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Letters to the Editor—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, December 2022

I clicked on your www.apmagazine.info link and the September issue popped up. Since I was already there, I thought I'd just go ahead and read it and, boy, was it fascinating! I zeroed in on the Ancient Breakaway Civilization article by Hakan Blomqvist. His presentation of the copious material and references relating to parallel human civilizations existing in inaccessible areas on and under planet Earth is really fascinating. I wonder if some of the legends we are familiar with today may have been inspired by inadvertent contact with some of these mysterious beings from our own planet.

I bought a book many years ago from a bookseller at a MUFON symposium entitled Subterranean Worlds by Walter Kaffon-Minkel. You may have seen or read it. After reading Hakan's article I'm now inspired to delve into the Kaffon-Minkel book. The problem is finding the time!
Thanks again for the September issue. As always, you have so much fascinating material to offer.

Mary Kerfoot

Sunday, May 19, 2024