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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, January 2024

Making Contact with the Phenomenon at Mound Sites: Part 5 (final one)

by: Dr. Greg Little

In the September issue of AP Magazine a brief article about a simple method to connect to the "spiritual energies" that many people report at Native American mound sites was issued. In the October issue I explained why you want to visit sites without having electronic devices with you. In November it was explained that ancient Native American beliefs described the spiritual energies at mound sites as the reflection of two balanced forces manifesting in the physical world. In this view, the "phenomenon" represents the physical manifestations of the two cyclical forces of creation and entropy. The appearances taken on by the phenomenon are wide ranging and depend upon the observers of it. It can appear as globes of light, alien beings, little people, fairy folk, various monsters, etc. The resulting experiences of the observers interacting with it can, depending on their internal states, be balancing or disturbing (or neutral). In the December issue the underlying force of the phenomenon was described as a temporary fluid-like energy manifestation that has sentience and interacts with humans. The manifesting entities and other forms are plasma-based materializations. Plasma, the 4th state of matter, has been shown to have all the characteristics of "life." Plasma forms a DNA-like internal structure, can "reproduce," evolves, and interacts with its observers. In brief, there is another form of "intelligence" on Earth that we interact with. Native American shaman and medicine people have always known about this force and were tasked to interact with it. This brief article, the final one in this series, is both a summary and explanation of the underlying nature of our interactions with this force.

Defining the Scope of the Phenomenon

To understand the phenomenon, at least for those who understand its relationships with some UFO-related phenomena, you first have to delineate precisely what isn't related to it. So, push to the side all of the crashed saucer reports, retrieval stories of crashed saucers, sightings of triangular, lighted objects, and most of the reports of "objects" seen on sensors by military pilots. All of those types of reports are "something else," unrelated to the phenomenon described in Native American reports.

What is related to the phenomenon include the following: anomalous globes of light, beings reported in light, abductions & alien interactions, reports of "little people," fairies, jinn, and manifestations of various mythical creatures. As a brief return to the Native American explanations of it, shaman and medicine people were tasked with the role of interacting on a periodic but regular schedule with this force. And these same holy people were the interpreters of whatever spontaneous experiences the general population had with it. In essence, the holy people maintained a balance and harmony with the two great forces of creation and entropy, also called harmony and disharmony, or order versus disorder. The phenomenon could be a trickster or helper as Carl Jung related in his book "Flying Saucers: A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Sky." In fact, in Jung's view, they were materialized archetypes, which Jung related had an intelligence and life of their own, and, under some conditions could move from the ultraviolet end of the electromagnetic energy spectrum into the visible light portion and appear physically. These assertions were explained in detail in "The Archetype Experience" (1984). I have written that had Jung known about the plasma research, he probably would have cast "physical" archetypes as plasma manifestation. [Note: I am very aware how bizarre or even bonkers this may sound to some people.]

Evolution & Manipulation

Decades ago, UFO researcher Jacques Vallee speculated that the phenomenon was a "control" system that somehow exerted a control or influence over humanity, and, from some viewpoints that seemed rational. For example, many UFO researchers such as John Keel noted that when UFO manifestations happened their appearance always seemed to be a bit ahead of wherever humanity was in development at the time. One example of this that it often used is the late 1800s series of "airship" reports recounted in UFO lore. Many people reported seeing (and even interacting with) airships that looked like blimps or dirigibles, a technology that emerged only a few decades or so later. However, in the ancient Native American spiritual belief system, the phenomenon isn't a control mechanism, it is something we interact with and coexist with on several levels. You could call the phenomenon "spiritual manifestations," but that would be a bit misleading, because in this ancient view everything that exists is spiritual. In the ancient mound builder and Native American belief system, the entire universe is a spiritual manifestation. Everything is spiritual. In essence, what we exist in is a physical world comprised of spiritual energy "churning" constantly as creation continually happens, which in turn, is degraded back to its most primordial forms by entropy. In the book "Origins of the Gods" (Collins & Little 2022), several examples from Native American legends were given of beings that came from the sky in glowing balls of light. They typically appeared at crucial times in individuals' lives. The stories usually reveal that the manifesting entities delivered messages to the individuals involved. Interestingly, more modern UFO and entity reports always seem to be influenced by the dominant culture they manifest within. That is, Native Americans interacting with such entities saw them as tricksters, little people, or other spiritual forms. In Europe, fairies and associated beings and light-based entities were the cultural norm. Today many interpret the reports as alien in nature, as extraterrestrial space travelers in craft. Of course, that is something we are on the cusp of doing—exploring space and visiting other planets. The point here is simple. The manifestations of the phenomenon relate to the underlying expectations of the observers. Thus, culture, knowledge, beliefs, and internal mental states all play roles in the form the phenomenon takes as well as its subsequent interactions with the people it is appearing to. (Our "expectations" all come from the factors listed in the previous sentence.) Of course, this means that over time the phenomenon has adjusted its appearance. Thousands of years ago it appeared as angels but that appearance has long been updated. What Is Being Manipulated or Controlled? Clearly the phenomenon interacts with its observers. What exactly does that imply? Well, first, it's pretty obvious that humans who interact with the phenomenon are affected by it. (That's what Vallee really meant, or should have meant, when he wrote that it's a control system.) So, yeah, the phenomenon influences us. But there is another side to this. When the phenomenon appears to humans, it is also affected by the interaction. Its behavior and appearance are clearly affected by those it interacts with. In sum, it can be a trickster if the underlying psychological state of its observers calls for that. It can also be a helper, or just a glowing ball of light in some cases. And it has adjusted its appearance over time, implying that it evolves and adjusts as humans do. In short, the phenomenon is neither good nor evil. It manifests because that's what it does, as all energy does. It interacts with whatever is in its immediate environment and it is changed—or affected—by these interactions. And it may be as curious and perplexed by us as we are of it. Note: Portions of these articles come from the book "Origins of the Gods" (2022).

Sunday, July 14, 2024