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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, July 2022

Restoring the Missing Link with my Father/Creator?

by: James Francis

1st Story

The following story may hold information that may be of assistance to some. I am grateful to be able to share it. I was about twenty-two years old, and it was the early nineteen seventies. An Edgar Cayce book landed in my lap about the soul, reincarnation, our Companion/Creator, and gratefully, the pieces fell together as was planned, I’m sure. Suddenly, there was nothing more important to me than restoring the missing link with my Father/Creator. So one day, armed with some suggested head, neck, and breathing exercises that would only require a few minutes of concentration, I embarked upon my first effort at Meditation. I would talk to my Creator in prayer, and then listen for Him. I was simply happy to finally have a direction in life, which was now and for the first time, to say hello to my Creator and thank Him for choosing me to be a part of this whole Eternal plan and clan, and to see if there was anything I could do for Him.

I sat in my best comfortable attempt at a lotus cross-legged position. Now, I cannot hand you my experience, that being the pure and sincere intimacy through which my mind and heart traveled for thirty or forty minutes or so, but trust me, my Entire heart was in it, so if He had Anything to say, there was nothing more important to me from the tips of my toes, to the torch in my heart, than to tune in. And I waited . . . and heard nothing; nothing at all. Eventually I prayerfully said my good-byes to a voice I never heard and opened my eyes. I felt inwardly good, unfolded my limbs, stretched out on the bed, and was smiling now with eyes closed, basking in the comforting thought that I had the rest of my life to learn how to hear God through meditation. I was proud of my first effort and enjoyed an afterglow of inner satisfaction . . . When suddenly there was a “pop” sound/sensation in my head (and the following is as best as I can describe the event).

I am instantly taken on an ever-tightening Spiral of Flashing Light, moving at a tremendous speed, seemingly upward, yet inward and I am inside what I can only describe as a tiny diamond Fire Spark of Divinity (and God knows I was not in control of the steering). Now, folks, when the I , (my consciousness) within the spiral comes to a stop, how do I say this, except to say that, “O Lord, I am not worthy” was the only all-consuming feeling and thought I could muster from within my very nicely crumbling, overwhelmed, and grateful being, for I was held in the Infinite Presence of the Face of God, beyond the scope of anything we have ever dreamed of, and there are no words to capture the indescribable Divine Wonderment of the Creative Source of All Life. It’s all way too big for any of the boxes we have sought to put our Creator in, so I can only humbly, and do so now in the name of peace, assure you, We are in Unfathomably Good Hands.

I don’t know how long I was “there.” I was looking into forever and stripped of my Timex. When my eyes opened, I had returned as me, in this body, in this world, and I also understood clearly, I was not of it. None of us are native earthlings but rejoice, we get the best of all worlds. (Afterward, I did recall that while I was in that Presence, it felt as though I was in some sort of an invisible, spherical, almost egg-shaped protective energy bubble that seemed to have provided me safe passage and kept me intact, as it were, though nothing . . . could ever be the same. Implications that I would like to point out: I would say that I went from the consciousness of material solidity (the physical body, the earth, and the awareness of myself as the human I am) and spiraled into the realm and throne of our Divine Source, in maybe five seconds!* (And God knows that traveling at the speed of Light eliminated any chance of me screaming for help.:) To me, that’s an intriguing thought that begs contemplation in terms of the supposed reality we find ourselves in. It seems as though time and space are conceptualized tools of measurement at our disposal. They allow us the opportunity to experience and express our divine self through the vehicle of the evolution of an individual soul destined to be co-creative companions to the Creator. Wonder how we’re all doing? I would say divinely well, regardless of appearances. I saw God, though Not as a man, as this experience is apparently only made possible by accessing the spiritual dashboard of Our Piece of the Spark and Spirit of Life. And trust me, it’s the best piece you’ll ever have.

Also, in an effort to further convey the experience to the reader, I feel that the phrase “I saw God” should be worded differently. The Presence gave me sight of the Truth of Itself, and the little eyeball orbs we are used to using here had no meaning there, and were knocked out of commission in favor of absorbing the Light of the Divine Force of Life and Love. And I was totally humbled, but not because God wanted me to feel humble (nope, that was all my idea), but because I found it impossible to not melt before such as is our Father and Creator. (I doubt you will do much better, but you won’t care anyway.) By the way, you will find there are no questions floating around your mind at that moment (in case you are saving up a good one for when you see Him next). All there is really is One Way Big Answer.

It has never happened since (never needed it to), and I have always been amused at the fact that it occurred only on my first attempt at meditation, and only when I had finished that effort. My word for that is . . . cute (and I know where my sense of humor came from). Another implication I draw from the experience is that our religious dogmas and doctrines most often do not support the possibility of any direct approach for us to experience our divine self, plus we have generally accepted that our invisible God is also unknowable and consciously perceived as a separate entity from us. And “as you believe, so shall it be done” is again applicable to what we do or don’t experience. We have many self-imposed boundaries that we might do well to drop from our minds and hearts, but that is forever up to each one of us and the paths we choose. I just wanted people to know, you always have options that you may have not even known existed.

So 39 or so years had passed without ever hearing any information about anyone seeing God lately. Then, I stumbled upon an ancient Hebrew word, the Merkabah, via the Internet, Wikipedia and YouTube. You may search Merkabah for yourself to retrieve the relevance I found to the above true story. But suffice it to say, I was pleased to have found such information. We know not of what Brilliance we proceed from unless we care to seek and know of such stuff. And what Father would hide from His children? “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” Pretty simple and direct, with no qualifying time frame given for such endeavors. It’s always totally up to us to seek whatever we will, whenever we will. Also for the record, I am not suggesting in any way that the purpose of anyone’s life should be to have a face-to-face meeting with God. The experiences we seek are those that the soul outlines before arrival and extension into this place. They may have the appearance of something far removed from spiritual endeavors, and yet be the perfect path for the soul. But I am sure it will Never hinder the progress of any soul to wear the face of God that we have been given in a manner that promotes compassion, mercy, forgiveness, and goodwill toward all man."

2nd Story. This happened several months later

Let this be for

. . . those who have seen their beloved pass from their view . . .

. . . those who lie ill and are without hope . . .

. . . those who are afraid of their human mortality . . .

. . . and for those who long for peace with life . . .

The following is my best description of

a very personal and a most remarkably true event.

It was the early 1970’s. and I was about 22 years of age.

I lived in Michigan, suburb of Detroit

I am asleep in my bedroom (3–4 am).

I wake up facing the wall to my left, and I raise my head.

Compelled for some reason to turn my head, I look then to the right,

and there, a few feet from my bed, is a Light.

Not a light bulb, nor light coming thru the window.

It was a Light from a different dimension

(Light, that of itself, was alive!)

that just opened up in the middle of my small bedroom.

It was an orb shape, golden in color and surrounded in a bright whiteness.

And I was just about to release an audible “huh?”

When the Light Speaks,

“Be Not afraid; it is I, Peter.”

I barely had time to blink or feel the fear that was just readying to rise

when the voice slowly spoke again,

“Be not afraid; it is I, Peter.”

But this second time the voice and words seem to come from literally everywhere inside me and around me.

I was immersed in their energy and sound,

and I subsequently found myself to have departed from this earth entirely.

I was a Light just like Peter.

I was following behind him, not on legs, however, as I had no human body.

I was more like a

Living Light-filled Expanding Orb of Consciousness,

for lack of better words,

and all of me was totally sobbing with joy!

And I mean, soul-deep sobbing over and over again exclaiming, “It’s so Good to be Home again!” and nothing had ever felt better, truer, and more Real.

Freed from the earth, and finally, Home Again!


We were moving in what felt like a diagonal slant upward direction.

I saw nothing and no one else.

And the further we proceeded, the larger I kept expanding,

all the while filling up even further with a joy that was truly indescribable

and so intense!

Incredibly, in just seconds, it felt as though I had swelled to hundreds of miles in every direction!

(Could there be too much of a good thing because I was losing control?)

I was trying to now hold on to my (already way the heck out there) boundaries.

I was like a gigantic balloon and my fingertips (that did not exist, though I was trying to use some form of that thought) were stretched to the max and now failing in their effort to contain the now-impending explosion of nuclear joy!


And as strange or humorously stupid as this may sound,

I was suddenly afraid of blowing up!

OK, sure, with Joy Beyond Comprehension,

but still,

I’m feeling like this balloon is going to burst and

Pop! goes the ME-zel.

I stop.

(Apparently fear acts like a brake, even there.)

Peter now stops and turns to me and says gently and with assurance,

“Come, it’s just a little further;

you’re almost there,”

but I reply, “I don’t know how!”

Now is that hysterical or what?

But I really was occupied with the whole holding on to some kind of boundary idea, and I feel apologetic (as your brother) that I wimped out at the last moment, a hair’s breadth from certain changes to my ego that I sensed might render me void of any chance of retaining a relevant first and last name, leaving me likely speechless and more likely, me-less.
But Peter knew where I was at before I did, and then warmly confided to me “Just wanted to show you, so you know.” And just as suddenly I was returned to this world; me, my body, the room, my bed, and I was delightfully intact with a whole new understanding of the truth of our soul and of our home not being of this earth, but in that of the infinite ether of spirit.
I slid out of my bed and knelt in profound gratitude and thanked my Heavenly Father and my Brother for this most blessed moment of my life. I knew that all of us—, you, me, your family, friends, neighbors, every one of us—are actually together forever. That was a very reassuring thing to know with absolute certainty at the young age of twenty-two.
This was not a near-death experience; I was simply taken and returned. It was the coolest trip of my life, and the awe and preciousness of it remains with me always. To say I am grateful is an understatement. For those that may wonder if this divine soul-snatcher is the same entity as Peter the disciple of Christ, the topic never came up. He never said he was, so I cannot tell you he was, and nothing like that mattered at the time anyway, though within me, I do know him to be that brother and your brother. But I would have been equally glad for the lift, no matter the name he gave."
Author’s bio: I was born in the early 1950's in Michigan, and raised Catholic in the northern suburbs of Detroit, along with 8 brothers and sisters. In the early 1970's I was blessed with several remarkably profound "beyond this world" experiences which provided me with a priceless foundation and well lit path in life. In 1985 visions led my wife and I to the mountains and lakes of the great northwest, where I gratefully, anonymously, and quietly reside to this day.

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