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Classic Mysteries—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, October 2022

A Childhood Mystery in Missouri...And two lives full of unexplained and synchronistic events

by: Brent Raynes

“I am a twenty-two year old model/writer” this person wrote me. She stated how she has been interested in UFOs and psychic phenomena since a child. “The reason being something odd, unexplainable happened to my best friend and I when we were children and since that event, odd things continue to happen to us. To write this would make me sound like a candidate for Bellevue and rarely, outside of my close circle of friends have I spoken of such events. However, what happened to us is driving us both crazy for we have no answers, have done years of extensive research trying to find an answer, and have come up with nothing that comes close to what we experienced other than a brief mention in a book about ‘gremlins,’ a fireball object pilots during a WW II witnessed.

“We were both ten years old. Sally (not her real name / editor) was spending the night at my house and she was changing in the room when I, for some unknown reason, was drawn to my parent’s bedroom. I went to the window and there, hovering outside, was what appeared to be, for lack of a better word, a fireball, bright orange in the center and surrounded by a white halo. Oddly, I wasn’t scared, but I went into my bedroom, looked at Sally, and said nothing. She just got up and followed me back to my parent’s room where we stood there, watching this ‘fireball’ for about five minutes. Five minutes where we felt peaceful and lost (what we felt) was track of time. Suddenly the fireball moved out from under the alcove and shot up into the night sky where it disappeared. We ran to tell my mother what had just happened and she just laughed it off, saying it was just our imaginations.

“Jokingly we now say that it was something that took half of my brain and put it into her head and half of her brain and put it into my head for we are almost identical in our personalities and events that happen in our lives are almost always on identical tracks. We have ‘freaked’ people out for we always know what the other is thinking. We communicate silently, often times. I suppose a mild form of mental telepathy. And when we’re together the oddest events occur, events that have no ‘explanations,’ and separately we both have had our share of unexplainable phenomena surrounding us. ...Oftentimes, we have both wondered about going into hypnosis to try and find out what may have happened during those five minutes where we have no recollection.”

In a second letter, this young writer informed me that the childhood “fireball” event had occurred in Jefferson County, Missouri, in a subdivision built over a Fox Indian grave site, situated along the Meremac River.

“Strange things happen when we get together. One instance in particular, she was sitting across from me at the table. A bag of pretzels for snacking were between us and a pretzel somehow got tossed at me. I said ‘What’d you do that for?’, believing she tossed it at me. She just stared at me and said she didn’t. ...This is just an example of what happens. These things have become common place. ... Fred (not his real name..ed) and I were working on a script together and we both heard the back door open, someone enter the house, footsteps coming down the main hall and stopping at the door to the room where we were working. We both went out and no one was there. These instances are commonplace. The same with Sally. Her music box suddenly starting to play, her locked door opening, etc.”

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