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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, February 2023

Naked Aliens?

by: Albert S. Rosales

In the convoluted and bizarre history of high strange Close Encounters with UFO occupants or aliens, some reports stand out for their complete absurdness. Among these are reports of nude aliens. Not the type in which there is no apparent gender or genitalia (usually reported among the Grey type alien encounters), but encounters with human type or almost human type entities, with visible genitalia.

The following is a listing of several such cases. You be the judge:

One of the earliest reports comes from the famed 1897 wave of encounters, where a semi-nude entity was reported by witnesses:

Location. Williamston, Michigan
Date: April 17, 1897 Time: morning At least a dozen farmers saw an object maneuver in the sky for an hour before it landed. A strange man near 3 meters tall, almost naked, and suffering from the heat, was the pilot of the craft. “His talk, while musical, seemed to be a repetition of bellowing.” One farmer went near him and received a blow that broke his hip. Humcat 1897-9
Source: Jacques Vallee, Passport to Magonia

Next case is a little known Contactee tale, that supposedly occurred two years before the Adamski claims.
Location. Between Morton & Mineral, Washington
Date: March 28, 1950
Time: daytime
Samuel Eaton Thompson (from Centralia) left Markham, to head back home. On the way he drove through a forested area and decided to stop. As an amateur explorer, he couldn’t resist the temptation to follow an old logging trail to see where it led. He backed his car along the trail, got out and preceded on foot. A few minutes later he came upon a sight that he would later describe as “something unheard of.”

The something unheard-of was not the big globe-shaped craft that hovered just above a clearing in the trees. After all, that was a classic flying saucer---especially with the rim that surrounded the object’s midsection---and plenty of people had reported those. Thompson was naturally surprised to see it, but he was more startled to see the people---the naked people. They were playing on the steps that led from a door in the side of the ship to the ground. They were “about the size of an average child, only they had finer features. They were just beautiful.” They had dark tans and lovely dark blond hair that came all the way to their waists. Thompson wasn’t frightened, just “so excited I didn’t know what to do.” He approached the ship and when he got to within 50 feet, he began to feel heat emanating from it. Thompson would learn later that this heat not only was used in the propulsion of the craft but also kept its occupants alive. The heat felt like rays from the sun, which accounted for the children’s tanned skin,Thompson thought.

When he got to the bottom of the steps, adults---unclothed, tanned, beautiful men and women---came to the door and stood on the steps watching him as if they were frightened. When he assured them, he meant no harm, they invited him into the ship, where Thompson would spend most of the next 40 hours. They told him to take off his shoes and socks before walking up the steps. The people were from Venus. They spoke an “uneducated” kind of English. They were oddly ignorant: yet they “seemed the happiest and cheer fullest people you ever met.” Even the children were gentle in their play---“no roughness or tumbling and stuff like that” ---and did not have to be told how to behave or think. The Venusians were totally benevolent. “Their idea’s not to destroy people.” Thompson said, “It’s to make good will among people.” Yet Earth people frightened because on several occasions earthly aircraft had shot down their spaceships. The Earth people’s problems stem from the fact that they are born under different planet signs, whereas all the Venusians are born under the sign of Venus; the peace-loving people who live on the other worlds in the solar system are also born under the sign of the planet they inhabit.

The Venusians, Thompson observed, live long lives because they eat right, eschewing meat for grits, herbs, artichokes, apples, and nuts such as “grown in Minnesota and them places.” Thompson thought the Venusians are something like ‘animals’ at least in the sense that everything they do is instinctual. They knew remarkably little, even about themselves. They do not know who built their ships (which serve as their dwelling places even when they are home on Venus) and have only a vague idea of how they are powered. As Thompson understood it, the propulsion has something to do with streams of hot air shooting through jets; the heat cast off by this poorly defined process also heats the interior of the ship, which is at 80 degrees temperature. Each ship has four sets of controls which consist of little more than levers to make the craft ascend, descend, accelerate, or decelerate. They are so simple that anybody can operate them. They have no sense of time; in fact, the whole concept of time is foreign. Yet, according to Thompson, “They’re really smarter than we think they are. They’ve got a gift that is so much greater than ours that there is no comparison.”

The Venusians told Thomson that they hoped to contact other Earth people one at a time. Through this slow process they eventually will establish peace on this planet. Their efforts will culminate in Christ’s return in A. D. 10,000. According to Thompson there were several rooms inside the ‘spaceship.’ These rooms most of them brightly illuminated as if by sunlight were square in shape. Those in the lower part of the craft were transparent all around the ship, enabling the viewer to see out in any direction. One room served as a place to shower. As Thompson put it, you just walk into this room and it rains in there just the same as it rains outdoors.

…They draw in the moisture from the air…and that’s where you’ll get your bath…And then in the room where they keep the fruit and stuff like that---it’s a cool room, a certain temperature. In another room where they sleep, it’s rather dark but not totally dark. You just got in there and you can lie down on the seats or on the floor or anywhere…and go to sleep.” Thompson slept overnight on one of the seats in the spaceship’s “bedroom.” Thompson and the Venusians parted company on March 30 a Thursday, two days after he had come upon their ship in the clearing. They told him he could contact them any time he wanted but ‘he had to keep certain information to himself.”

Humcat 1950-5
Source: Kenneth Arnold & Ted Bloecher

For our next case we jumped 20 years to the island of Puerto Rico which is replete with enigmatic encounters:

Location: Pico del Este, El Yunque, Puerto Rico
Date: June 1970 Time: afternoon
National Guard member Raul Costa del Moral and several friends, also National Guardsmen had decided to camp and trek in the area near the Rio Blanco ravine. One afternoon, all the men wearing knapsacks and military fatigues began trekking up the Rio Blanco ravine. They soon arrived at an area that was completely blocked by heavy spiny growth. Using their machetes and with much difficulty they were able to cut a hole through the maze of spines and brush. They then came upon two natural pools of water, one larger than the other. They were stunned by the beauty of the area. Next to the smaller pool of water stood a group of children, both boys and girls, described as ‘beautiful’ with pale skin, blue eyes, and long shoulder-length blond hair. Incredibly, they were all nude. To the right of the children there was a group of adults, about 35, also nude, both men and women, very slim, with long light-colored shoulder-length hair and beautiful blue eyes. The group of National Guardsmen were extremely surprised to find anybody in the area, especially such a bizarre group. The group of nude adults also stared at the witnesses who were armed with machetes. The group of adults, which appeared to be about 30-years of age (all of them) gathered together still staring at the men, the children remained group next to the smaller pool on the left side.

The strangers remained still, staring at the witnesses and at the children at times. Raul thought that the nude adults were trying to conceal something behind them, something on the side of the mountain, Raul thought it could had been some kind of ship, which the men were unable to see clearly. The adults were staring at the witness’s machetes and for several minutes the witnesses nor the strangers moved and spoke a word. The guardsmen then put their machetes away and began to walk slowly towards the strange group who stared intently at the men. The guardsman then decided to continue their upward trek to the summit, leaving the bizarre group behind. They camped near the summit and two days later returned down the same path they had taken to go up the mountain. Upon reaching the location where they had seen the group of nude adults and children they were of course no longer there. Raul was perplexed as he could see no way the group could have reached the area alone especially with a large group of children, and nude! Raul guessed that the strange group belonged to some kind of hidden subterranean civilization in El Yunque. And was later convinced that the adult men and women were concealing a possible hidden entrance to the mountain.

Source: Jorge Martin Miranda, Puerto Rico

Next we jump almost 40 years to a bizarre report of a tall blond naked entity in Tennessee:
Location. Near Red Fork Falls, Unaka Mountain, Unicoi County, Tennessee
Date: August 1990 Time: evening
The main witness and five others were walking down a fairly well traveled trail on his way down off the mountain. As you proceed down the mountain you will come upon a place in the trail where there is a clearing overlooking the pools of water at the base of the falls. It was from this vantage point that the group witnessed a curious event. There was a large fire and a naked man with long flowing blond hair. This man, as the witnesses recalled, was unusually tall and at least one of the witnesses tried to get an estimation of his height by using a nearby tree as referent. Dancing around the unusual figure were approximately 30 three to four foot “midgets” with really large heads. The main witness stated that he later returned to the site to measure the height of the strange man they all saw that evening. By his calculation, the man was 11 feet tall.

Source: Don Worley, UFO Universe winter 1997 also NTMUFON November 1994

The next report I could find in my files comes from the year 1995, in Italy:

Location. Near Pasiano di Pordenone, Pordenone, Italy
Date: May 19, 1995, Time: 2315
A professional stopped his car to watch a metallic top shaped craft with a transparent section hovering over the road. Inside he was able to see up to 25 apparently naked smiling humanoids standing around. These were about 4-foot tall with large, elongated heads, topped with short-cropped dark hair. The humanoids appeared to be smiling and had normal looking eyes and noses, and large pointed ears. They had long dangling arms with large hands. The craft took off after a few minutes, and that same evening witnesses watched moving lights in the sky in the same area.

Source: Dario Bortolini ITUFOR Vol. 2 # 2 Type: A

So far that’s all I could find in my files describing such reports, but there might be more. We can only conjecture as to why these entities or aliens were not wearing any clothing (or hardly any). Which makes these among some of the most interesting high-strangeness encounters.

Albert S. Rosales

January 25 2023

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