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July 2022

Issue 292

The Mississippi Mound Trail & The Louisiana Mound Trail Guide
by: Dr. Greg Little

An Interview with Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D
Uri Geller and UFO's
by: Brent Raynes

An Interview with Carlos Tanner of Peru’s Ayahuasca Foundation
by: Brent Raynes

An Interview with Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D., regarding Ted Owens, the controversial PK Man
by: Brent Raynes

Restoring the Missing Link with my Father/Creator?
by: James Francis

True Story of Grey
by: James Francis

The 1967 Ohio Nuclear Reactor UFO Case
by: Rick Hilberg

Prophecy And Tracing Dreams into The Days
That Follow. Reverberation
by: James Edward Carlos

Reality Checking
Processions of the Damned – Part One
by: Brent Raynes

Encounters with the Unknown
Family disturbed by mysterious lights and humanoids high in the Andes
by: Albert S. Rosales

Classic Mysteries
A Spirit Encounter of Forgiveness
by: Mike Sears

New Book Reviews
by: Brent Raynes

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Consciousness & Contact – Rudy Schild, Ph.D., hosted by Rey Hernandez / Spreaker from iHeart

Greg Little on his Early Paranormal Influences

Greg Little on The Higherside Chats

Tuoacabra decodes Garry Nolan’s concept of alien-human communication / Tupacabra YouTube

Anomalous Light Phenomena with Dr. Massimo Teodorani and Susan Demeter / 6 Degrees of John Keel

Searching for UFOs with Caroline Cory, producer/director of A Tear In The Sky, with Jeffrey Mishlove of New Thinking Allowed.

Andrew Collins on Mind Escape podcast

Andrew Collins on Interdimensional Intrusions

Belief is the enemy of John Keel, with guest Brent Raynes / Nite Drift radio with Jim Perry

Stephanie Quick, Professor WHAM, and Egregores / The Eternal Void

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