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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, March 2024

Alien Abductors and their lack of reported empathy for abducted humans

by: Albert S. Rosales

There are many documented cases in which the abductee claims of being mistreated, ignored or treated like ‘lab specimens.’ I would like to present two cases, not widely known in UFO circles (I try to find cases which are not talked about on a daily basis) which show, perhaps a lack of empathy or comprehension on the part of the abductors, whoever they might be.

The first one deals with a very rude interrogation of a little boy. Perhaps his age did not matter to the abductors. Here are the events:

Location: Hrubieszow, Lublin Voivodeship, Poland
Date: July 1956 (or 57)
Time: afternoon

At this village located 4km from some military training grounds, a young child, after family dinner, went to visit the garden located just behind the barn, While there he suddenly heard a voice in his head and looking behind he saw two strange looking “persons.” They were covered from foot to neck with black matte tight-fitting suits. They then took the shocked child by the hands, and spoke to him telepathically, attempting to calm him. The child could not resist and accompanied the strangers to a nearby metallic disc-shaped object that was on the ground.

The entrance to the craft was rectangular with rounded corners. Just inside the hull were 3 or 4 small steps and then after that the floor of the first room. One of the entities boarded first to help the child get inside the craft, and the second boarded after. The child was told to sit in a chair in the center of the room. One the entities stood in front of the child, and the second to his right but on the back. The child was then interrogated just like an adult person, in a very harsh and rude manner, by the entity standing in front of him, and was asked about military technical complicated terminology and things which for a young child was absurd to know anything at the time.

It took a couple of rounds of questions and denial and then the ‘visit’ changed to some kind of mental insistence and pressure directed at the highly perplexed child. After some time, the second entity intervened, with a strong sense of mental authority and stopped the unkind situation with the following mental command: “You can’t ask it this way. The child doesn’t know anything!” Then the ‘talk’ was continued by the ‘overseer’(or leader) and proceeded to a second stage. The child suddenly felt pain on the back of his head and some type of ‘medical instrument’ was placed on the back of his head and then removed. The leader again telepathically calmed the child and ‘switched’ off the feeling of pain. They talked for some time, mostly about the family of the child and then the visit came to an end. The child remembered that in the same room there was also a 3rd entity sitting on the left side just beside the wall of the craft, and near its entrance. This same entity was doing something on a “control panel” and at times it would turn around but never took direct part in the interrogations. The walls of the craft seemed translucent. The child was then taken outside the craft and told not to tell anyone about the incident, for any reason!

The child started slowly walking home and after a few meters he stopped and looked behind him to see the craft leaving. After he returned home, the whole family was shocked to see the child, as they had been looking for him for several hours and had checked the area behind the barn on many occasions. They were about to notify the police to report him missing. The person who experienced this never told the story to anyone in the family, because he was afraid that the beings would come back and hurt him. His grandfather had been in the past a top ranking military officer who had served at the same nearby military base. After WW2 he had been killed by NKVD/KGB counterespionage units, fighting Polish resistance in post war Poland, just a couple of years before and very near the place where the event took place. The child was able to describe the beings as about 1.2 -1.5m tall, with large elliptical heads and large almond shaped black eyes. Their skin was greyish white in tone. They had long fingers and had no hair at all. They wore black matte suits.

Source: NUFORC summary, from letter of family member to Nuforc.

The next account deals with the obvious mistreatment of the young witness (abductee). Let’s go to Argentina, the year 1981:

Location: near Mendoza, Mendoza Province, Argentina
Date: March 1981
Time: 16:20

18-year-old Ariel Gramajo had been vacationing at his grandparents’ house in the area and had gone to the foothills of the Pre-Cordillera looking for peperino plants as ingredients for his “Mate” or tea which he always carried with him in a thermos. He was also listening to his ‘Walkman’ at the time. At one point as he bent down to pick up some plants a bluish smoke or mist suddenly enveloped him. He then fell back on the ground completely paralyzed. He was only able to move his eyes and looking around he saw several small booted feet surrounding him. He was suddenly lifted off the ground by four short entities and placed on top of a sort of cot. Ariel felt himself being floated or carried and remembered going through what appeared to be a ‘tunnel’ made out of clear crystal. At this point he felt no fear just curiosity. A door then opened and once inside he saw to his right the figure of an elderly man, European in appearance, with reddish hair, who seemed to have been ‘frozen’ or paralyzed. Next to the man he saw three young women, one white and another of darker skin, who also seemed to be paralyzed. According to Ariel they seemed to be only able to move their eyes.

Ariel then went through a second door and there he found himself in a large room with an illuminated ceiling. There, his clothes were removed and Ariel lay on the cot totally naked and unable to move. One of the entities stood to his right, the other on his left and the other two behind him. Moments later the short beings approached Ariel and inserted a sort of metallic wand in Ariel’s left leg, right under his hip, and began moving it around. At this point Ariel felt severe pain (a triangular scar still remains to this day). Moments later one of the entities behind him began to emit a strange warbling sound that Ariel could hear in his mind. He then panicked, and began pleading with them (telepathically as he couldn’t speak) not to hurt him or kill him. Then, a beige box shaped object suddenly appeared out of nowhere next to the cote. An opening became visible on it and one of the short beings took out another short wand-like instrument, and two hose like instruments, and one of them was introduced into Ariel’s penis, but at this point he felt no pain. The beings seemed to ignore his pleas.

One of the short entities then approached Ariel and stared directly at his face. According to Ariel, the entity had large black almond shaped eyes, and behind the black almond shaped ‘lens’ he could see two large round ‘fish like eyes’. The entity had a small slit-like mouth and what appeared to be small colored scales around the chin area. This short creature then stepped back as Ariel continued his useless pleas. At this point Ariel began to notice a very pungent sulfur like odor mixed in with melted copper. The whole time Ariel could hear the beings growl like speech in his mind. Suddenly a taller entity with long thin fingers approached Ariel. The skin of this creature resembled that of a shark and he also had large black almond-shaped eyes. This taller entity began to manipulate Ariel’s head, looking into his ears, etc. He then introduced one of its long fingers into Ariel’s nose. The pungent odor seemed to be emanating from this creature. As soon as the creature inserted his finger into Ariel’s nose Ariel began to bleed internally almost choking on his own blood. The taller entity then pushed Ariel’s head to the side, perhaps noticing Ariel’s struggle to breathe, and then walked away. Ariel had the impression that the taller entity was ‘the leader.’ The square box shaped object then disappeared and then the four short entities, who Ariel estimated to have been around 1.20m in height, carried him back out the two doors and again through the crystal tube. He was still naked, his clothing, thermos and Walkman were never returned to him. Ariel was then unceremoniously thrown outside the ‘craft’.

He lay on the ground, feeling cold, unable to move. He never saw the object depart. He finally was able to move and stood up. He saw lights in the distance which were his grandparent’s home. Crying and confused he walked towards the light. Two dogs then approached and accompanied Ariel back to his grandparent’s house. For a while Ariel was in shock and unable to speak. It was already 6 am.

According to Ariel his grandparents had reported him missing to the local Gendarmerie, and they had thoroughly searched the area with dogs and found nothing. That was something that surprised him since he should have still been in the same location inside whatever craft or enclosure he was in. It also felt to Ariel that he had been gone for only 2 hours, but actually he had been missing for more than 8 hours. Apparently his grandparents made a police report of the incident and Ariel was taken to the local police commissary where a police doctor examined him. Not finding anything wrong with Ariel, he admonished him and told him ‘not to waste his time.’ The triangular shaped scar on his leg was still there, but it never bled.

Source: Cesar Parra, En Orbita, Relatos australes con Cesar Parra (youtube.com) Type: G That is brutal, and it shows a complete disregard for the well being of their captive or their human, AKA Guinea Pig.

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Albert S Rosales March 29 2024

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