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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, September October

Pre-1947 Entity Cases, Part 2

by: Albert S. Rosales

The Juminda 'frogman'

Photo 1
Location: Juminda, Estonia
Date: 1938
Time: unknown

Two Estonians saw a “frog man,” and one chased him some hundred feet, when he disappeared. Height about 3.5 feet, legs slightly more than half this; head hemispherical, directly on body without a neck. Body with a hump on chest; mouth “a straight slit extending over great part of head”; eyes also slit like. Skin “looked like brown, green pegamoid material,” except for the hands, which were “human colored.” The being walked “very strangely, the legs were moving in a careful lifting fashion, yet very elegant, as though our gravity were too small.” When chased, “the being accelerated enormously, so to speak propelled by a terrible flutter of its feet.” It was thought to have vanished behind some latticework beside the path.

Humcat 1938-2
Source: Sven Schalin

T Strange dwarf in Greece:
Location. Pialia Village, Pindos Mountains, Greece
Date: 1938
Time: night
Farmer Vassilis Zorbas was going to his trefoil field near the small chapel of the Holy Trinity when he heard a loud bang, which seemed to come from a nearby creek. Initially he could not see anything that could explain the sound. Later he saw a small (1 meter) humanoid creature, dressed in a black gown with a hood. Its face was shining. The creature stood for a while in front of him and then went inside the chapel and vanished.
Source: Thanassis Vembos citing Antonis Bousboukis

Flying entity in Belarus:

Photo 2
Location: Near Chashniki, Belarus
Date: 1937
Time: 11:00 a.m.

7-year-old Ludmila Chepik was shepherding some cows and collecting flowers on a meadow near the River Uloy when suddenly she saw a “man” descending from the sky towards her without a parachute. He descended to about 1 to 2 meters from her. The man was approximately 113cm in height (dwarf like), of athletic build, with broad shoulders and a disproportionately large head. He had a narrow waist, and something like heavy boots starting at the knees, like wide trousers, red in color. The man wore dark tight-fitting clothing. He had a helmet on his head, resembling that of an ancient Russian warrior (?). The helmet had a cone-shaped “bulb” protrusion on top. His face was visible, reddish in color and was wearing something resembling a transparent visor. The entity spent approximately 1 minute with the witness. He opened his visor, produced a protracted smile at the girl, looked around, and touched the grass---he carried an oval device in his hands. After that, he waved his hands, and zoomed soundlessly up into the sky at high speed. After gaining an altitude of about 100 meters, he seemed to compress into a ball and dissolve into thin air. Source: Aleksandr Kuzovkin, Selected reports of UFO observations in

The USSR 1982

Lost time traveler in Mexico? Location: Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico Date: 1936 Time: unknown C. was told by his grandfather that when he was about 10-years-old in his hometown he said that a very strange man around age 30 came into town. He was apparently wearing really odd clothes, very metallic type of garments and he seemed very confused and ‘heated up’. His grandfather said that the man kept saying that he wanted to go back to his “era,” that he did not want to start over ‘again.’ He also said that he did not want to live in a primitive world again. A woman asked him what had happened to him and all he said was that he had had an accident and that he needed material to leave. Then he fainted. The next day, the town was flooded with both U. S. and E.U.M. soldiers. The military personnel went around telling people not to pay any attention to what the strange man had said, and that he was “a mental patient” who had escaped a couple of days back. That’s all they said and then left (apparently with the strange mental patient). Everyone thought it was very odd that the military was involved in recovering a mental patient.

Source: direct from grandson of witness (J. C.)
Comments: Lost time traveler?

Classic landing case in Spain:

Location: Agua de Enmedio, Cadiz, Spain
Date: 1935
Time: morning

Cristobalina Nunez Navarro was six years of age at the time and remembers that one morning a sort of round airplane descended to the ground near the farmhouse. A door opened on the craft and three little men came out. She described them as having large heads, “like melons,” very ugly, with gray skin “and bumps on their faces.” They communicated with Cristobalina’s father, Francisco by using ‘hand signals.’ Then the young children were ordered to go inside the farmhouse, including Cristobalina and her sister Rafaela, 5-years-old at the time. According to Cristobalina the reason was “because her father did not trust the little men.”

She further described them as only over 1-meter in height and wearing green uniforms “like the military.” According to her there were about 10 witnesses, including her mother Josefa Navarro and other locals. Her mother then offered them food and they entered the farmhouse and sat around the table and spoke in an unknown language. The object was round and very shiny. After what seemed like a very long time the little men returned to their “airplane” which rose into the sky silently and disappeared from sight. According to Cristobalina, at one point she approached the craft and touched it and it felt soft and warm to the touch. Apparently, the object returned one month later and hovered over the area but did not land the second time.

Source: J. J. Benitez, “Solo para tus ojos: Cuarenta y Cuatro años de investigacion Ovni” (For your eyes only: 44 years investigating UFOs).

Contact case in Norway?

Photo 3
Location: Eidsvoll, Norway
Date: 1934
Time: early morning

4-year-old Liv Hofos was living at a children’s boarding home (Ms. Gra’s Children’s Boarding Home). This was before the war (WWII). She remembers that early one morning – long before the others woke up – she was walking alone out in the fields some distance from the house, when she saw on a nearby hilltop a “beautiful man” with very strong blue eyes, standing next to a strange “vessel.” Amazingly, Liv was not frightened. On the contrary, she felt a strange sense of security in the presence of this person. And this man invited her to enter this “vessel” which had windows all around it. She remembers that he told her that his name was “Gabriel.”

The windows were so low that she could stand and look outside. Otherwise, she doesn’t remember much of what happened inside the ship – except that they took a nail sample from her big toe – without bleeding. She doesn’t know why but it is conceivable that it was some type of organic sample. After the encounter, Liv also found a strange symbol imprinted on the back of her leg. Years later, Live met a lady who had experienced the same thing – nail samples taken from her toes. Both have in common that after these early abnormal experiences they were able to open up some metaphysical abilities.

Source: http://galactic.no/rune/livhofos.htm

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