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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, September 2021

Updates From the Field [7192021]

by: Daniel Erickson

Close Encounter at Mt. Adams, Washington
Video link

About video: Moving bright light made no sound. We could hear the jet that you see at 1:30 but not this glowing light that passes very close to us on the side of the mountain. I guess there really is not a video that can convey enough information to make a convincing presentation.

In previous articles I have written about how we, as a society, have been led to believe that scientists, politicians or the military are the institutions that will provide disclosure. I have argued that disclosure is an individual awakening. That each person has to validate for themselves, through experience, the existence of a mystery in life. That each person has to become aware of the spiritual aspect of their being. That they are just a part of a greater reality where physical reality is just one component. There are many ways to come to this realization but today we will discuss it in terms of a close encounter (CE).

A CE5 is the designation of a close encounter where the human solicits an encounter with an unknown entity. This encounter involves personal interaction. The CE categories are based on J. Allen Hynek’s encounter classification system originally published in his book “The UFO Experience: A Scientific Inquiry.” A CE1 is a visual sighting of a UFO less than 500 feet away. A CE2 is a close observation with physical effects, such as the leaving of traces. A CE3 is a visual observation where entities are also seen. There are two extensions of the Hynek system: the CE4 where entities abduct the witness and the CE5 which involves direct communication between the unknown entity and the human requesting the experience. In this article, we are discussing a type of CE5 where the human solicits an encounter with the unknown entity. I have to give credit to Brent Raynes for his vast knowledge in the subject of UFO history. When I mentioned the relative closeness of the area I was located at Mt. Adams and how Kenneth Arnold had his sighting not more than forty miles away near the Yakima Indian Reservation, Brent revealed the existence of a book written by Greg Long called “Examining the Earth Light Theory, The Yakima UFO Microcosm.” It is interesting to note that this book has a Copyright © 1990 by the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies. I find this interesting because if Hynek was aware of UFO activity in this area why was more study not conducted?

On July 19th 2021, several folks and I conducted a CE5 meditation near Morrison Camp along the side of Mt. Adams. I had sent out personal invitations to as many folks as possible to help us meditate and send good vibes to facilitate making contact. By good fortune, we were also joined remotely by many other people meditating all over the world as a part of an effort to raise the conscious level of all of humanity. This event was called “Fire the Grid.” You can find out more about the effects of this global meditation at this link:


Thank you to everyone who participated and helped make Fire the Grid and the CE5 at Mt. Adams a success.

Earlier in this series of articles I invited you to join me as I attempt to solve a mystery. My goal is to lead you to have your own experience and thus find your own validation and a personal disclosure. There are many possible mystical experiences that arrive at this goal. The reality is that for each person the experience that brings about the spiritual realization is different. It often requires a physical manifestation of something that the observer believes is impossible. This results in the definitive validation they need to allow the higher self to become the driving force in their life. When I talk about the realization of the spiritual dimension, I am specifically addressing the development and evolution of the soul. Realization of the soul is from setting aside the ego and the associated desires of the physical, emotional and analytical body. Often this breakthrough is only possible once the paradigm of an egocentric life is challenged by a mystical event. It is at that time the observer is open to the possibility that the soul exists and they can allow this spiritual side of themselves to begin to lead their life.

For the majority of people they are not prepared to have this kind of mystical experience. Due to emotional or physical trauma, unresolved fears or other undeveloped coping skills a person can respond in an unexpected manner when faced with a mystical event. This type of thinking is what prompted the scientist writing the Brooking Report to conclude that the existence of these craft and beings should be hidden from the public. Here is the quoted material from the Brooking Report: 'Questions one might wish to answer by such studies,' intoned the report, 'would include: how might such information, under what circumstances, be presented to or withheld from the public for what ends? What might be the role of the discovering scientists and other decision makers regarding release of the fact of discovery?'

I conducted a CE5 at Mt Adams as a test for future contact and to demonstrate how contact can be facilitated in a controlled non-threatening and personal manner. The kind of contact is determined by the spiritual level of those participating. The viewer is introduced to the concept of a thought responsive environment. Contact is initiated by meditation, recorded sounds and songs. Additional preparation of the group is through the use of musical instruments, more meditation and the positive intentions of the participants and of a wider audience.

The CE5 experience can be a stand alone event or a continuation of other meditation retreats. The best results have been with those individuals who are highly advanced in their respective disciplines. The reason for this is their ability to concentrate their attention deeply on a single subject. When the observer is confused or distracted, the randomness of the thoughts can generate a negative potential and the encounter is suspended. The primary skill is to control the fear response but to also have dealt with major personal issues. While not a requirement, these fears and issues often rise to the surface and will manifest in some form while in a thought responsive environment. When this happens, the contact is suspended until the issue is dealt with in the form of a personal trial or challenge. Given that the period of contact is limited and the conditions of where contact can be conducted, this time spent on personal issues, while necessary for the individual, can be counter-productive for the group. Time would be better spent working with the group to resolve these issues prior to conducting the CE5 event. Therefore excellent results should be expected from graduates of meditative disciplines as they will have more than likely worked through their personal fears and trauma.

A CE5 experience can have a form of personal contact that is typically presented in a non-threatening and familiar manner. This contact will be in the guise of a familiar form that will provide the viewer the ability to explain away the experience. The purpose of this contact is to test the viewer for a fear response and to gently initiate them into a wider consciousness. If you are able to pass the initial encounter without fear, a second encounter will be initiated that is more personal. A form of telepathic contact is initiated where additional tests of character are presented. These tests can be in the form of a struggle with an idealized representation of fear or concerns that are preventing additional contact. The entities will attempt to gain the viewers attention to the point of exhausting the viewer both mentally and physically. This challenge is to see if you will persist in your desire for contact. Having these encounters and passing the initiations then you are prepared for the next level of encounter which is a low level flyby. Direct one-on-one contact is rarely initiated. The preferred method is to meet telepathically until the viewer is comfortable with the experience. If the viewer is capable of meeting in an astral or OBE state then that form of contact is introduced and taught.

The next level is physical contact. Even with all the initiations and preparation, the viewer is often in a state of shock when physical contact begins. While the waking mind may desire contact, other aspects of the psyche may require the ability to retract the experience. Therefore a trance or sleepy state is induced by the viewer's own psyche as a form of psychological protection. In this state then the viewer will have a physical encounter but the memory of the encounter will be at the edge of consciousness and can be explained away by the waking mind as a vision or dream.

There are other levels of contact that may be initiated after a CE5. Ongoing contact is common because the observer has become aware of the possibility to expand their paradigm. The observer must raise their conscious awareness to properly normalize the experience. Indeed, there are both positive and negative consequences to having a personal paradigm challenged. This personal normalization is entirely dependent on the preparation and coping skills of the observer.

Some of the benefits from having experienced CE5 contact are a greater sense of belonging and knowing and an increased awareness and sensitivity to your surroundings. Some of your personal behavior may change such as likes and dislikes. You may have a sense of a personal mission. You may notice you can “see” patterns in events and synchronizations. You may also have noticed an increase in health and healing of both physical issues and psychological issues.

For someone who is not prepared, these encounters can be traumatic. This is the source of Post Abduction Syndrome (PAS), a form of PTSD, and the fear of social stigma attached to any contact or association with phenomena. The challenge for the individual observer is to normalize the experience and be able to discuss the event in language that does not produce a negative response from the public.

The role of the facilitator is to bring the observer to the experience not to tell them what the experience will be or what it means. There is a fine line in facilitating, guiding and suggesting. The facilitator has to try and prepare the observer but not be the one giving them the experience. They must be willing to step out of the way so the observer can have the experience directly and not get between them and the experience. The CE5 encounter is very delicate and determined largely by the spiritual level of the viewer. This level of maturity is difficult to measure even by the individual's own self assessment. Few people are willing to have the paradigm of their identity challenged. But this self reflection and cleansing of the person's traumas are necessary to have a positive encounter. Traditionally this testing of worthiness is conducted through trials of determination, isolation, physical and mental challenges. There are many who will begin the process and only a few who will complete the challenge.

Unfortunately, when a group CE is conducted it is the spiritual level of the lowest member of the group that will determine the level of contact. Repeated contacts may result in more closer contact but only if the fear of the group is reduced. A heightened level of joyfulness, meditation, and musical instruments has shown to increase the likelihood of contact. This is the reason advanced meditation graduates are a more likely source for having a positive CE.

Signaling craft with the use of lights and a laser.

Care and the same safety precautions should be used as signaling commercial craft. The last thing we should be doing is causing injury to the pilots of these craft. Simply point the laser toward the craft but not directly at the craft. The illumination of the beam should be enough to direct the craft to your location. Do not be disappointed if the craft does not respond. Occasionally the craft will power up by changing the intensity of the light glowing around it.

This photo shows a luminous bar on top shining light downward. There was a smoke layer in the atmosphere from forest fires in the area. The photo appears to show the craft has disturbed the smoke layer below it. You can see the swirling of the smoke as the craft has moved. – Daniel Erickson

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