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An Interview with Australian abductee Judy Carroll

By: Brent Raynes

Judy Carroll, who we first interviewed in this magazine back in the April 2010 issue (#147), was born in Queensland, Australia in 1952 into a Creole, English and Romany (Gypsy) family background. After school she pursued a career as a professional flamenco dancer, following in the footsteps of her grandmother. She feels strongly that this cultural background has helped her to assimilate her ET encounters into her daily life.

Carroll’s lifelong encounters have always been with the off-planet visitors known as the Greys, or Zetas, which has given her deep insight into the field of ET/Human contact. At age 30 she had a fully conscious daytime encounter in which she recognized the visitors as “family.” In 1995, during an encounter at a sacred site in England, the visitors asked her to start writing books abut contact from the extraterrestrial perspective.

In 2000, she “coincidentally” met Helene Kaye and was a vital part in helping her family through their ET contact experiences. Through their joint efforts they co-authored their non-fiction book, The Zeta Message.

Carroll completed three levels of Reiki and spent several years as a practitioner before completing the master level, which qualified her to teach. She also teaches classes in Tai Chi and Qu Gong.

To learn more about Carroll, her experiences and the ET message, go to: www.thezetamessage.com. Also visit: www.ufogreyinfo.com.


Brent Raynes: Have you ever found yourself, your consciousness, in another Zeta’s or human’s body when you’ve left your physical body at night?

Judy Carroll: On several occasions, all described in The Zeta Message. Once was when I woke one morning with a memory of trying out an exercise ball, and then Helene rang to say that Kira had woken during the night to find her Zeta teacher Oris bouncing up and down on her exercise ball. Another time was when my teacher, Maris, appeared in the bedroom of a friend’s daughter to deliver a message in a strange language that turned out to be Russian. I retained a memory of a distinctive piece of furniture I’d noticed while in the room, which I’d never visited in my human physical form. The third instance I recall was lying down one afternoon and going off into an altered state, and next thing I was in Oris’s body trying to connect with someone who was in spiritual danger. I’ve received a number of consciousness downloads from these teachers, so in a way I do share a small part of their consciousness.

Brent Raynes: How about that “distinctive piece of furniture” that you saw. Was that later confirmed to be real? Is that correct?

Judy Carroll: As to the piece of furniture being confirmed – yes, absolutely! The girl’s mother, who was one of my Tai Chi students, rang the next morning to tell me her daughter had woken in the middle of the night and found me standing at the foot of her bed with my face turned away from her. As I turned towards her my face shape-shifted to that of an ET, and I said “Please do not be afraid – it is only me!” I apparently said more to her, then took her ankles in my hands to give her healing. The next morning, all she could recall of the rest of our conversation was the word “vremya,” which none of us had a clue what it meant.

As the mother spoke to me, a memory of a distinctive piece of furniture came into my mind. Luckily, this woman was quite open with ET visitation, so I was able to describe the piece of furniture to her, and she confirmed it exactly. I later made a special visit to their home to see for myself, and it was spot on. A similar thing has happened on several occasions, with proof always provided. I might add, I wasn’t trying to visit – it just “happened.”

The equally weird sequel to this event occurred some weeks later when a new Russian language program started up on TV. It was entitled “Vremya,” so I took myself along to the local book shop to check it out in a Russian/English dictionary. It turned out to mean “time” in English. I have no Russian in my background, and don’t know a word of the language, but do have memories of a past life as a Russian Gypsy. What I figure happened is that my ET aspect is actually sort of like my higher self, and maybe I had a close link with the girl in that life, so when I appeared in her room as my “true” or higher self, I communicated to her in the language we spoke back then.

The word “time” is often used by the Zetas when they contact someone. A common phrase they use is: “It’s time for you to wake up?” Maybe that’s what I said to her.

Brent Raynes: Have you ever been aware of what was going on with your physical body back on earth when you’ve been in an out of body state at night?

Judy Carroll: Not so far, because I leave it safety tucked up in bed in a paralyzed state, so I don’t need to worry about it. I’m sure if something happened that I needed to get back to it I would.

Brent Raynes: Why are your Zeta experiences so positive and spiritual and so many others are negative and frightening?

Judy Carroll: I was very scared as a child, before my consciousness opened up to what was really going on. In the case of genuine ET encounters, if people can just learn to open up to their own God Center and awaken their own empowerment, they eventually come to realize that their encounter experiences are all about spiritual growth and soul evolution. However, I am aware that there’s a lot of fake “alien abductions” in the way of MILABS-type stuff going on, which can be extremely negative, unpleasant and terrifying. These are being done to cause maximum fear, so people become terrified of genuine encounters. They’re often aimed at genuine experiencers to frighten and confuse them.

Brent Raynes: You mention reincarnation in your book. Do we all reincarnate as different creatures in different lifetimes? Like Zeta’s, humans, Pleiadians, being from Sirius, etc.?

Judy Carroll: Yes, we experience lives in many different planetary systems as we work our way up through the Human Ladder. Only the first three levels are physical. After that we focus more on mind and spirit, so manifest as pure light energy, only taking on physical form to carry out tasks on the lower planetary levels.

Brent Raynes: Was Jesus Christ a Zeta?

Judy Carroll: I know this is a bit controversial for some folks down here, but I think he was. Reason being, it was a pretty difficult and heavy task he took on, and the Zetas tend to specialize in that sort of work. They could be described as Spiritual Warriors because of the fact that they have such control over the emotions, so often taking on tasks that would be emotionally or energetically difficult for most other higher ETs.

Brent Raynes: Is there intelligent life anywhere else within our own solar system, outside of planet earth?

Judy Carroll: Yes, I believe so, but it’s inter-dimensional.

Brent Raynes: Some ufologists do believe that contactees leave their bodies in light forms or astral bodies at times. In fact, one American writer named John Keel expressed in print whether perhaps some UFO lights seen at night might not just happen to be astral travelers! What do you think? Do you think your astral body may have contributed to some reports?

Judy Carroll: My understanding is that this is what many of the orbs are.

Brent Raynes: Have the Zetas revealed anything to you about the reality of time travel?

Judy Carroll: Time travel is very real and possible, because it’s more a third-dimensional thing, so once you move up to higher dimensions it ceases to apply. In the greater reality, the physical universe is only a very small portion of the whole, so really it’s more a “multiverse.”

Brent Raynes: What do you say to those people who look at you and say that you’re simply having a fantasy? That none of this can be real?

Judy Carroll: I’d tell them to read The Zeta Message. I think between my own experiences and those of Helene’s family, and all the independent confirmation we’ve received over the years, we put a pretty convincing story forward. For a start I’d tell them about the time I woke one morning with the memory of sitting up on a table on the ET ship, where something was being done to my lower right leg, and I found a deep and quite long cut all sealed up with a line of blisters, as if it’d been cauterized. There was no pain whatsoever, but it was deep enough to leave a scar for some years.

Brent Raynes: How do people generally react when you tell them you’ve had these experiences?

Judy Carroll: I’m very careful about who I tell, but people who know me, and also Helene, are usually very accepting. They know we’re both extremely honest and very ‘down to earth’ (please excuse the pun), and we always try to maintain a healthy sense of humor, and not get too caught up in the dramatics of it all.

Brent Raynes: A few years ago, on two separate occasions, I observed an Indian blanket up on top of a dresser. It was as though it was wrapped around something. The first time it happened I thought about getting up out of bed and going over to it and then the odd thought came into my mind that what if a little person was under it! I knew that was pretty crazy, and decided it was just an ordinary blanket. I turned out the light and rolled over in bed and went to sleep. The next morning, I opened my eyes – there was no blanket!

A week or so later, I woke up one night, switched on the light, and there was that same blanket, in the same place, and like something was under it! I moved around and established to my satisfaction that this was a real experience, that this wasn’t a lucid dream. I was awake! I stared at it, and I said to myself something like ‘You’re not real.” As I was looking right at it, it (and just it) got blurry – went out of focus – and soon wasn’t there!

I’m wondering if you might have a psychic impression as to what that was about?

Judy Carroll: It sounds to me as if somebody was trying to get your attention and wake you up to the fact that yes, there is a lot more to reality than is generally accepted. It was obviously an inter-dimensional experience, the way the blanket just faded away. Maybe too there were past life connotations in that perhaps you’ve had a past life as an Indian, and they were trying to remind you of that. Maybe it was significant at the time.


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