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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, March 2023

Some ugly aliens I have met in my research.

by: Albert S. Rosales

We all hear about the more “common” aliens nowadays. The Grays, Reptilians, Praying Mantises, shadow people, Nordics, but there is another more exotic category involving humanoids or aliens whose descriptions are so bizarre that it is almost comical. Most are one-time visitors to our dimension, perhaps playing minor roles in the grand scheme of alien things. Following are a few of those cases I managed to scrape up from my files:

Even though there are no known images of Fred Reagan’s alleged encounter, his description of the alleged humanoids or entities is indeed unique:

Location. Near Atlanta, Georgia
Date July 1951 Time unknown

Flying in his Piper Club at 8,000 feet, Fred Reagan saw a dazzlingly bright “lozenge” shaped object that came toward him and collided, tearing off his plane’s tail. He was thrown clear. After falling for some seconds, he stopped falling, then was pulled upward into a dark chamber of the object. Here he could see 3 occupants, resembling 3-foot-high “stalks of metallic asparagus”; he fainted. When he came to laying on something soft, a mechanical-sounding voice apologized for destroying his plane---“we are here only to observe your primitive civilization.” It also told him, “We have corrected an abnormality in your body, called cancer…we offer this as slight reparation for the loss we have caused you.” He lost consciousness and came to in a hospital bed---“they had picked him up near his plane, uninjured.” A postscript quotes an unnamed Atlanta paper as reporting that “Fred Reagan died today in the State Asylum, of degeneration of brain tissue due to extreme atomic radiation.” In the story it is also alleged that the occurrence received newspaper coverage, but none to date is known.

HC addition # 2226
Source: Gordon Creighton, FSR Vol. 15 # 5

This intriguing looking fellow was among several aliens or “monsters” encountered during the Flatwoods flap of 1952:

Location. Strange Creek, Braxton County, West Virginia
Date September 13, 1952, Time 03:00 a.m.
The witness, a young boy at the time, lived in his two-story family house set far off the road from the Elk River. There was a long driveway leading up to the house which was bordered by woods on the left side and cleared on the other. A wood fence bordered the driveway, and there was a car port at the end of the driveway near the house. His bedroom was located on the second floor of the house and situated over the entrance of the front porch. He said the front porch was enclosed as well. He reports that he was suddenly awakened at 3:00 am in the morning but does not know what stirred him out of his sleep. He quickly got out of bed, went directly to his window, and looked out. To his horror, he saw a “huge figure” he described as being ‘about eight or nine feet tall’ floating up the driveway toward the house. The driveway was ‘gravel’.

The startled witness noticed that it was coming up the center of the driveway and heading to the house. It was about 40-50 feet away when he first saw it. His overall impression of it was that it was cone-shaped, and it flared out at the bottom. He said it looked like a machine---it was metallic looking. He also said it was gray in color, like metal. Asked what made him think it was a machine, he said, “It’s like seeing a car, you know it was something that was made or manufactured, and it looked like some type of metal.” He said the upper torso area was cylindrical and fluted, “like a garbage can, but the lower area flared out.” He said the bottom had to be at least four feet across. The thing, whatever it was, was floating a few inches above the ground…the driveway. It was raised over the ground and coming straight at the house. The witness also reported that it seemed to be luminous and had an aura of light around it. He was looking down on it from above the porch and he felt safe being on the second floor of the house but as it got closer to the house, he became frightened. He then saw it float and move in the driveway for about 15 feet before he stepped back from the window. When he looked back out the window a few moments later, it was gone. He thought it must have moved toward the carport near the house. That’s the only place it could have gone. It disappeared very quickly. He then ran out of his room and into his parent’s room and yelled for them to wake up. He told them what he had seen, and they said, “You must be dreaming---go back to bed.”

The witness added that he did not see a distinct head shape, but he said the body of the “thing” looked like an illustration he had seen on the cover of the source’s book.

HC addendum
Source: Frank Feschino Jr.

Again, the following case does not come with an accompanying image, but the description of the humanoid is ‘ugly’ to say the least:

Location. Derry New Hampshire
Date November 15, 1956,
Time 11:00 a.m.
While out gathering Christmas greens, A G Horne looked up and saw beside him a green dwarf only 2 ft tall, with a high domed head, floppy ears, and a face like a bloodhound, except for the filmed, lidless eyes, which resembled those of a snake. He had short arms and legs and “stumpy” hands and feet. He seemed to wear no clothing, the skin in folds like an elephant. Horne watched him for several minutes, and then moved toward him; “he started for me with a kind of screeching sound, and I left there.” (The witness has also seen a flight of small discs at close hand.)

Humcat 1956-13
Source: Walter Webb
Type E

Among my favorite alien or humanoid encounters of 1973 (which were many) the following stands out, mainly for the unique description of the alien:

Location. Athens, Georgia
Date: October 20, 1973, Time: 02:00 a.m.
Mars Walker, a twenty-year-old University of Georgia art student who lived in an apartment near Airport Road was disturbed while reading by “a high pitched, siren-like sound.” Glancing toward the window, he noticed a “glow like a watch dial” shimmering outside. When he opened the door, outside lights illuminated a craft that slowly descended from the sky about fifty yards away. The object was round varying in diameter from ten to seventeen feet, and smooth-surfaced. It “had no definite color, just a vague shade of purple, like a midnight sky,” he said.

After five minutes the pitch of the sound became sharper “and a thing took shape within the doughnut shape of the middle.” It required another minute before the form became clearly visible. According to Walker, “It was a human-like being standing erect,” and colored a “a sea green opaque, like a hologram.” The most prominent aspect of the creature was its “medusa-head,” composed of objects resembling tentacles that surrounded the head. Each hand had three or four fingers, but otherwise seemed human. “The odd thing to me” Walker continued, “is how little attention it paid me, no interest in communicating with me or threatening me or any other activity, besides observing.”

The scene was surreal, the creature bathed in the pale green light like “an electrical field,” the student thought. Perhaps it was a hologram. Apparently finished with its duties, the entity went back inside the craft. After a half hour the UFO departed.

Humcat 1973-51
Source: Webb in 1973, Year of The Humanoids
Type B

Comments: I always thought that it was very curious and funny that the witness’s first name was “Mars”.

The following case is from Portugal and the description of the alien is both ugly and comical at the same time:

Location: Vilar, Almeida, Portugal
Date March 13, 1978,
Time mid-morning
On this morning 10-year-old student Claudio Franco, was in his school in the small village of Vilar. The school was located at the top of an elevation at the end of the village. Claudio was in class around mid-morning when he left to go to the bathroom which was located at the rear of the building. Claudio left the class without the teacher noticing that he was missing, as the students in the class had been divided into work groups. When he left the class, he went directly to the bathroom. Upon leaving the bathroom he felt a strong push on his back which was so violent that he fell on the floor. When he looked back, he saw a strange figure, which he described as man-like with curly, purple-colored hair. The face seemed to be scarred (or wrinkled) and he wore a white one-piece outfit that was tight-fitting around the knees. He was barefoot and he wore some sort of device attached to the waist. The device had buttons. The figure was of short stature. Initially, Claudio was in shock and when he regained his senses, he became aware of what was going on and began to scream. Then the figure placed one of his hands on the apparatus around his waist and was suddenly wrapped in colorful (multicolored?) lights and disappeared.

After the incident Claudio was unable to get up and crawled to a nearby well, still screaming. Soon a teacher from another class found him lying at the foot of the well. Claudio told his family that the incident had lasted about 10 minutes. The event affected Claudio both psychically and physically. In the following days he suffered from back pains and strange marks resembling burns appeared on his back. When they appeared, these were accompanied by a strong heat.

HC addendum
Source: CEAFI, Portugal
Type E

The following case must be a record when it comes to ugly aliens:

Location. Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands Spain
Date: November 18, 1982,
Time: late night

German student Andreas Schneider sighted a very bright maneuvering disc shaped object over the area. He apparently lost consciousness and found his “astral” body being taken into the object. Inside he encountered several short “ugly” beings, with wrinkly rough gray skin and huge heads. Two of the beings appeared to be working on some type of control panel. In the center of the room there was a glowing pillar. The third entity then communicated telepathically with Andreas and told him, “Do not be afraid. We come in peace. We are here to help.” According to Andreas the entities exuded a positive “aura” and told him that they hailed from a planet named “Humo”.

HC addition # 3180
Source: S.I.B Betelgeuse, and also Ulrich Magin in “Cuadernos de Ufologia” 2A Epoca # 7 (Magin holds a negative view towards the case)
Type: G

This handsome character, was supposedly encountered in Sweden, in 1987:

Location: Linkoping, Sweden
Date: late summer 1987
Time: 13:50

The witness was alone at home and was just about to cook dinner. She had put some butter in the pan, and it was frizzling exactly right. She still held the butter package in her hand and looked at the wall clock to see the time. Then she heard something at the front door and saw a small creature standing at the door. She described the creature as humanoid in shape, exceedingly small, with a bald head, large round eyes, a slit for a mouth and slightly pointy ears. It wore a gray collared outfit and small shoes. It just stood there staring at the witness. At this point the witness apparently suffered a blackout since her next memory was of standing in the same position still holding the butter package and the pan still frizzling, but the time was now 16:50, three hours later. The creature was gone. She cooked the food but had lost her appetite and felt incredibly tired. She did not tell anyone for fear of not being believed. During the same time period the witness also heard voices and “whispers” in her ear. She could not remember what was said. That same summer she experienced a near-death experience. When she left her body, she observed herself as she was dying. A couple of weeks later she felt so weak that she sought a doctor. Her heartbeat was found to be down to 28 beats per minute, but despite this they could not find anything medically wrong with her.

HC addendum
Source: SCANCAT entry
Type E or G?

The following case from Argentina is almost a carbon copy to the alien from Sweden:

Location. Viale, Entre Rios, Argentina
Date August 1987
Time 1700

Several youths were walking along a stream to find a suitable spot to fish when they suddenly came upon a noticeably short creature only about ½ meter in height. It had a large oval shaped head and somewhat disproportional to the size of its body and completely bald. It had two exceptionally large round staring eyes. At first the creature appeared to have been bending down looking for something and it stood up upon seeing the children, who did not notice any arms on the creature. It wore a one-piece tight-fitting red coverall. One of the boys screamed in surprise, and this apparently caused the diminutive being to sprint away towards the woods. At that same moment a second similar creature that had been hidden from view joined the first one and both disappeared into the brush. The children also ran from the area terrified. Around the same date but late at night, a busload full of passengers reportedly saw an extremely bright disc shaped craft hovering above the roadway.

HC addendum
Source: Ariel Lemos, “Llegaron tambien a Viale”
Type D?

The following character is both ugly and menacing in appearance at the same time:

Location. Auracania region, Chile Date December 19, 2015,
Time afternoon
Two brothers, Miguel, 24, and Patricio, 14, decided to explore the surrounding forests of the area on an especially hot afternoon. They rode their bicycles through the wooded area for an hour and then hid their bikes behind a large tree in order to find one of the many freshwater creeks in that area. After finding a refreshing creek they rested there for 2 hours and then Miguel decided it was time to leave, since it was getting dark already. As they walked back on the same path to find their bikes both suddenly heard a strange sound behind them, resembling rocks crashing into each other. When they turned around to see what it was, they were stunned as to what they saw. In front of them were two humanoid figures which were staring intently at them. They later described the beings as about 2 meters in height, with long dangling arms and a “frightening” facial expression, which displayed disproportional large mouths. Their bodies seemed to be covered in a sort of tight-fitting overall, and emitted an intense heat wave, like standing next to an open oven. Stunned, Miguel stumbled and fell backwards while Patricio cried in terror unable to move. Using superhuman strength and will Miguel got up and grabbed Patricio by his arm and both ran away from the area. After arriving at their home, they told their mother what they had seen. Moments later they heard the same rock crashing sound they had heard previously coming from outside. When Miguel went to the window, he saw two figures which were observing the house intently. The humanoids seemed to inspect the surroundings for a while before disappearing into the forest.

HC addendum
Source: http://www.guioteca.com/fenomenos-paranormales/
Type: E

There are of course many more “uglies” but it would take a whole book to include them all. I hope you enjoyed this short listing.

Albert S. Rosales

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Please feel free to check my books on Amazon. Seventeen in all.

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