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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, September October

Making Contact with the Phenomenon at Mound Sites—Part 2

by: Dr. Greg Little

Last issue of AP Magazine I issued a brief article about how to use a simple method to connect to the "spiritual energies" many people report at Native American mound sites. One of the important things I mentioned was to turn off all cell phones and electrical devices. Why?

The answer is quite simple but understanding it can be complex. Cell phones and all electrical devices emit electromagnetic fields (EMF). Those fields or frequencies can and will impede you from "merging" with the ambient EMF frequency at the site. The earth has an ambient electromagnetic frequency and it is known as the "Schumann Resonance." All life on Earth developed in harmony with the Schumann Resonance. Going into a lot of detail to explain this is fruitless and I am well aware that cell phone companies and skeptics will tell you that the EMFs (in non-dangerous levels) have no effect on humans. However, that's simply nonsense. Hundreds of research studies by neuropsychologist Michael Persinger and many others show that our mental state, sensations, and perceptions are subtly affected by small and weak EMFs. For those familiar with the author John Keel and the writers who influenced him, it might be recalled that Keel asserted that we are "biological antenna." For example, the rods and cones in the retina of the eye are essentially biological antenna that pick up a narrow band of electromagnetic energy we call "visible light." It is the same process as a radio antenna being tuned to a specific EM frequency to pick up those particular signals. In addition, various brain functions, the electrochemical impulses that take place in the brain, are definitely affected by EMF. UFO experiences, visitations by angelic beings, contactee experiences, and other paranormal events have been reliably produced in laboratory setting by using small EMF fields.

Mound sites' EMF are affected by the underlying geology, the shape of the mounds and surrounding earthworks. As we move through these areas, we encounter slight alterations in EMF. However, at the beginning of one's experiences at mound sites, you want to immerse yourself into the ambient EMF frequency, the Schumann Resonance. That is where you start to understand the phenomenon. Touching bare earth, grounding yourself, aids in the process.

I have read many posts by people encouraging others to "raise" their vibrational frequency. But at mound sites, you don't want to raise your vibration, you want to synch it to the Schumann Resonance. In essence, this usually means to lower your vibrational frequency. If you connected an electroencephalograph to your head and recorded your brains EM fields, you would synch with the Schumann Resonance at the cusp between Alpha and Theta waves. This is at a point when you are still mentally awake and aware, but also profoundly relaxed, close to a meditation state. Taking a few deep breaths, closing your eyes, and just listening to the sounds of nature can achieve this state. It makes you more amenable to making contact with what I'll call the "phenomenon." What exactly is the "phenomenon"?

Next time I'll explain the phenomenon in more detail, but to ancient Native Americans it was a unifying force, actually two spiritual forces, that were in a cyclical harmony, like the yin/yang symbol depicts. These forces are "order" and "disorder" or creation and entropy. These spiritual forces are imbued into everything in nature. They are "natural energies" with a form of sentience. Dirt is the most primordial spiritual manifestation. Fire is the release of it. Water is flowing spiritual energy. Rocks are solidified spiritual energy. Crystals are solidified and purified spiritual energy. All of this spiritual energy manifests through the emission of electromagnetic energy. An understanding of the "purpose" of the phenomenon is beyond the scope of this brief discussion. The ancients simply called them spiritual energy and these two connected forces manifested themselves all the time. They often initially manifested into tricksters (disorder/chaos/entropy) and sometimes helpers (order/harmony/creation), materializing into what we might call the edges of physical matter for brief periods. These forces interact with us, essentially conforming their appearance and behavior to our motivations, mental state, and cultural expectations. They could appear as glowing forms of beings, animals, or what appear to be physical objects with beams of light. In essence, when they first appear, they typically serve as a test of the individuals interacting with them.

Chance are that when one initially makes attempts to "merge" with it at mound sites, the person will become aware of an underlying "hum" and simply feel at one with it. If you can get yourself to feel at "one" with a site, even for a few moments, you have touched the phenomenon. As stated in the prior paragraph, your intentions, motivations, and expectations will determine the experience. Next time we'll go deeper into the phenomenon and a few other rituals used to merge with it.

Note: Portions of these articles come from the book "Origins of the Gods" (2022).

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