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Letters to the Editor—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, January 2024

Excellent articles in the December issue, Brent. I especially liked your article about Roush and your personal experiences.
Albert S. Rosales
Miami, Florida

There is a cemetery in Albany, Graceland. As a teen we would have to go over the bridge from our suburban area into the city of Albany and it was right there, on the right. All kinds of rumors flew that a young girl in white looking like she was going to a prom waited outside the gates which were all lit up at night. Just before she gets dropped off at her home on Lark Street she vanishes from the car. Haven't heard anything in recent years. Many towns and cities have similar tales. We even had a huge record in 1965 by Dickie Lee, “Strange Things Happen in This World" about this very subject. (6) Laurie ( Strange Things Happen )- Dickey Lee -1965 – YouTube

I had a s t r a n g e thing happen today [Dec. 10]. I was going through my ring box looking for a blue ring. I found it. Then I came across an elongated style ring..silver..with unique engravings. I got it from some flea market. Never really liked it much because the end stuck up and got hooked on my blouse or sweater. So, I seldom wore it. Guess what: I then saw the exact duplicate of that ring. I only had one ring like that, absolutely. So, it duplicated!! I have heard of this happening in some book or psychic radio show. I am really amazed. My life is really haunted.
Claudia Cunningham
Albany, New York

Dear friend and colleague:
I have just updated the quarterly UFO FOTOCAT blog, December 2023. You can view it in the following link: https://fotocat.blogspot.com/2023_12_15_archive.html
I hope you enjoy its contents.
Best regards and Season Greetings!
Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos

Sunday, July 14, 2024