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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, September October

From The Saucer Files

by: Rick Hilberg

UFO Answers Signal in California Encounter - 1964

Four Pescadero residents saw and signaled a UFO over this small California town on November 2, 1964. But when the UFO responded and moved toward them, they panicked and fled. This story was told to sheriff's deputies by Rudolph Huizen, a caretaker at the Butano Girl Scout Camp:
He said that about 8:15 p.m. that evening he heard a dog barking. A friend, Duane Meyers, a local nurseryman, and he went outside to investigate. In the northeast they saw a very bright light about the size of a half-dollar moving erratically. "It was way up in the sky," said Huizen. "Just for kicks I flashed my flashlight. And that son-of-a-gun came down!" There was no sound noted, just the bright lighted object up in the sky.
"It came down and settled over the trees about half a mile away and moved back and forth. When I flashed my flashlight at it again it lit up the sky like the full moon. It was about as big as a football."
Huizen and Meyers ran into the house, fetched their wives, and the four of them watched the object for a while, and signaled it once more. Then the thing moved towards them. At this point they fled into the house. "If you were standing in my shoes, you would have run too," said Huizen.
"Then it took off, " said Huizen. "No jet plane could go that fast." All four of the witnesses reported that the object dimmed in brightness before it took off.

"Truck - Sized" Object in Minnesota - 1974

A UFO "bigger than a wrecker truck" and spewing flames buzzed northwest Rochester, Minnesota before disappearing, of all places, near the old city dumping area. Among those persons reporting the strange object was a Rochester policeman and a service station operator.
Patrolman James Preiss, driving a squad car, and James Kuhlman, who ran a Clark service station and was driving his tow truck, pursued the UFO along Elton Hills streets until losing sight of it as it neared the old city dump.
"I was really terrified when I first saw it," Kuhlman said. He said that it was about 11:25 p.m. on February 19, 1974, when he was driving past the Hillcrest Shopping Center when he saw the object in the sky, "flying at about 100 feet, towards me." Kuhlman said that he then pulled his truck into the shopping center and parked. "It scared the hell out of me, " he said. Kuhlman described the UFO as bigger than a wrecker truck with a "kind of white dome shell on top." He said it seemed to be powered by what looked like several small afterburners flaming toward the ground from the bottom of the object.
"It cruised slowly right over my head in a northwesterly direction," said Kuhlman, who gave chase in his truck. He was joined in the pursuit by Patrolman Preiss, who spotted it as he drove north on U. S. 52. He turned east at the 19th Street NW exit to follow the object into Elton Hills.
"Whatever it was, it was seen to have flames coming from it, " Preiss reported.
Kuhlman, who had a CB radio in his truck, said he heard chatter on his radio from Elton Hills residents who were talking about the strange object. Kuhlman stated that he and Preiss stopped to compare notes about the UFO to make sure they had seen the same thing. A second police car was sent to help search for the UFO, but the thing had vanished.
The control tower at Rochester Municipal Airport said nothing strange was seen in the sky at the time, and that no radar contact was made.

Huge Boomerang Sighted in Pennsylvania - 1981

At 7:00 p.m. on the evening of February 5, 1981, nine people gathered at a farmhouse just outside of Duncannon, Pennsylvania and had an experience with a UFO they wouldn't forget.
"I heard it coming," said Dan Barrick, one of the residents of the two-family house. "The rumbling noise grew louder, and I thought for a while that the furnace was on fire."
He and his son, Butch, rushed to the kitchen door to see a huge object flying over the house. "It was shaped like a boomerang and had at least five lights on the back and several more on the front," Barrick related. "It was three or four times as big as any jet plane I've ever seen, and it was up pretty high."
Barrick told his son to tell the others in the house what was going on, and to bring them all outside to have a look.
By the time the others made it outside, the object had already passed over the house and could only be seen from the rear. Said Jimmy Roush, "The thing looked like a flying saucer. It was egg-shaped with at least three lights on the back. I don't know what it was, but it wasn't a plane or helicopter."
The witnesses all agreed that it was three to four times the size of a jet airliner and was in sight for about 15 to 20 minutes before it was lost to sight beyond Cove Mountain. They also said that it moved much slower than any type of aircraft.

Boy Burned by UFO in Ohio - 1968

A Monroe County, Ohio boy claimed he was burned on the arm by a UFO on March 19, 1968, along Route 145 near the community of Wilson.
Gregory Wells, 13, had gone to the nearby home of his grandparents to get a bucket of water and returning to his family's trailer residence when the UFO appeared and hovered over a tree some 25 to 30 feet off the ground. Suddenly, a beam shot from the lower part of the thing knocking him to the ground. The boy's mother used the water her son was carrying to put out the fire that started in the surrounding grass as the burning jacket he was wearing was removed. A hole was burned in a heavy sweatshirt Gregory was wearing.
There was no trace of abnormal radioactivity at the scene, and Gregory reported having seen the object hovering in the area on the evening of the 17th.

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