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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, January 2023

An interview with Peter Jordan
Part 5

by: Brent Raynes

My interview with Peter Jordan, Part 5, discussing once again a wide range of aspects. We talk about the field itself, the literature, the kind of personalities involved, as well as certain noteworthy individuals who have made noteworthy contributions. We talk about the older UFO and Fortean literature, the significance of preserving and reviewing it, and again the trickster element/archetype, hoaxers and real cases, the challenges of properly discerning what's going on, separating the proverbial wheat from the chaff, as well as personal experiences, like Peter's first phone call with Dr. Bert Schwarz and the unusual thing that happened. We talk about a wide range of things, from contactees to crop circles to ghosts and more.


Sunday, June 16, 2024