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Book Reviews Perceptions Magazine, October 2023

Our friend and colleague Greg Little just released

Forgotten History 5-Day Mound Four: Volume 1: Travel Guide To Native American Mounds in the Mid-South

By Gregory L. Little (author)

Available on Amazon

This full-color book is Volume 1 of a series of travel guidebooks designed to assist families to take 3- to 5-day self-guided tours to ancient Native American mound sites. In this volume a series of Native American Indian Mound sites located in Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas are presented along with various details essential to making the trip feasible. These details include site locations, the times sites are open and closed, museum details, possible places to stay, and driving times. Volume 1, covering the area called the Mid-South, begins in Memphis, Tennessee at two mound sites: De Soto Mounds in downtown Memphis and Chucalissa Park & Museum. The suggested driving trail then leads to Pinson Mounds near Jackson, Tennessee, a museum in Savannah and then to mounds at the famous Shiloh, Tennessee National Park. Next up is a museum and very old and large mound at Florence, Alabama followed by Owl Creek Mounds and Emerald Mound in Mississippi. Then four large sites, all with museums, conclude the tour with visits to Poverty Point, Louisiana, the Ka-Do-Ha Mound site, the Plum Bayou Mound Complex near Little Rock, and the Parkin Site in Arkansas. Over 50 mounds, some of the largest in America, can be seen on the tour.

The book contains over 90 color mound photos, site surveys and illustrations, and various artifacts recovered from the sites or near the sites.

Dr. Gregory L. Little has an MS in Psychology and Ed.D. in Counseling & Educational Psychology from Memphis State University (now the University of Memphis). He is a retired Nationally Certified Psychologist (NAMP) and a retired LPC. He is the author of "The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Native American Mounds & Earthworks" (2016) and various other books on Native American mounds, beliefs, and history. Hs is also coauthor of "Denisovan Origins" (2019) and "Origins of the Gods" (2022). He has been featured in documentaries on History, National Geographic, The Learning Channel, MSNBC, and other networks.

Thursday, February 22, 2024