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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, May 2023

Those sexy Romans from outer space

by: Albert S. Rosales

As you all have noticed I like to summarize different types of high strangeness events. I tend to look for unique UFO entity or occupant descriptions or behavior, and I don’t get hung up on the Gray alien train. The following are a series of events, describing very human-like entities (or aliens) with surprising characteristics. In the first case we journey to the Canadian Province of Quebec (a hotspot for many high-strangeness events) in which some curious looking entities were encountered by a witness:

Location. Cadillac, Quebec, Canada
Date: Summer 1957
Time: afternoon

The young witness, Jean March Levesque, was exploring the beautiful landscape of rolling hills and woods. He had never met a forestry worker or any other persons in this isolated region, so he was very surprised when he heard what sounded like conversation beyond a nearby row of trees at the edge of a ridge. Curious he went to investigate and perched close to the edge of the ravine he saw two men standing on the other side of the ravine having a lively discussion. According to the witness, he had never seen men like that and could not understand their language. It was neither French nor English. They were dressed in white robes which ended in a sort of skirt with a belt, and they wore caps of silver metal shining in the sun, and they wore sandals that were laced up all the way up to their knees. The witness became frightened when he realized that the men had what appeared to be swords hanging from their belts. The witness then retreated to avoid being seen, but accidentally dislodged some logs on the ground that attracted the stranger’s attention. Terrified, he ran at full speed to his cabin and told his mother what he had seen but was not believed.

Source: Donald Cyr, Quebec
Comments: Travelers from another dimension?

The second case takes us to Italy, also a hotbed of high strangeness UFO events and plenty of humanoid cases:

Location. Ravenna, Emilia Romagna, Italy
Date: September 3, 1976
Time: 01:00 a.m.

Jole Maltoni was in bed when she heard a noise, like the cry of a bird, that came from outside. She got up and looked around but found nothing. Looking out the window, she saw, in the courtyard, between two houses, a strange egg-shaped object with protuberances formed by four or five spheres. Looking more carefully, she saw a humanoid with a height of 1.75 meters, which seemed to have on its head an antique helmet in the Roman style with a central bulge, like a nail. The humanoid’s face was smooth and appeared to be dressed like a “Roman soldier”. The witness could only see him from the abdomen up; she could not see the humanoid’s legs. The being walked with a martial style, and went by the entrance of the courtyard, his head slightly tilted towards the ground. Ms. Maltoni went to another window hoping to see the humanoid better but could not. Returning to the first point of observation, she found that all had gone; both the strange object and the “Roman soldier.”

Source: Bufora Journal Vol. 8 # 3, quoting Maurizio Verga

The last case I would like to summarize comes from Brazil, yet another location of hundreds of high-strangeness events. This case contains some explicit sexual matter and it is not my intention to offend anyone. But as those well versed with close encounters from Brazil, it is not an uncommon situation in many close encounters there.

Location: Sao Jose do Rio Preto, Sao Paolo, Brazil
Date: April 2, 1977
Time: various

The witness, 26-year-old Maria Regina, a schoolteacher, lived in a large farm surrounded by thick groves of fruit trees. Her bedroom was upstairs which had a vaulted ceiling. The property was also guarded by several guard dogs, which would scare any trespassers or strangers away. One night after saying her prayer she was sleeping with her window open due to the hot temperatures. Unable to sleep she walked onto the terrace and saw a strange light hovering in the sky over the property, which she began to see on numerous occasions. She never spoke to anyone about it.

On the above date as she read in her bed, a strong green light penetrated her bedroom through the open window. From within the light emerged a figure which she described as looking like a “Roman Soldier” wearing a helmet with two short thin antennas. He wore a seamless shiny overall made of a material which resembled velvet. She felt no fear. Indeed she felt protected by the being’s presence. The intruder reached out and took the book away from Maria. He grabbed her by the hands and pulled her up from the bed. He then hugged her and caressed her. According to Maria the “Roman” exuded a ‘captivating’ perfume which “excited her.” It was an odor she had never experienced before. Confused, Maria Regina told the stranger that if he was a “material being” to leave immediately. Obeying her request, the man walked into the light and disappeared. The light then floated out the window.

The next three nights Maria was unable to sleep, expecting the visitor to return (in fact she was hoping he did). On the sixth night while she was in bed feeling very sleepy, she again noticed the captivating odor and thought that it was a dream. But it was not. The man was back in her bedroom, perhaps satisfying her desire to return. He removed his helmet, and she could see that his head was covered by some type of shiny material. He then lay next to her on the bed. He then opened a sort of ‘zipper’ on his coverall, which covered all of his body down to the feet, and again began to caress her, but did not kiss her. Soon Maria felt penetration in her vagina, which felt soft, and wet. It also felt as if the tip of his penis was thinner than the rest of his member. The penetration produced a great deal of pleasure in Maria.

Soon she fell asleep and didn’t wake until 10:00 a.m. the next morning, even though she would usually wake up daily at 6:30 a.m. in order to go to her teaching job. Maria would have thought it had all been a very lucid dream if it not for the fact, that her bed, her underwear and her body, exuded that wonderful perfume like odor and her private parts and bed were covered with large amounts of what appeared to be ‘sperm.’ Concerned, she thought about speaking to her sisters and mother about the incident, but decided against it. She washed her underwater and bed covers. The visits from the amorous stranger continued for the next two months. According to Maria, during this same period of time “her appearance, her physical condition in general improved a great deal.” She felt invigorated, with a great desire to “live and work.”

She lost interest in her family and ended her engagement with her fiancée. She felt no attraction to any other man, only her visitor. Her menstruation stopped for 2 months and displayed symptoms of pregnancy. Her body exuded the same captivating aroma which others began to notice. However, after two months her “Roman” stopped visiting. Maria entered into a depressive state and exactly 2 months and sixteen days after the first visit from the stranger Maria experienced severe colic. In the morning she experienced her first menstruation in two months. The blood was dark, with a strange texture. She only told her sister about it. She went to her doctor, who examined her and advised her that she was no longer a virgin. However, the rupture of her hymen had not been complete, like it would have been with a relation with an adult male. The doctor also told her that she showed signs of an abortion. Afraid, and ashamed, she told her doctor what had taken placed. Amazed, the doctor, told her he did not know how to deal with this kind of phenomena and referred her to the psychologist Alvaro Fernandes.

Under hypnosis, Maria confirmed the incidents and added some other details, some of them eschatological (pertaining to death, judgement and the final destiny of the human soul). The ‘Roman’ entity was about 1.80m in height, with a strong build, his head covered in beautiful white silvery hair. He had dark eyes, slightly rounded, which protruded slightly, his mouth was large with normal lips. His overalls covered part of his hair and ears and came down all the way to his feet. There was some sort of flexible metallic protection or covering around the shoulders area.

During sex, his penis vibrated after each penetration. He never told her his name, where he was from or why he was there. All communication was telepathic. Several farm workers reported seeing strange lights near Maria’s residence, which they attributed to spirits, and were afraid to approach the area, which was they considered ‘taboo.’ The only member of her family that learned about the incident was Maria’s sister. Soon after the incident, Maria lost all interest in having any relations with other men. Her sensitivity and extra sensory perception increased and she began to display advanced artistic qualities, especially in painting, which she had no interest in before. She began to paint strange unknown landscapes. She began earning more money than ever before and her health improved markedly. She never married because according to her, “she stays awake at night looking at the stars, hoping for the return of her Roman lover.”

Source: Claudio T. Suenaga, “Encuentros Cercanos de Todo Tipo” (Close of encounters of all types). pp. 211-213, citing Alvaro Fernandes. Type: E
Well there you have it, unique cases indeed. There are probably more similar cases in my files, but I found these three to be compelling. Be your own judge.

Albert S. Rosales

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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