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Letters to the Editor—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, January 2023

Hi Brent, How are things? I hope this finds you well. I was just listening to Part 3 of your conversation with Peter Jordan and it is still my favorite thing going on at the moment when I have the time to tune in and listen to those fascinating stories. I had no clue about the "Valiant Thor" case and found it very interesting to hear where the name came from. I had come across it before but never investigated further about the origins of it. Matter of fact, I think I have encountered it as a band name and connected the dots that I had read about it before in some UFO book. Well then, on to Part 4. I am ready and glad I could play a little part in this ongoing series of interviews.

I can offer my own share of 23 synchronicities by the way, most of them are connected to the combination of the numbers 23/17 actually. I noticed these will occur in an increasingly higher rate once I am emotionally attached to someone who is also a person where these numbers play a role but who is not overtly concerned with it. For example I met a girl in 2003 who was working right in the opposite building from where I was and gradually found out that she changed apartments quite a couple of times and like 3 out of 4 times always wound up in a number 23. Funny thing is I wasn´t even aware, until it was pointed out to me, that my actual birthdate, which is 12/20/1980 adds up to 23 if you ignore the zeros of course, ha ha. I get these at such odd rates, but as I said, in times of emotional attachment, and then it´s almost a dynamo force for daily cases of seeing that number. By the way, I know about the Robert Wilson/Burroughs connection. But did you know there is also a connection to German literature of the 1930´s??


Sven Freller, Germany

Tuesday, July 16, 2024