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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, April 2022

The Case of the Russian wood goblin?

by: Albert S Rosales

Location: Smolensk region, Russia
Date: summer 1938
Time: daytime

Nikolay Grigoryevich Potapov, just a boy at the time, was walking on a forestry road with a group of other kids towards a neighboring village when suddenly, not far from the road, amid the trees, they noticed a strange “man” of tremendous height. Potapov especially remembered its green beard, broad belt with some type of object hanging from it that resembled a “sable.” The humanoid wore high boots or “Hessian” boots and dark colored clothes. The stranger at times would hold the sable in his hand and raise it and then would put it down. This scared the boys who ran away. They found another way to return home, but suddenly they stumbled upon the strange man again and they ran away in a panic.

Potapov’s mother told him that the strange man they had encountered was a “wood goblin” and that not only she herself but also other witnesses had encountered him in the forest on several occasions while gathering berries.

Source: Archive of Valentin Golts, Leningrad, Russia

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