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Encounters with the Unknown—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, September 2021

An Extraordinary Canadian UFO Contactee Case

by: Brent Raynes

Many moons ago, I corresponded with Robin McPherson and her mother Aileen Steil. They lived in South Burnaby, British Columbia, and were described in Brad Steiger’s thought-provoking book The Aquarian Revelations (1971).

On July 10, 1971, Robin wrote me this detailed letter about their experiences:

My mother and I sighted our first Craft in April of 1968. Prior to this sighting my mother, in particular, had been dreaming vividly and after the sighting this seemed to be noticeably heightened and more frequent. We didn’t connect the two at the time. There seemed to be a heightened awareness. It wasn’t scary at all. We had a very comforting feeling and a desire in both of us to pursue knowledge along spiritual lines (mostly Edgar Cayce and the Bible). Looking back on the year and a half between our contacts we were changed in some way that was very refreshing. My mother actually began receiving a month before I did, but did not go into trance.

Then in late October 1969 after supper and a hard day at work, in the company of my mother, my grandmother, and a girl friend I became sleepy, and the next thing I knew I was receiving from Craft. That night we were told we had a mission, and what it was. I was to channel and Aileen (mother) would receive dreams and visions and other information in waking state which would form the basis of our sessions, which were to take on a question and answer format. So mother and I were paired up from the start, which may be unique in channeling, as we haven’t heard of such a combination. It is indeed wonderful to see the manifestation of this Age working through us simultaneously.

Have spoken to these (as you call them entities) on the phone and face-to-face as well. They are people just like us, never think they are not. They are here to do a job at great sacrifice to themselves, and they are not mysterious or unreal in anyway. They do take a vow of silence (in most cases) and give you clues through symbolism and mainly by being on their wavelength. This is hard to explain and not understood unless it happens to you. You pick up their vibrations and just know. They are (the ones we know) working at specific earth jobs and blend into society in this way.

The Brothers are working in a protective capacity and make sure that true servants are well protected from negative forces. They are in service to God and the Lord of the Planet (ESU).

We are of Anglo-Saxon or Nordic stock. By that I mean Israelite, as are the bulk of the Brotherhood who are called the NORS. This is not to be confused with Judaism who are only a remnant of the tribe of Judah. The Brotherhood have always been here in a protective capacity during Cyclic Change, in particular, to help the ONE GOD People. They are the same ones who parted the waters for Moses and did other so called miracles mentioned in our Bible. They are responsible at this time for carrying as many as is possible though the Tribulation or Jacob’s Trouble, and into the New Age or Dimension of Spirit we know as the Resurrection.

Yes, occasionally a pain in the head or ears, but nothing blinding. The preparation is slow and gentle and when you are ready. There is a mind expansion occurring to those who are raising their vibrations through meditation and spiritual attunement, and an awareness of the God Power within each one of us.

Aileen smokes and has been told it is not harmful to her. We both enjoy a glass of wine, (and) do not have much desire for meat. This feeling about meat came about naturally and with no pre-conceived notions about it prior to our first sighting, and seems to be a natural development. We do not consider ourselves vegetarians, for if we feel like meat we eat it. Our teachings have discouraged fanaticism and “keep off the grass” signs which we are told do more harm than good when they become fetishes. We have been encouraged to live as normally and naturally as possible and to be happy and enjoying the moment and not to be worrying about “should I or shouldn’t I.”

Neither one of us has ever suffered disorientation or any such kindred ailment. Electrical appliances such as lights and phones seem to react to both of us. Sometimes the lights blink on and off as a signal. Power failures are usually associated with Craft, and one occurred in our area the night of our first sighting.

Through our guidance we have been made aware of negative forces. But a positive mind and spiritual attunement keep these away. This is very important to know, for there is much protection available, but our thoughts, if negative or fearful can attract these forces. I do not believe any true servant would ever be bothered by these literal threats. There must be some reason why some people have been threatened. Possibly they have been on ego trips (a very prevalent phenomena). The Brotherhood would not intervene if such were the case. That is our opinion, for we have been made very aware of the protective influence of these people at times when there could have been trouble from outside sources had they not intervened.

Earth inhabitants must realize that there is only one Master of this Ship and He is the Lord of the Planet. All servants must be in service to Him, and this includes the Brotherhood.

They are here in great numbers and if they were not we would have been in deep trouble years ago with our atomic testing and other contaminations and warfare. The Craft are here, and the sooner people understand why, the better.

We have never materialized Craft or would we try. These people are busy working in service to God and their brothers. If they wish to be seen, you see them, but most of the time they stay in the fourth dimension.

They have allowed us to photograph them when they were not visible to the naked eye. The camera will pick up the impression when the eye can not. This was a wonderful experience, as we were told not to click the camera, that it would be done by Craft operators. They gave us this experience for our own reassurance and not to justify their existence as far as the public are concerned. They could find many ways to discount the reality of these pictures, so we do not show them off. But we know and that is what is important. We don’t think they go in for indulging people’s egos or game playing, such as displaying your powers.

People can control the weather if they put their mind to it. This we know, but it is not to be encouraged to interfere with nature or again, display your ego.

The language of Space is purely telepathic. Word games are third dimensional only, and a barrier set up to confound and confuse mankind. No true communication exists when the spoken word is the only tool of communication. This occurs when people convey their true feelings via thought, not words.

I have answered your letter promptly as I feel your approach is an honest and intelligent one, and if we can in any way help people to understand what is happening we are very anxious to do so. So many UFO organizations seem to be on the wrong track. Craft are here. Let’s get on to more important things. And stop these ridiculous repetitive sighting reports. The big thing is for people to be prepared spiritually within themselves individually. For it is an individual development. The Brotherhood are watching closely all developing individuals at this time. People have to relinquish their ego trips and become selfless in service to God before they will ever really understand what is happening or actually receive any meaningful proof of the existence of these people. The Brotherhood are in service to God not Man, as are all true servants.

In His Love Light

I am respectfully,

Robin McPherson (signed)

Brad Steiger’s The Aquarian Revelations revolved mainly around the incredible UFO contactee accounts described by Robin McPherson and her mother Aileen Steil of Burnaby, British Columbia. Brad had met them in New York City, where they claimed that they had been directed by the Space Brothers. A being identified as OX-HO, supposedly a resident of a nearby galaxy, communicated to a young Robin McPherson that the Cabot Fault in Newfoundland was losing much stability and that they needed to go to that region to warn the people that the land there was in danger of sinking into the Atlantic. Aileen and a friend named Carol Clark set out for that part of the country. They weren’t there long when they were suddenly instructed to catch a flight for New York City where Aileen came to understand that the ET intelligence felt that they should go to get the message of OX-HO published. While staying at the Tudor Hotel none other than the noted UFO journalist Brad Steiger had flown a thousand miles to reach the Big Apple and interview the contactees. A New York editor had tipped him off to the story. Brad got a room also at the same hotel when early one morning he was offered proof of the alien reality that his own eyes could behold.

Here is Brad’s fascinating account as detailed in his book of what he saw on December 14, 1969:

At 3:30 a.m. Sunday morning Aileen called my room. “You asked if we had brought any flying saucers with us. If you come up here now, you will be able to see them out our window.” Commingled with the excitement in her voice was a distinct note of triumph.

Since I am basically a night person, I had been lying in bed reading, rather than sleeping, but I was tired and I did not feel like getting dressed. Besides, even though our intentions were honorable, the bellboys might not think so if they saw a man in pajamas entering the room of two women at nearly four in the morning. Would even the most open-minded bellhop really believe that I was going in there to watch flying saucers out the window?

“My ears are just ringing with alerts,” Aileen gasped, as if in pain.

“What are the alerts about?” I asked.

“I don’t know! How I wish Robin was here to channel! I’ve tried automatic writing, but nothing seems to come tonight. Oh, it has to be something about the fault. They must be working terribly hard to keep it together. Come up and see them!”

“Tomorrow night,” I told her. “Have them come back tomorrow night.”

The UFOs, or whatever they were, did come back the next night.

How I wish I could really be certain of what I saw on that Sunday night in December. Suddenly in the night sky a red globe would appear. Bam! It did not visibly come from anywhere. It was all of a sudden there. Another would appear. Bam! The same way. Where there had once been darkness there was a fiery ball of light. There were never more than three UFOs at one time. They would travel slowly downward in an erratic, swaying motion. Rather, I guess, like an autumn leaf falling from a branch in slow motion. The sky would be empty of light for a moment, then, Bam! Another red globe would appear.

I know that they were not airplanes. We were looking toward La Guardia airfield and we were able to compare the UFOs’ motion and size with numerous types of aircraft as the conventional vehicles came in for landings. They were not flares, because the lights could remain absolutely stationary for several minutes. At other times they would appear to dart about in a motion that reminded me of waterbugs skimming across the surface of a still pond.

They were not any kind of gigantic neon light display, because I only saw the lights on that one night. Aileen and Carol, as I recall, only reported seeing them on Sunday morning and Sunday evening, or within the same twenty-four hour period and nearly twenty-four hours apart.

I will not make any kind of estimate as to the size of the lights or how far away from us they might have been. Anyone who reports the dimensions and reams of pertinent data about an object he has seen in the night sky is either sadly mistaken or deliberately faking. Unless there is an identifiable object very near an unidentifiable object, in either the sky or the sea, one has absolutely no basis of comparison as to how large the strange object might be.

Apart from the objects themselves, whatever they might have been, there may have been a physiological effect worth recording. The three of us had stood at the window watching the unidentified lights for quite some time when Aileen excused herself to go to the bathroom.

“The same thing happened to me last night,” Carol told me.

“What do you mean?” I asked her.

“Dysentery. Diarrhea. After I watched the lights for awhile, I had to go quickly to the bathroom. Aileen watched longer than I last night, and she has gone several times today.”

It was not long after Aileen had rejoined us at our narrow watchtower that Carol excused herself to enter the bathroom.

There is a great deal that we do not yet understand about the effects of the light spectrum upon both our minds and our bodies. And there is a considerable amount of research currently being carried on concerning the positive and negative effects of certain sound waves. Is it possible that their staring at the lights had in some way brought about their loose bowels? Or had they simply been drinking too much tea and undergoing a bit more excitement than their intestinal tracts were accustomed to dealing with back in Vancouver?

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