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Classic Mysteries—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, February 2023

Humanistic sculptor’s alien visit and message of peace

by: Albert S. Rosales

Location. Ojen, Malaga, Spain
Date: September 26, 1996
Time: 2100

The well-known “humanistic” sculptor Marino Amaya was staying at his farm when he noticed a bright light shooting across the skies overhead. Later, accompanied by his two dogs he heard strange sounds coming from behind some nearby trees. He suddenly felt the earth tremble beneath him, and a blinding light illuminated him and his dogs completely paralyzing them. From the bright light a thin humanoid about 90cm in height appeared. The humanoid had very long knee length arms, its feet were very flat like those of amphibians and its eyes were very large and intense blue in color. The rest of its body was brick red in color.

Amaya immediately assumed it was an extraterrestrial as the being moved floating just above the ground. The humanoid finally descended on top of a large rock and stared intently at Amaya’s eyes. The humanoid seemed to exude peace and tranquility. Stunned the witness asked the humanoid, “Why come to me and not to others more qualified than me?” The humanoid answered, “Because you are good, love life, love the Earth and nature and love the animals. That’s why I come to you to give you a message of good and love.” The humanoid added, “Talk about me to the world, so the Earth, the mother of life is respected, since she is the reason that humanity exists. Tell the world that I am here on Earth to protect Earth. If that wasn’t so, everything will change; there will be great earthquakes and huge floods that will destroy entire cities.”

Marino listened to everything the humanoid said. After 30 minutes the humanoid lifted its armed and rose up and to the sky telling Marino, “Goodbye my friend. We will see each other again.” The witness ran to his studio to reproduce the image of the humanoid in clay, which later he made into a bronze statue.

Source: http://es.geociteis.com/casoovni/Ojen.htm

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