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Letters to the Editor—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, September 2023

The following are comments made to the editor in a letter from Betty Hill of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, dated May 2, 1987, concerning "cattle mutilations" and alien abduction reports:

Dear Brent,
As for animal mutilations, I went to Montana and to Colorado, and have some excellent pictures of mutilated cows. Also, we had a cow mutilation here in New Hampshire, near the place where I have my summer cottage in the mountains. In Colorado I rode around with the police Marshall one night when he told me cases he had been out on. Gave me information which I have never seen published. Also went into the Sheriff Department and talked with them. In New Hampshire I spent the whole afternoon with the people whose cow was killed and mutilated. In this case, the cow was close to the house, and when they found it in the morning and went out to check it out, a small black helicopter appeared and circled the area all the time they were there, so they became frightened and returned to the house. Whoever is doing the mutilating, it is being done from the air. In one case a calf had died, and the owner was busy, so he waited until the next day to get rid of the carcass. The calf had been mutilated during the night, and it had snowed - no marks in the snow. Some people think these mutilations are some kind of special project by the CIA to test for pesticides, chemicals in the bodies. But that seems too far-fetched for me to believe. They could obtain those organs from any meat packing plant. I always assumed it might be UFOs taking these parts because they need them for their own survival in some way. No logical explanation to keep repeating the same procedures over and over again. The same with all these people who claim they have been abducted. No sense to it. Why do we have so many claiming this when all of the Soviet Union has had only three real captures - the SU is one-sixth of the earth's surface, with 137 different cultures, languages, etc. They refer to those in this country who claim to be captured as the suggestible 'me too' type. (I spent a month last summer in the SU, and met with scientists)……….

Sincerely, Betty

Sunday, July 14, 2024