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Classic Mysteries—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, March 2022

Did an Ohio woman’s UFO experiences cause a Miraculous Healing?

by: Brent Raynes

Back on September 8th, 1975, I visited the home of an experiencer in Avon Lake, Ohio, who shared a series of very high strange experiences. She was Jacque Booth, a 41-year-old housewife, mother of three, and a music teacher who taught piano and the organ out of her home. Sitting in her home studio, accompanied by Madeline Teagle, a researcher and an extraordinary experiencer herself from Cuyahoga Falls, Jacque first began telling us about something odd she had seen just two days earlier, on Saturday night, the 6th, at about 8:10 p.m. as she was returning home on I-90 after a visit with her mother. Initially she thought it was just a regular aircraft [she had served in the Air Force], but it seemed to be following parallel with her vehicle and if she stopped it seemed to stop. Though it had four lights on it, there were no blinking lights. She then decided to do an experiment. She told us that she mentally sent the object a message like, “If you are what I think you are let me know and blink your lights off,” and she claimed that just before she got to the “lights off” part all of its lights extinguished. Of course, most people don’t feel they’re being pursued by UFOs, but Jacque’s life was not like what most people’s lives are like. She then told us how two months earlier, in July, there had been some low-level UFO activity in her neighborhood. She presented me with a copy of a local paper called West Life, dated July 30th, in which a Mrs. Luke (June) Madden of Bay Village (about five miles from Jacque’s home) claimed that on Sunday, July 20th, at about 10 p.m., she, along with her mother and a couple of boys, observed a saucer-shaped object with a large red light in the center on the underside with white lights spiraling underneath from the center all the way to the outer edge. It was also described as having like two enormous headlights and four “legs” underneath.

The next night, Monday, July 21st, Jacque was entertaining a lady friend in her kitchen when suddenly and for no apparent reason, Jacque said aloud, “My God, there’s UFOs back here again.” She didn’t know why she felt that way but she did. About 20 minutes later local residents and police were gathering in the street outside. Shortly after 10:10 p.m. she stepped outside and learned that a “big gold one,” as she called it, had been observed for about 10 minutes over the area, until a helicopter flew in and it left. Next Jacque described the experience that first rocked her world as a big UFO skeptic. It was the night of March 20, 1974, when soon after going to bed she was startled by a “horrible noise,” which she initially feared was a jet about to crash. Her husband was away on a business trip in Georgia at the time and so it was just her and her three sons in their rooms for the night.

This was followed by a beam of light shining in a window on her head. Just her head only. She claimed she was looking at a clock on her nightstand and the time was exactly 10:45 p.m. “It didn’t light up the room and it didn’t light me up,” she told us. “It came in wide and got smaller towards me.” Thus, unlike an ordinary light beam that normally would get wider with distance, this one narrowed down just on her head. Jacque also noted how she had a history of bad nerves and had an ulcer condition, but contrary to what she normally would have expected from such an unexpected experience she felt a real “calm” and in fact “felt so good” throughout the event. Looking out her bedroom window Jacque told us she next saw a circular object, about 35 feet in diameter, just above the treetops, with “big white lights all the way along the edge on the bottom” with a large pulsating red light in the center on the underside. She expressed how she felt this might have been the same craft observed by that Mrs. Madden of Bay Village later in July 1975.

Around 2:10 a.m. Jacque and a cat on the foot of her bed were both aroused from sleep because of a strange roaring noise that sounded like it was directly overhead. She looked out a window but this time saw nothing. However, Allen Benz, a field investigator for APRO (Aerial Phenomena Research Organization) looked into the case (Official UFO magazine, July 1976) and reported that a high school student looked out his window that morning and observed what “appeared to be a large, round object and right over the Booth roof.”

Later, when Jacque underwent some hypnosis with a Paul Schutte of Euclid, who she called a professional hypnotist, to try and find out more about her strange experiences, she said that she made an interesting discovery. “In fact, the only time I could ever describe that calm was after I came out of hypnosis. Because I had never felt calm like that in my life. But when I came out of that first session of hypnosis I said, ‘Man, that had to be the most terrific thing in the world to think that you could come of there and feel so calm. And then I happened to think, ‘My God, that’s the way I felt when I was watching that thing.’”

Next, on Sunday afternoon, June 30, 1974, Jacque remained home alone while the rest of her family when off to an auto racetrack to watch the races. About fifteen minutes after they had left, at about 3:45 p.m., as Jacque was alone in the kitchen folding clothes, she noticed that her left eye had begun to act up. Then something totally unexpected happened as a beam of light seemed to be coming out of that eye, shining upon the refrigerator! “When that light was coming out I can remember saying over and over and over to myself, ‘My God, it feels like somebody else is using my eye.’ It felt like my eye was looking through a camera lens.” As she was telling us this, she exclaimed, “Why does everything happen to me when I am alone!” Benz described Jacque’s recalling of this experience during a hypnotic regression session. “MY GOD!! There’s a light in my left eye. Yellow gold with a blue line.” The hypnotist asked, “Did it seem to be shining into your eye?”

“No, it’s shining out of my eye! My God, what’s the matter. I’ll rub it. I wonder if it’s out of both eyes. Cover the right eye. There it is. Cover the left eye and it’s gone. Open ‘em again. MY GOD!! It’s a light and it’s coming out of my eye. It’s on the refrigerator. It looks like a spotlight. It has to be 12-15 inches around. I’ll go in the den and sit down and relax. Maybe it’s nerves. It’s on the wall. Everywhere l look there’s a light. My God! I can’t see! My eyes are going numb. Dear God, don’t let me go blind. I’ll never be able to teach or see. Oh, if anybody’s doing it, leave my eyes alone!”

"Sit down Jacque, close your eyes and rest yourself. It’s done. I’ll open my eyes. There it is again! It’s shining on the TV. I’m going back in the kitchen. There it is on the left side of the hallway. I feel like somebody else is using my eye. Oh, Christ! It’s on the refrigerator. It’s on the stove. It’s all over – everywhere I go!” While this was occurring, Jacque phoned her mother, telling her what was happening. Her mom tried to calm her down. Jacque got a cup of coffee and sat down in the den and began reading a magazine. She next discovered, “My God! I can read right through it. It’s still there but I can read right through it.” Then the light effect discontinued after two stressful hours. Jacque then described to us an unusual memory she had from the night of July 17th. It was like she had gotten out of bed and walked to the livingroom and opened the front door. Two beings were standing outside. They were about 5 feet tall she said, gray colored, with huge yellow eyes, and were identical in appearance. They looked flat headed with a pointed chin, with a small ridge where a nose would go, a thin line where a mouth would be, no visible ears and no noticeable neck. Their hands resembled mittens, with no independent fingers and a thumb and she didn’t see anything below the knees which caused her to wonder if they were floating. They came into the house and soon she noticed that they were staring at her electronic organ, so she played it some. When she finished, she discovered that they had left.

Jacque wore bifocal glasses since the third grade. Then on August 20, 1974, something very strange happened. She told us she no longer needs glasses. On that day, she happened to glance outside, without wearing her glasses, and could clearly see flowers in a neighbor’s yard across the street some 170 feet away. Benz reported that she went to her eye doctor that same day and found that her vision had gone from 20/80 to 20/23 without glasses and 20/17 with glasses. “He indicated that it appeared that her eyes had been completely rejuvenated,” he wrote. “I always had small eyes,” she told us. “Now they aren’t. They’re more round and they’re way out.”

Jacque had a number of times where she didn’t feel like her normal self at all for some reason. These times were disturbing to her. For example, in 1974, around September, November and December, and in March and May of 1975, there were these times, that usually lasted 3 to 7 days (though one lasted May 1st to May 10th), where even though she had a full night of sleep (like from 9 p.m. to 6:30 a.m.) she’d wake up “absolutely drained.”

“i had this feeling like I was disconnected from everybody and knew nobody,” she said. “I knew nobody closely. I would talk to my mother but I had no feeling that I knew her. I was doing things mechanically but there was nothing [pointing to her head] up there. It was completely gone. That went on for about a week and I will also get chalk white. I’ve had spells like that four times. If I smiled my mouth moved but my eyes would not register any emotion. Now this I was aware of. Something is always going through your brain. When this comes on me I get physically exhausted. I am beat to death. Then I get white, no matter what kind of make-up I have on me or anything.”

“The best way to explain this is I cannot think of one thought. It’s just like somebody punches a button and says ‘You’ll do what you’re supposed to do.’”

On Friday evening, October 11, 1974, Jacque retired to bed. Early sometime the next morning she seemingly was compelled to get out of her bed and sit down on the floor by the register. Next something very disturbing happened. “It was so severe and so traumatic that while I was locked in this fetal position I even urinated all over the floor. I was locked in this position and could not move.” Later under hypnosis she recalled seeing the face of one of the gray alien beings again, adding: “I went through ten minutes of physical shock on the head.”

“What does it all mean?” Benz wondered. He wrote, “To help answer this question we contacted Berthold Eric Schwarz, M.D., one of APRO’s consultants in psychiatry. He examined and tested Mrs. Booth extensively and concluded that she had no gross overt psychopathology. Another one of APRO’s medical consultants concurred in this opinion.”

Fact is, this was my third month at the time traveling from state to state, visiting and interviewing UFO witnesses and researchers from Maine to Florida. I was in regular correspondence with Dr. Schwarz and many doorsteps that I ended upon were from his recommendations. Dr. Schwarz had visited her just two months earlier. He didn’t encourage her to do anymore hypnosis on that event. “Don’t monkey with it,” she said he advised her. He indicated she said that it was blocked for a reason. It was certainly a fact that the good doctor expressed great caution when the subject of hypnosis was introduced into the conversation.

In his two-volume book UFO Dynamics (1983) he wrote of this case, “In the midst of her experience, this woman noted a golden spotlight shining out from her left eye. She claimed it was 10-12 inches in diameter and would light up the TV, refrigerator, walls, and that she could read through it. My study of this contactee revealed many interesting psychic aspects for her and other members of her family.”

Madeline asked an important question of Jacque that brought forth a number of noteworthy details, and something that over the years I’ve seen connected with many other experiencers. She asked: “Are you the same Jacque or are you changing?”

“Oh I’m changing,” Jacque replied. “I was always a homebody. Don’t take me out of my house. I could go see my parents and if I’m gone more than an hour and a half I had a feeling I better get home. I have things to do. I was always home. Since this has happened I don’t care to be home. I don’t care to teach anymore. I want to look for a job. I don’t like being in here anymore. Now that’s a dumb little thing but that’s just one of the changes. This biggest one is my music because I had that all my life. I lived with it morning, noon, and night. I just don’t want it.”

She found too that she could calmly speak at public gatherings whereas before she would have gotten “tongue tied” and been “sweating like a horse.” In the past too she would occasionally drink socially but after her experiences found that she could no longer stand alcohol. To drink alcohol now, she told us, gave her a “terrible headache.” She also said that her ulcer condition was completely healed. And, last but not least, and something that shows up in so many contact cases, she mentioned, “I have become a little religious. I’ve had days when I go out to get into my car and I have driven down the road and I’d have the weirdest feeling, like some days I have actually sat there in my car, by myself – I may be cracking up – but I say, ‘I know you’re there.’ I have a feeling I can reach out and touch the Good Lord. It’s just like He’s right up there in front of my windshield.” One of Jacque’s oldest teenaged sons began having involuntary out-of-body experiences, which frightened him she said. “There’s proof that he’s doing it,” she added. Another of her son’s, in October 1974, was awakened from sleep also by a beam of light entering his bedroom window from a “huge gold one” she said. She also saw it out her bedroom window but thought at the time she had been the only one, until the next morning at the breakfast table. She also mentioned how on four separate occasions, over about an eight-month period of time, like once every other month, in the morning they’d find the front door open, though it would still be locked.

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