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Classic Mysteries—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, June 2022

ETs Healed My Mother

by: Linda Biafore

Symbols described in Linda Biafore’s article

My mother Dorothy lives in San Diego, California. She has had many UFO experiences. I have traced alien contacts in our family back as far as the middle 1800s.

This abduction happened in the fall of 1990. My mother was diagnosed with cancer. Her treatment was chemotherapy. This treatment caused hundreds of blood clots in her right arm and shoulder, causing her arm to swell to twice normal size. The pain was horrible.

Her doctor could not help her. He tried everything he could think of. Nothing would dissolve the blood clots. She took to her bed.

My mother and my stepfather Ed were just falling off to sleep when they were startled by a noise. She opened her eyes, and there standing beside4 the bed were four aliens, each about three and a half feet tall. She screamed, Ed quickly sat up, but before he could say or do anything one of the aliens waved his hand at him and Ed fell back on the bed unconscious.

The four beings levitated my mother up off her bed and out of her house, down the street and into a school yard where a round craft with a blue beam touching the pavement hovered. The beings placed her into the blue beam. Then she floated up the beam into the bottom of the craft. They sat her in a chair and a taller alien entered the room, speaking with his mind to hers, and said, “Linda, your daughter, is one of us.” This was somewhat shocking, but I have suspected that I have a genetic connection with these beings. The tall alien took an instrument with a roller at the end of it and rolled it over her arm and shoulder where the blood clots were.

She remembers nothing else and awoke the next morning as usual, but as she sat up in bed she was shocked as there was no pain in her arm and shoulder, and the blood clots were gone and her arm is back to normal size.

I asked my mother to describe the inside of the craft. She said it was circular with two levels and symbols on the walls. These are the same symbols the aliens have shown to me many times, and are the symbols that are appearing in the fields around the world as crop circles.
Some of the symbols I have seen are printed with this article.

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared in the Fall of 1994, Issue 28 of Alternate Perceptions.

Friday, June 02, 2023