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Book Reviews Perceptions Magazine, March 2022

Wyatt’s Weird World
By Mark Anthony Wyatt

Leviathan Media Publications
2021 [First Ed. Pub. 2015], 230 pages, Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-9162852-1-7

Reviewed by Brent Raynes
First meeting Mark Anthony Wyatt personally at a talk he was giving at the Strange Realities conference in Nashville (TN) in October 2019 proved to be a genuinely delightful and productive encounter. He gave a wonderful talk on high-strange paranormal happenings from his homeland in Cornwall, England, and I was certainly delighted soon afterwards to get to read and review for Alternate Perceptions his Volume 1 and Volume 2 of The Spirit of Cornwall: A Haunted Legacy, both which were published soon after our meeting. I also did an audio interview with Mark for my readers. He’s had so very many unexplained experiences over the years that he’s had himself, as well as interviewing many others who experienced the unexplained themselves too.

In late 2014 a friend of his named Derek told him, "Mark, you have had enough weird experiences to fill-up a bloody book mate!” I’m glad that Mark’s friend gave him that little nudge as we the readers are better off for it. His many stories of paranormal phenomena, spirits, orbs, UFOs, cryptids, etc., are absolutely fascinating accounts.

Wyatt’s Weird World takes us back to the beginning of his journey into this weird world. His book is dedicated to his father Robert E. Wyatt (1933-2012) whose story begins in the very first chapter. His dad had a traumatic nocturnal encounter with a ghost in early 1961. His father came to believe the ghost he had encountered had been a man killed in an accidental explosion at the former Chilworth gunpowder factory located in the Tillingbourne Valley of southeast England, back in 1901. This incident was the catalyst that launched Mark upon his path today to learn more about such mysteries.

However, like the quote in his book that he attributed to Albert Einstein, “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know,” I can certainly identify. It truly applies to the challenging, complex and oft-times confusing nature of the confounding “paranormal” anomalies that confront those of us willing to engage in this pursuit. And though we may not get to the proverbial bottom of it all, we’re still compelled to keep continuing on with it.

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