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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, March 2022

Aliens Wanted to Take with Them an Autistic Child?

Event that occurred in El Yunque Rain Forest, Puerto Rico Why did those beings say that the child had a very special ability?

by: Jorge Martín, Journalist and UFO Investigator, Puerto Rico.

A medicine lady doctor residing in the Sabana sector of the municipality of Luquillo, at the eastern end of El Yunque rain forest, contacted me in 1989 to inform me about some strange events that her mother had experienced with some strange characters in 1980. The doctor, whose initials are M.N., had an autistic nonverbal child, and while she was at work, her mother took care of the child in her residence on the edge of the forest in the Sabana sector.

According to the doctor, tall, very pale, mysterious individuals with light-colored eyes and delicate rosy skin had contacted her mother on several occasions at her residence asking her to hand over the little boy to them. The individuals were bald, six feet tall or more in size, and wore brilliant white robes and golden sandals. “They always came after I went to work,” said the doctor, “I never got to see them. They knocked on the door and when my mom opened it they were there. There were three of them, all of them very similar to each other. They spoke in the Spanish language, but with a strange accent, and they told my mother that they had come for my child, that he belonged to them, and they needed him.”

“They insisted that with his condition (non-verbal autism) he would not be able to function in our social environment, but that he had a very special mental capacity at another level they could activate and make work in him if he was with them. They wanted us to hand over the child to them. But how could we do something like that? Who were they, and what did they want my boy for? He is my son and I adore him with all my heart. I would never give him to them.”

“They went three times to talk to my mother, asking for the same thing, that we give them the child, and she told them that we would never do it. Now, they never tried to force the thing, to take my son by force. They were always very courteous, polite, even though they were so strange. Every time they left they walked towards the forest and in an instant they would disappear. They did not return after the third time.”

“In 1983 I went with my mother and others in her 4X4 suburban through a lonely sector of the forest, in the Sabana area, and she felt something strange and said, ‘Your friends must be here’ (referring to the mysterious individuals), and we decided to continue on. At that precise moment the speedometer needle of the vehicle (model 1979) went crazy, jumping quickly towards both extremes until it broke. Was there a powerful magnetic field in that area? What produced it?”

“On another occasion, I entered through a small road in that lonely sector of the forest, entering through the Sabana sector, and I came to a small road with gravel hidden in the forest that connected with a wooden house painted in camouflage and with a high fence around it. In that place there were several very brave large dogs. I felt a bad feeling, a premonition that there was something wrong in that place and I reversed my car until I left the site. I have never been back to that place." The characters dressed in white robes insisted that the doctor and her mother should give them her autistic son because, according to them, in the human terrestrial environment the little boy could not develop, but they said that in theirs he could (they did not say what was their environment), and they also insisted that the child had special capabilities unknown to us that they could develop more in him. There are other events in the rain forest pertaining to this type of situation, such as the following one. Explosions in the Forest and Pale 'Autistic' Children in a Restricted Building Site Mrs. Myrna Hernández and her daughter Myrnita, residents of Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, informed me of and that on October 15, 1993, they took several relatives who had come from abroad to visit and learn about the El Yunque rain forest area, and at around 5:45 P.M., being in the area known as the Vereda de los Arboles Grandes (Tall Trees Lane), which leads to the La Mina waterfall, they felt four powerful explosions, blasts, that shook the ground under their feet.

“They were very powerful underground blasts. We have no doubt about that,” Ms. Hernández said. She added, “The ground shook under our feet. We had to balance ourselves to keep from falling, so I'm pretty sure they were explosions. We felt the sound and the shaking of the ground, and it was coming from below, from deep inside the mountain.”

Before saying goodbye, her daughter Myrnita Hernández revealed something to us that she and a friend of hers witnessed. She said that on one occasion they went up Highway 186 to the top of El Verde sector, and they decided to enter an area identified as restricted and under U.S. federal control. The area is located quite high in that road, on the left side if you are going up the road, and at the entrance to the site there is a large tube in the form of a metal arm that serves as a fence to control access to it. At the place there is a structure, today allegedly no longer in use and abandoned, where years ago scientists from the University of Puerto Rico carried out genetic experiments with plants. Officially, such experiments were part of a joint research program of the US federal government and the University of Puerto Rico, but public knowledge of what was actually done there is very little. According to Myrnita, she and her friend sneaked into that area and found a building where they could see a large group of children “...very strange, all of them young and very white, pale and with clear, blond hair. There were many of them, and they were sitting on the floor. It was like seeing a kindergarten. But they did not speak or do anything. They only looked at each other, without talking. They were like autistic children, who are always self-absorbed, because that's how those kids were.”

“They all looked the same, blond, very white, pale, and all of them dressed in white clothes, but they did not speak. I tell you, they were like little autistic children. Seeing that scared us and we left, and never went back to that place." Me and my wife Marleen went with Myrnita to the site, and although we couldn't enter the area, we did notice that at some distance beyond its entrance, on a small access road, there was a large metal garbage container that was full of boxes and other rubbish. If that facility was officially no longer in use and no work was being done there; to whom did all that garbage in that place belong to? I must also report that on several occasions, investigating the area, I have personally seen military personnel entering that restricted area in the midst of great activity. We were unable to corroborate what Myrnita told us about the pale “mute” children, because when we tried to corroborate it with her friend, who worked on television channel 4, WAPA TV, he, very nervous, did not want to talk to us about it. But she insisted that they did see those silent pale blond children in that place.

What draws our attention is the fact that the pale, blond children that Myrnita Hernández and her friend saw in the hidden building in the El Verde sector behaved “like autistic children”, without speaking and apparently lost in thought. Did all those pale little boys belong to the 'human' species of mysterious tall pale men in robes, and their lack of verbal communication, etc., was due to the fact that they had the faculty of telepathic and mental communication? Was that why the enigmatic characters told the doctor's mother that they could work with her child and develop him in their midst, perhaps because they could establish telepathic contact with him and a level of communication that would free his mind? That is what I thought when the doctor informed me about their experience. El Yunque rain forest, in Puerto Rico, is known for the high incidence of cases of encounters with humanoid beings and UFOs that have occurred there for many decades. Due to that; could the tall bald characters who contacted the doctor's mother be alien beings? Also, why were US military forces seen entering the restricted area where the silent blond boys with 'autistic' behavior seen by Myrnita Hernández and her friend were at?

What the tall characters in robes said to the doctor's mother made us think about the possibility that autistic children unable to express themselves verbally maybe had the ability to manifest telepathy, and that this was the reason for the enigmatic characters' interest in the boy. Now, thanks to information published by our colleague and friend Brent Raynes in his publication ‘Alternate Perceptions’ about reported successful telepathy experiments by scientists with nonverbal autistic children, we come to the knowledge that this seems to be so, and that our suspicions were correct. (1) We reproduce here that valuable information 'Project Telepathy' with Nonverbal Autistic Children Defeats Skeptics The 'Telepathy Project' will be a full-length documentary covering the scientific research of telepathy reported in non-speaking autistic children and adults from all over the world. (See Evidence of Telepathy in a Nonverbal Autistic Child http://vimeo.com/111123530 http://www.themadskeptic.com/p/about.... http://www.presidencialufo.com/compon.. .) Brief medical reports have been published suggesting the existence of extrasensory perception in autistic sages. The most frequently reported psychic ability by parents to the author in her research has been telepathy, especially in non-verbal children. In 2013, the author received three home videos of a severely autistic nine-year-old non-speaking girl who were said to demonstrate telepathy. The videos were intriguing, but scientifically insufficient. Two therapists reported telepathic experiences with the girl, creating an opportunity to test it with both of them. The author conducted two two-hour controlled research sessions with “Therapist A”, and one two-hour controlled research session with “Therapist B”. Random numbers, sentences, fake words, and visual images were presented to the therapists out of sight of the girl, who was asked to "read the therapist's mind." Therapists were asked to write their own verbal descriptions of the images used to compare with the girl's responses. Random numbers for mathematical equations were generated and the girl was asked to give all the numbers involved in the equations and to duplicate the answers, generated by the author with a calculator (see video). The therapist and child could not be tested separately in rooms, because even subtle changes in the environment are highly distracting and disturbing to a child with severe autism. The experimental setup required the therapists and the child to work with a divider between them. The girl wrote her answers after choosing them from a template. To assess any possible visual and/or auditory cues, five high-definition point of view (POV) cameras and three microphones were strategically placed in the experimental space to capture coverage of the entire room, the therapist and the child, and their living spaces work were separated. All cameras were synchronized and time-registered. The data from the first session with Therapist A resulted in 100% accuracy on three of twenty picture descriptions containing up to nine letters each, 60-100% accuracy on the three five-letter nonsense words and 100% accuracy on two random numbers: one with eight digits and the other with nine. Data from the second session with Therapist A resulted in 100% accuracy on six of twelve equations with 15 to 19 digits each, 100% accuracy on seven of 20 picture descriptions containing up to six letters, and between 81 and 100% accuracy in sentences between 18 and 35 letters. Data from Therapist B session showed 100% accuracy with five of twenty random numbers up to six digits in length and 100% accuracy with five of twelve images with descriptions containing up to six letters. There was no evidence of signals or fraud. The data is highly suggestive of the existence of an alternative, latent and/or predetermined communication mechanism that may be accessed by people born with severe language disabilities: telepathy. Sources: 1. 57va. Parapsychological Association Annual Convention (2014) Concord, California, USA, Page.

Editor’s Note: I wrote in the March 2015 edition of Alternate Perceptions, in my column Reality Checking, the report of a 9-year-old autistic girl in Sharjah, India, named Nandana Unnikrishnan who presumably was found quite adept at reading her mother’s thoughts. American psychiatrist Dr. Darold A. Treffert, known as the “godfather of savant research,” who served as consultant to the movie Rain Man starring Dustin Hoffman, was very interested in this case and others. We corresponded for a short time. Sadly, he passed away on December 14, 2020.

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