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Letters to the Editor—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, May 2023

Hi Brent,

I just read the articles by Greg Little and Stan Prachniak. Stan is so right about the “good ole days” of human communication. It really brought me back. And the turkey buzzard “death”… creepy. I’m really glad you continue to publish the magazine. Hope all is well with you guys and your family.
Barbara Mango, Ph.D., Connecticut

I recall starting most correspondence with folks like you in 1969 when Jerry Clark, John Keel, Mark Hall, and Ivan Sanderson served as the “multipliers” of my mailing lists. Tom Adams and his mutes, and Bob Goerman and his UFOs kept me regionally tied to what was happening. You always struck me as having great intellectual content that went far beyond Maine, and I was right about that. Maverick mound thinking, a la’ Greg Little, was inspiring too, and had paths for me in undergraduate studies in Illinois. I was always amazed by how our living crisscrossed until we traded places in Maine. I’ve grown to deeply love Maine through half my life, two marriages, two sons, and homes full of pets and artifacts! Seventeen years, specifically, in Rangeley ME as an every weekend getaway, while living in Cambridge MA, then Portland ME, will always be recalled fondly with mystery. Loren Coleman, Maine

Glad that Maine has agreed with you! I have magical memories of my growing up there. Next time I'm up that way (it's been too long) I must take in your cryptozoology museum. Brent Raynes, Tennessee

Sunday, July 14, 2024