman would announce that everyone should acknowledge their power and in front of the awestruck populace they would say, "now I will bring the Sun back." Okay, so I'm sure that happened a few times, but I know from certain legends that rituals were also performed and the essential idea is that the magnetic fields in the area of the eclipse change in subtle ways and somehow affect consciousness.

The Allais Effect

In the late 1990s I became aware of the controversy then swirling about what is known as the "Allais Effect." In essence, it is a sudden and brief fluctuation in gravity that occurs only during an eclipse and only directly under the umbra. The effect is essentially a very slightly decreased gravity observed in moving objects. The effect was first observed by Maurice Allais in 1954 and then again in 1959 using carefully constructed pendulum devices. Allais, a French physicist & economist won a Nobel Prize in 1988 for economics. He also won several awards for the discovery of the gravity anomaly. Many scientific efforts over the years have frequently confirmed the effect in some places as well failed to find any evidence for it at other places. This gravitational anomaly does not fit into any current theory of gravity or physics. In brief, many physicists have concluded that it is a genuine and unexplained phenomenon while others state it is not. In the survey I suggest we can't measure gravity, but it is "possible" that it could affect consciousness at a subtle level. It is known, however, that magnetic changes do occur on earth during eclipses.

The Magnetic Event

To the present author, the most important relevant experiments that relate to magnetic effects on conscious experiences comes from a series of studies and reports by Nicholas Reiter. In 1996, AP Magazine published a series of articles by Reiter detailing a series of experiments investigating what he referred to as the "magnetic event." Reiter began measuring magnetic fluctuations in 1990 publishing several articles on his findings in the "Bulletin of Anomalous Experience." His research focused on individuals who reported "abduction" experiences and also showed magnetic sensitivity as determined by individual testing in a lab setting. He later developed a Magnetic Event Marker (MEM) which was used to measure and record sudden variations in magnetic disturbances. He set up 15 of the devices in the bedrooms of individuals who had previously reported multiple UFO-like abduction experiences. In his summary (AP, Summer 1996) Reiter concluded that magnetic events tended to cluster in the time period around 3:15 AM. Several of the 15 subjects reported having anomalous experiences, including bodily sensations and reported abductions, on the nights of the recorded magnetic events. In essence, what Reiter suggests is that when the earth is shielded from the sun's solar winds and when the magnetosphere is stable, that a blip or "click" occurs that can be measured in a sudden 5-degree shift in compass needles. That is what this survey at mound sites is seeking to find. I can say that I do not think that it will occur as a 5-degree sudden variation is actually rather large.

The April 2024 Eclipse—A Call for Experiments

Many people have indicated that on the day of the eclipse coming on April 8, 2024, they plan on witnessing the event from the top of mounds and at geometric earthworks in ancient Native American sites. I would ask all those interested to take a few magnetic measurements during the eclipse and report them. You can only use hand held compasses--not phone compasses. What you would do is place the device on the ground before the eclipse (allowing it to be steady). Note the exact position of the North needle as precisely as possible before and also during the height of the eclipse. You would be looking for any possible fluctuations during the presence of the umbra. If you do so, I would very much like to hear whatever observations you make. In addition, if you sense any mental effects, I'd also be interested in hearing about them.

The reporting sheet for those participating is here: MEM Reporting Form

Saturday, April 13, 2024