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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, December 2021

Two Boys Encounter Hovering Disk and Two Beings

by: Albert S. Rosales

Location: Barriera del Bosco, Catania, Sicily, Italy
Date: December 15, 1978
Time: 00:15 a.m.

Two young boys, 9-year-old Pistorio Franc and 8-year-old Gianfranco Nasca were playing in a yard near a large TV antenna when suddenly the whole area around them darkened. They then looked up and noticed colorful lights and a disc-shaped object hovering next to the antenna repeater. The object emitted multicolored rays of light and had an open hatch in its center section. A bright beam of light shot out of the opening and a strange medium sized entity resembling a metallic robot with a square bucket shaped head and black eye slits descended within the beam. The being was described as “ugly” with two large eyes and two antenna like protrusions on its head.

A second similar, but larger entity reportedly descended carrying a “laser” type gun and shot at a rock causing it to burn and explode and causing injuries to one of the children’s shoulders. He was seen to bend down, touch the ground, and then spill a black liquid on it. Moments later a beam of light transported the beings back into the craft. The craft then shot away at high speed. Ground traces were reportedly found.

Source: Maurizio Verga, “Itacat” and CISU Sicily

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