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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, July 2022

Encounters with the Unknown

Family disturbed by mysterious lights and humanoids high in the Andes

by: Albert S. Rosales

Location. El Yeso Dam, near San Jose de Maipo, Cordillera Province, Chile
Date: November 1, 2018
Time: night

In this area located at 2,500 meters high up in the Andes, a family composed of a father, mother and a son and daughter, Bastian, 15, and Catalina, 5, were camping near the dam when on the above night they saw two strange lights, one white and the other yellow, approaching their location on a nearby trail. At first, they thought it was a car on the way to the camping area, but the brightness of the lights did not seem right. At one point the lights separated, one going in front of the other, discarding the car theory altogether. They then thought they could have been motorcycles. However, they were still unsure as to what the yellow light belonged to.

The lights approached the family’s camping area where one of them stopped about 60 to 80 meters away. When this happened, the white light divided itself into two lights, making now a total of three lights. One of the white lights seemed to be blinking. Suddenly, as the lights remained still over the trail five humanoid figures appeared next to them. Two of them were approximately 3-meters in height, and were very thin with long legs, long arms, and long necks. The third figure was of medium height while the other two were smaller. Moments later, moving at inhuman speed, the taller beings disappeared from sight (from right to left). Only three remained. Soon after the lights disappeared behind a nearby hill, a sort of after-glow in the sector was left. Sometime later another white light appeared on the west side of the hill, and after a few minutes it began to change colors. From this light a second white light emerged. Soon there was a strong wind and hailstorm and the witnesses had to seek shelter inside their tent. While inside the tent a light approached and illuminated the top of the tent. Due to the sudden bad weather, they were unable to open the flaps on the tent to look closer at the light. After a while, the family decided to leave the tent for safety reasons and return to their car.

Source: Eric Martinez, CIFAE Chile

Wednesday, November 29, 2023