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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, October 2022

Strangers who may not have been of our World

by: Albert S. Rosales

Location: Desierto de la Tatacoa, near Neiva, Colombia
Date: July 1987
Time: night

Several friends were invited to spend their mid-year vacations at another friend’s ranch outside the city of Neiva close to the Magdalena River. While there the group decided to camp out in the beautiful Tatacoa Desert, located about 35km from Neiva. Once deep in the desert area, two members of the group, Alexander and Ximena set up the tents at a beautiful location, with a stunning view of the area. They spent the days trekking and exploring the region. They planned to stay there for five days.

One night on the fourth day they were sitting down for their dinner when out of nowhere a stranger appeared. They described the visitor as a tall, blond haired man, with intense blue eyes, carrying a very heavy backpack, from which hung several utensils, lanterns and other camping equipment. He greeted the group with a gesture. The group greeted him in Spanish but there was no answer. They then tried English but again no answer from the stranger. Alexander, who knew sign language motioned to the man if he needed any assistance. The man responded, also using sign language and indicated that he wanted to stay with the group for the night. Everyone agreed he could.

That night, since it was their last day in the desert, the group celebrated by opening all their rations. They built a bonfire, and they sat around it eating their food, singing and enjoying themselves. The visitor never spoke but seemed to be enjoying himself, always with a smile on his face, and with approving gestures. While sitting around the bonfire the visitor pulled out several small aluminum containers and gestured to the group that it was for them to eat. According to the group, the contents of the aluminum containers was delicious, tasting like a mixture of different fruits and very refreshing. Soon after consuming the contents of the containers the group felt “at peace and very happy and felt a strange connection among themselves.” They remained awake until about 3 am. The visitor took out a sleeping bag, also aluminum in color, and waved farewell to the group before wrapping himself inside the bag.

The next day, Alexander was the first in waking up, and woke up the rest of the group to collect their belongings and gear. The stranger was nowhere in sight, but he had left behind a small ‘pyramid’ made out of stones, and on each of its sides, he left one of those silvery containers or tubes, with its delicious contents, one for each of the group. Before departing the group noticed that the aluminum tubes that the visitor had given them, had no markings of any kind, like manufacturer information, expiration date, etc., which they found strange. They then drove back in their trucks to Neiva. Once there, one of the group, Gilberto took the roll of photographs that they had taken while camping to be developed. To their great surprise as they looked over the photos and arrived at the ones taken during the night when the visitor appeared in their camp, in every photo where the stranger was supposed to be in there was only a ‘blur’ or a ‘smudge’, while the others around him were perfectly clear. While the stunned group attempted to reach an explanation, Ximena pointed to another photo. Another group member, Gilberto, had taken a photo of his truck and in background sky they could see what appeared to be a hovering circular object. They checked the other photos, but they only showed regular clouds and no strange objects in the sky.

After much discussion and search for an explanation the group decided to gather up the negatives and photos and send them to well-known UFO Contactee and experiencer, Sixto Paz Wells in Peru so he could study them and obtain his opinion. Predictively, the package with all the photographic evidence never arrived and was never returned.

Source: Didi Sandiego, “Cuentos para no dormir” (Spanish Edition) p. 258. Kindle Edition.


Location: Chiquitano Forest, Amazon region, Bolivia
Date: September 2019
Time: 23:00

During the catastrophic wildfires that engulfed the Amazon regions of Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and Peru, the witness, 30-year-old Paul Parada, a doctor/paramedic was with a group of volunteer medical personnel and firefighters from all over the world, in a forward medical facility camp that treated injured natives and firefighters. He was also accompanied by his brother who was also a doctor. That night he was at the site with his brother when two firetrucks arrived carrying volunteers. His brother joined them and they left for forward firefighting outposts. Paul remained behind as he was exhausted. Late at night, after treating some local children, Parada stepped out of the medical tent to smoke a cigarette. As he stood outside, he suddenly saw, in the distance, a very tall figure approaching his location.

By the light of the moon, he could see that the figure was very tall (2m), with a pale complexion, and long shoulder length blond hair. At first, Parada assumed that it was one of the foreign volunteers coming back to camp for medical treatment. The figure had what appeared to be a blanket wrapped around his shoulder and upper left arm. As it approached Parada, the doctor asked him if he needed any help and in perfect ‘neutral’ Spanish the stranger answered that yes he was in need of his assistance as he had suffered an injury. They then walked into the medical tent. Parada then asked the man where was the injury and at this the man removed the blanket and lifted his left arm showing a rather deep and bloody wound. At this point Parada also noticed that the stranger was wearing a peculiar one-piece blue tight-fitting coverall with silvery stripes and dots, arranged in vertical and horizontal positions like “Morse Code.” The wound was bleeding profusely. Surprised, Parada noticed that there was no blood on the man’s clothing, despite the bleeding.

Parada treated the wound which required eight stitches. Curious, Parada asked the man how had he been injured. The man looked straight at Parada and telepathically told him that he had been attacked by a young puma. Realizing that the man had communicated with him without speaking, the startled Parada could only stare in confusion. The man seemed to realize that he had possibly inadvertently communicated telepathically with Parada and realizing that Parada was upset, he placed his hand on Parada’s shoulder, and again, telepathically told him, “Don’t be afraid, everything is going to be alright.” Even though he still was frightened, Parada proceeded to treat the wound, attempting to keep his mind clear, as he realized that the man could probably read his mind. After Parada was done, the man stood up and placed the blanket back over his shoulder and upper arm. Parada provided him with some gauze and medications and gave him instructions on how to treat and clean the wound and told him to come back in 8 days so the stitches could be removed.

The man communicated telepathically with Parada again and told him that he felt weak, and to not be frightened at what he was about to see. Parada then accompanied the man outside. He carried a pair of scissors with him, “just in case.” Once outside Parada was stunned to see a large silvery metallic disc-shaped craft hovering a few feet above the ground. The craft had several small square windows around its perimeter. It was completely silent and was about 200 meters away from his location. At this point Parada was terrified to see two humanoid figures standing directly under the craft. They were only about 1m tall, pale green in color, and wearing the same type of coverall that the tall blond-haired man wore. In strange mechanical moves both figures approached to within 100 meters of Parada and the tall stranger. The man then turned around and waved goodbye to Parada and thanked him, calling him by his first name, which Parada had never told him. Parada immediately went back inside the medical tent and did not see the craft, humanoids and the tall man depart. He remained awake the rest of the night smoking cigarettes.

For some reason, the two short entities terrified Parada. He felt that they were subservient to the tall man and were his “helpers or assistants.” The next morning when his brother returned, Parada told him what had occurred. He didn’t tell anyone else.

For the next three months Parada had trouble sleeping. He had to listen to Podcasts at night so he could fall asleep. He kept the bloody gauze he used to treat the stranger’s wound and took samples in order to perform some tests. Everything came back normal. He attempted to perform a DNA test, but the procedure was not available in his country and it was too expensive to ship it overseas for testing. He still keeps the samples.

Source: Jorge Luis Sucksdorf, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aON6KAnOLQ4

Comments: At the end of the interview, the doctor wondered (as I do too) why a supposed highly technically advanced extraterrestrial would seek medical treatment from a human? What were the circumstances? Was the wound somehow for some reason not treatable by their technology? (Translation by Albert S. Rosales).

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