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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, November 2021

A strange encounter with a little humanoid figure

by: Albert S. Rosales

Location: Perwick Bay, near Cregneash, Isle of Man, England
Date: Autumn 1978
Time: morning

A man named Fred was collecting seaweed from the rocks in the bay when he saw an unusual figure stooped over an outcrop. Puzzled, he went closer to investigate. As he got nearer, without alerting the being to his presence, he could see that it was not human and was extremely small. No taller than about three and a half feet. The figure had a tight-fitting grey covering all over the body not unlike a diver’s wet suit. But this was not one of those. It did not reveal any flesh at all. On the midriff was a belt that seemed to have some kind of box attached to it. The box had buttons and the being kept pressing these as Fred inched closer to him without drawing his attention.

Suddenly the figure seemed to become alerted to Fred’s nearby presence in the quiet location with just the sounds of the waves for company. He stared at him, seemingly in horror, “as if he had never seen a human being before” - was how the witness described it. At this point he opened the box on his belt and took out a small piece of rock. Fred was now close to him and the figure handed the rock over without saying a word. It had a greenish gold flecked surface. Dumbfounded, Fred took it without even thinking – upon which the entity then pressed another button on the belt and vanished into thin air. Fred decided to give up his seaweed hunt and promptly disappeared off the beach as fast as possible and returned home to Port St. Mary. The rock, on closer inspection, did not seem like anything strange at all. According to the witness, he placed the rock on his mantelpiece and when he returned to take a closer look it had vanished as completely as did the figure on the rocks.

Source: Northern UFO News January 2019 http://www.ozfactorbooks.com/northern-ufo-news-january-2019.html

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