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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, June 2022

A Soul in Purgatory?

by: Albert S. Rosales

Location: Lomza, Podlaskie, Poland
Date: summer 1956
\ Time: 22:00

On a terribly hot humid evening in the apartment of the main witness, Barbara, the windows were wide open because it was very stuffy. It was almost 10 pm and Barbara was just going to bed. There were other family members in the apartment including her great-grandmother, uncle, her mother, and sister. Perhaps there was somebody else but she no longer remembers. At one point Barbara heard a noise, which after a while it became louder, resembling the sound of “coal being dropped from a cart.” The sound caused great surprise to Barbara because it was late at night and who on earth would be throwing coal out in front of the tenement house, so she looked out the window. From that side of the building the windows faced small buildings and garden plots. They were located 10 meters from the building wall. Behind them, Barbara saw a light emerging. The sound had stopped but the light interested her. It was yellow in color, changing to white and pulsating.

At times it also hurt Barbara’s eyes. The light then began to rise slowly and transform into something larger. After a while it took the shape of a horizontal egg, moving with its conical part forward. At the top Barbara could see what she described as a “reflector” producing a light that illuminated its path. Inside Barbara saw the shape of a human figure. It was a woman of normal height and missing one leg. She was dressed normally, but Barbara cannot remember what she wore exactly. She only remembers the detail that the woman had a handkerchief on her head, like a lot of elderly women would wear at the time. She was slightly hunched over and was reaching into her belly with her hand, moments later she began pulling out her intestines and spreading them on the bottom of the egg. Disgusted at what she was seeing Barbara shouted for her family members to come and see. At this point, the bright spotlight turned towards Barbara who was standing at the window, and the object with the strange woman inside began moving towards the tenement building. Suddenly, there was a great roar or noise and the whole building seemed to shake. At this point, the rest of her family flocked to the window. Everyone became afraid and hid in the corners of the room. In the meantime, the object had disappeared.

The entire observation had taken only about 5 minutes. We can assume that the strange apparition was visible to other witnesses. Unfortunately, those witnesses are probably no longer alive and no one else had come forward. Barbara told her priest about the incident and was told that it had been “probably a soul in Purgatory.”

Source: Damien Trela, http://wtajemniczeni-pg.blogspot.com/2017/06/gniazda-ufo-damian-trela.html Comments: A very difficult case to categorize.

Friday, June 02, 2023