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Reality Checking—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, October 2023

Arizona's Sedona and the Bradshaw Ranch's Vortexes, Magnetic Anomalies, UFOs and so-called "Dimensional Beings"

by: Brent Raynes

"Over the past 24 years, on many occasions, while using my equipment out in the field I have had craft show up," electrical engineer Benjamin Lonetree explained to me, referring to his investigations into the unusual and unique magnetic fields in the Sedona region of Arizona. "My Induction Magnetometer gives off its own magnetic field, and although weak I think whoever is in these craft detect that magnetic field and come to check it out. To them it is an anomaly. I have experienced the craft at least a dozen times over the years."

"Craft have been within 150 feet of me at times. I have seen all the usual shaped craft. Saucer shaped, chevron shaped, cigar shaped. But I have also seen what I call plasma craft. They shimmer and change shape, eventually solidifying. That tells me they are dimensionally traveling. A dimensional shift. I talk about this stuff rarely. There has been so much of it. Not worth the time or ridicule. People will believe what they want to, and it is not my job to have to prove anything."

In one of his encounters, he says he experienced an unexplained period of what many in ufology have come to call "missing time." He says, "I recall nothing from the lost two hours." He can't explain what happened. One man on Facebook recently posted a picture of two helicopters in the vicinity of a UFO he said he photographed one morning in West Sedona as he was leaving the mysterious Bradshaw Ranch. "I was underneath the craft when you did," Lonetree replied. "I was using my magnetic sensing equipment. I suspect it attracts the craft as I have had this happen numerous times before. Then, as always, the helicopters show up and the craft leave."

The photographer, Jeremiah J. Horstman, explained to me: "I took that photo in March of 2022 I believe. I was seeing them from lower Harmony Hills, and Ben and another friend were at the Stupa, looking in my direction. Six Apache helicopters were with it. Neither Ben nor I could see the craft with the naked eye. It was only visible in the photo I took from my back yard."

I asked Horstman about any visual sightings he may have had. "I've had several sightings in this region," he replied. "The best one was in November of 2008, the 28th. We were cleaning and resetting a friend's rental home in Mountainaire. As we always did after finishing, we went to Flagstaff for Indian food, and then to Barnes and Nobles. After it got dark, we headed home on 89A. We just left the city limits when we noticed a large light low in the sky to the south. I remember remarking to my girlfriend who was driving that it was a strange direction for a plane landing at Pulliam to be approaching. As we watched, it cut a hard angle without slowing, coming toward us. We drove down into a swale and lost sight of it in the low depression. As we came up the hill on the opposite side, passing the sign that reads Griffin's Spring, we saw it just above the treetops at the top of the hill off to the left of the road. It was a massive craft, with multicolored lights on it. It was about as big as the house that we live in. It was somewhat peanut shaped, bulbous rounded parts on the left and right, narrow in between. In the narrow section in the center was a rectangular window, and inside you could see through the window was a room lit with a yellow light. We drove past it very slowly and got a very good look at it. It cast an amber colored light on the forest floor under it, and as big as it was, there was no evidence of thrust keeping it aloft. The trees were not swaying. The forest floor was undisturbed. My girlfriend started to slow the car to a stop, but I was overtaken by a fear, one that I can only describe as saying it felt like I had no control over the current situation. I panicked and shouted explicitly for her to accelerate and get away, which she did. I looked over my shoulder, and I could still see this massive craft just above the treetops. It shot a very bright beam, like a deer spotting light onto the road behind us. At that point I faced front, and we rounded the bend to the left at the bottom of the hill. We had been so near to it as we passed it, that if we had stepped outside the car, we could have bounced tennis balls off of the craft with little effort."

"We had been discussing UFOs the week before, and we both spoke about how much we would love to see one, but not a distant light. We spoke of seeing something definitive right in front of us. That's just what transpired that night. We contacted the airport. They saw nothing from their tower nor on radar. We contacted Flagstaff PD and they saw nothing, nor had calls of any sort regarding such a thing. We reported it to MUFON the next day. It was just marvelous. To this day, my girlfriend and I still speak of it, and how grand it was to be in the right place at the right time to witness such a thing."

Naturally, I asked about the Bradshaw Ranch. He replied: "Our experiences at Bradshaw Ranch are numerous. We started investigating the ranch 11 years ago, spending one, sometimes two days every week at the ranch for our investigation. Our very first visit had a very personal and life changing experience occur for us. We've been out there every week since. We have witnessed airborne phenomena, and on the ground phenomena as well over the years. We have taken thousands of photos and videos there."

Lonetree has also had several encounters with the mysterious "shadow people," beings who appear as human-shaped forms, black or very dark in color. One such episode happened in Phoenix. "One walked past me and up a stairway. I looked at my cat and its stare followed it too, so both myself and the cat watched it. An hour after it happened, I received a call from back east telling me a friend had died. I equated the shadow person encounter both my cat and I experienced as being related to my friend's death that I did not know about until later."

Regarding the Bradshow Ranch (see video posted at bottom of page), Lonetree warns: "With all of the thrill seekers going there now I am sure in time it will be fenced off with a big Century fence and a sign that says, 'No Trespassing. Violators will be prosecuted.' It is owned by the U.S. Government. They will only put up with so much. The portal that exists there is not a toy for thrill seekers. It is a natural one created as a product of the geologic makeup of the place. There are also high levels of ionizing radiation there. On my last outing my left leg got burned pretty good. Three months later it is still healing. People who go there now are taking a big chance and I will leave it at that. Some places are meant to be left alone."

"I read Tom Dongo's Merging Dimensions [which is about the mysteries of Sedona and Bradshaw Ranch, editor] and found it highly credible," long-time paranormal researcher Peter Jordan confided. "I also recall Persinger referencing the area in one of his articles once again tying it intimately to local seismic faults. Monitoring of the area, including airborne, seismic, meteorological and most likely cosmic data, more than likely is taking below-ground as many have often suspected; both here and at other areas such as Skinwalker Ranch. Some of the magnetic deviations noted in such areas of high strangeness, such as that routinely observed at Skinwalker, Clearview, and Bradshaw therefore may be both natural and generated by human interlopers, in particular the military." Next, I wrote Tom Dongo himself, sharing with him what I had learned from Lonetree and Horstman, to which he replied: "I can most definitely agree with Ben Lonetree and Jerimiah Horstman on the local paranormal activity here in the Sedona and Flagstaff area. The only thing I would add is that prominent UFO/alien researcher Melinda Leslie just last night -Sept. 27 - had a dramatic paranormal sighting she said was over or near the Bradshaw Ranch. She had twelve people with her. She said that enormous pulses of amber light seemed to be emanating from the immediate area of the ranch or from the ranch itself. It went on for over two hours she remarked."

As John Keel might have said (which I believe he got from his friend Ivan Sanderson) "the game is afoot."

Horstman shared another very extraordinary experience, this one at the Bradshaw Ranch, that he shared with a married couple visiting from California. "He wanted to go to the ranch," he recalled. "We took him and his wife to the ranch. Neither had ever seen a UFO before. We arrived very near to dark. We left our folding chairs in the back of our CRV and hurried the last 150 meters down the lane to the spot that they parked, in front of the ranch gate. We walked them around the 90-acre property, sharing stories of things that had occurred as we went. When we finished, it was completely dark. We all returned to the front gate. They set up their folding chairs. We told them that we were going back up the lane to retrieve our chairs and would return shortly. As we reached our car, Alexandra said, 'Look, look at that!' I followed her pointing finger to a large tree that was illuminated with light. We watched it for just a matter of seconds, and the light winked out. We were confused as to what the source of the light was. We carried our chairs back down the hill. As we came within sight of Eric and Esther, they excitedly gestured and shouted, 'Did you see it? Did you see it?' I responded, 'The tree lighting up?' Eric said, 'No, a huger triangular craft flew right over us, then over where your car was. It shot a beam of light into the area where you were. It lit up a tree right where you were!'"

"Alexandra and I were bummed, because we didn't look up beyond the rear canopy of our car when we saw the tree alight. But, about an hour went by, and the same triangular shaped craft appeared above the canyons, in the direction of Hartwell, enveloped in a golden light. We all four saw it. It was visible for about four minutes. Then winked out. Eric and Esther were shaking, wide eyed, and excited. Their very first structured craft sighting. Eric has come back twice since then."

Video of Investigation of Bradshaw Ranch with Andrew Collins, Greg Little, Benjamin Lonetree and Hoodoo Tall


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