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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, November

Making Contact with the Phenomenon at Mound Sites:
Understanding "The Phenomenon" — Part 3

by: Dr. Greg Little

In the September issue of AP Magazine I issued a brief article about how to use a simple method to connect to the "spiritual energies" that many people report at Native American mound sites. In the October issue I explained why you want to visit sites without having electronic devices with you. In brief, there are electromagnetic frequencies emitted by these devices. To merge "mentally" with the ambient Earth frequency (the Schumann Resonance) you have to relax, clear your mind, and slow your own mental electromagnetic activity to that of the Earth. None of this is nonsensical "woo," as skeptics like to call things they don't understand; it is well grounded in neurological research. Electromagnetic frequencies can and do produce a variety of moods and other mental states. The "woo" enters this when trying to explain and comprehend what it is you might connect with. I've called that force one is trying to connect with at mound sites the "phenomenon." The phenomenon relates to various experiences including seeing floating & flying spheres of different colored lights, visualizing entities of all kinds, contact experiences (both pleasant and frightening), as well as a host of other bizarre experiences.

The World of Spiritual Manifestation

As explained in the book "Origins of the Gods" (Collins & Little 2022), the ancient mound building cultures had a sacred belief about creation explaining how the physical world began. That belief began with a singularity. Before the "beginning," all that existed was a single point of pure spiritual energy. For reasons beyond our understanding, this singularity of energy began to form two equal churning forces, instantly becoming a contradiction to the term singularity. To maintain its balance, the singularity then manifested the physical universe with the two original "forces" kept into balance by nature. (This is depicted in other cultures by the Yin/Yang and other symbols.) The ancient Zuni tribal explanation to this event was that, "the spiritual container of all, thought outward," thus creating the physical world. The two balanced forces are sometimes described using different but related terms; for example, order vs. disorder, harmony vs. disharmony, creation vs. entropy. In essence, there are new creations always happening in the physical world and, from the moment of their creation they start to break down. Everything degrades back to its original state (entropy) and from its remains, new creations emerge. It is an ongoing cycle of harmony. However, as humans exist in the physical manifestation of these two forces, we observe, interact, and are affected by them all the time. This very brief and greatly simplified explanation brings us to the mound builder's idea about what I am calling the phenomenon. In their ancient cultural viewpoint, everything is comprised of spiritual energy. Their underlying belief system explains that humans interact with manifestations of spiritual energy from both of the primary forces—creation and entropy. Maintaining harmony with these forces was a primary objective of their spiritual practices. In their belief system, you were required to maintain harmony and balance by periodically performing rituals that caused these spiritual forces to manifest. Controlled interaction with these forces could occur in sacred spaces defined by geometric earthworks, mound formations, and other elements in the environment such as rock and water. One example of how some ancient Native American geometric earthworks were used can be seen at a host of "circular earthworks. For example, Ohio has many circular earthworks that have an outer wall of earth with a moat or ditch found on the inside. Sometimes there are no openings into these circles but most of the time there is just one entrance. A ritual performed inside a closed circle was intended to confine the spiritual manifestation to that area so that it would not be released. Circular earthworks with a single opening were often used for two purposes: To release a spiritual force (often the soul of a deceased person) in a specific direction toward the "sky world" or to allow a spiritual force to enter from a specific part of the "sky world"—such as a particular star.

Shaman and medicine people could also interact with these forces for healing, obtaining information and guidance, and hopefully maintain ongoing harmony in their lives and to bless the tribe. Of course, this is a huge oversimplification, but it does express the essence of the beliefs. However, spiritual manifestations representing both creation and entropy (order vs. disorder) can and do intrude spontaneously. In essence, these spontaneous manifestations are best described as "tests" of the individuals and society experiencing them, although that's not really the underlying essence. (It is how we interpret these spontaneous events.)


We know from the ancient legends, myths, and the explanations given to ethnographers in the 1600s to 1900s by tribal elders that there were spontaneous manifestations of spiritual entities from both the creation and entropy sides of spiritual world. These manifestations often came in the form of the "little people," tricksters, and glowing beings of light that delivered important messages to specific individuals. The motivations and intentions of the individuals that encountered such manifestations played a role in the appearance and behavior of these spiritual entities. Carl Jung, for example, in his 1959 book "Flying Saucers," devoted many pages to the Native American "Trickster" aspect of the UFO phenomenon. For example, the 1950s and 1960's Contactees were often deceived, seemingly being toyed with by the entities they encountered. This deception and trickster aspect of the UFO or UAP field was the centerpiece of John Keel's many books on UFOs as well as Vallee's, my 1984 book "The Archetype Experience," and several other writers.

Jung's Archetypes

In The Archetype Experience I called these manifestations archetypal in nature. Few people realize that Jung wrote that archetypes were real and had their own nature. They could manifest temporarily into physical reality by moving into the visible portion of the electromagnetic energy spectrum. When that occurred, it was a profound experience for those who interacted with it and the outcome was partly determined by the mental state and motivations of the individuals undergoing the experience. Because so many people are totally unfamiliar with what Jung actually wrote about UFOs and archetypes I realized that there had to be a better way to explain the phenomenon. In "Origins of the Gods" (2022) I defined this type of manifestation as "TIIME beings." They are Temporal Intrusions of Intelligent Manifesting Energy. They are energy formations that can temporarily assume any shape or appearance and display any behavior, and they adjust to the individuals interacting with it. One's expectations, culture, beliefs, and mental state play a key role in how such an encounter plays out. In the book, we explained how certain natural earth energies are used by these spiritual forces. I'll add a note here that explains why the idea of natural earth energies isn't ridiculous or "woo." In short, we all consist of natural earth energies, as does everything else here. Everything is natural. The problem is that we don't understand it nor do most people want to do so. Jung actually hinted that believing that UFOs and the entities involved with UFO experiences were aliens from outer space was probably a less frightening belief than understanding their true nature.

The phenomenon is produced by TIIME manifestations. It can appear in many different forms because it has no underlying form to start with. It is energy that manifests into a fluid-like, temporary form. But it always involves electromagnetic energy (light) and, as Andrew Collins related, it may have some interdimensional qualities. So, why does it manifest and what is the purpose or intention of it? Next issue of AP Magazine we'll delve into that question.

Note: Portions of these articles come from the book "Origins of the Gods" (2022).

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