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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, October 2022

Encounters with the Unknown
A landed UFO with humanoids at Goshen, Ohio, 1973

by: Brent Raynes

Ohio ufologist Charles Wilhelm, who along with his wife Geri had investigated numerous UFO sightings being reported during the 1973 UFO wave in and around Cincinnati, Ohio, formed a local group called the Ohio UFO Investigators League. One case that Charles looked into happened on the night of October 19, 1973, when a Mrs. Wright phoned him from Goshen, Ohio. She described how she had seen a “bright ball of light” around 8:30 p.m. that night. “It was moving in an easterly direction and went over a hill,” she stated. “It looked like it landed in my neighbor’s field.”

A few days later, Mr. Wilhelm was in the area and decided to look into the report further. He tried to contact Mrs. Wright but she was away for the weekend. So he decided to visit the farm where Mrs. Wright suspected that the UFO may have landed. He was greeted by a gentleman in his sixties. At first reluctant to say anything, he eventually swore Wilhelm to confidentiality as to his identity before he shared what he had seen that night.

This man described how he was in the habit of taking his two “coon” hounds for a nightly walk outside. Everything seemed ordinary until they were heading back to the house, and then his dogs began “tugging” and “acting funny.” Then coming to a slope he saw, in a ravine between himself and his house, a disc-shaped craft estimated at 50 feet in diameter, resting on three legs. The object had two pulsating blue lights and two pulsating white lights. Three human-like figures could be seen beneath the craft. One figure appeared to be about to climb up a ladder while the other two (one standing and the other kneeling on the ground) looked as though they were probing around or looking for something.

Next the man’s dogs began “raising hell,” and soon the figure on the ladder was obviously looking in their direction, and next climbed up the ladder and into the craft. After several minutes, the other two figures also went up the ladder, and then the ladder went up into the object. Next the craft rose slowly into the air, making a “train like whistle.” Then it shot up into the night sky.

After their interview, Wilhelm was taken to the site of this occurrence. He didn’t find any physical trace evidence to support the man’s story. “Probably because the area was moss-laden and spongy,” he added. “When I would walk across the area my foot impressions would retract as though I hadn’t walked the area.”


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