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Reality Checking—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, September 2021

by: Brent Raynes

Photo of Pam Nance

Paranormal investigator Pamela Nance, who was initially brought to our attention back when we interviewed Kathleen Marden for the April 2020 issue of this magazine has since been interviewed by us personally for the January 2021 edition regarding her missing time/alien abduction memories and her various psychic experiences and investigative work. The recent August issue, in my column Reality Checking, also details a series of experiences she’s had in connection with her cabin home near Pilot Mountain. She’s also an anthropologist and an archaeologist, and she just opened her own website with further details of her latest research and UFO/psi experiences, with thought-provoking photographs of strange lights and apparent entities. Pam’s website is: https://www.pamelanance.com/

Dr. Bob Davis, Nancy du Tertre, and Brent Raynes

On Thursday, August 5th, while spending a weeklong vacation with the family at Florida’s beautiful Clearwater Beach, I was honored to receive a visit for a several hours from two fellow UFO/paranormal researchers who I’ve been in touch with for a few years now but hadn’t met in person. That is, not until that day. We certainly didn’t have any problem finding things to talk about. We found a small table at Clearwater’s main library to sit and chat, and then wandered off to a nearby coffee shop where we sat down and talked some more, took a few pictures, and blew a couple of replicas I have of the pre-Columbian Peruvian Chimu Whistling Vessels – with, of course, the establishments permission, as well as the several customers present.

Brent Raynes with two of his Peruvian whistles

I’ve written about these whistles a number of times previously in this column, in the October 2005 issue, January 2006, July 2006, and November 2015. For anyone curious, Daniel Statnekov, the author of Animated Earth, and later a psychotherapist named Don Wright, both researched and made fully functional replicas of these ancient clay vessels, which many people describe as putting them into a relaxed altered state of consciousness wherein they may have like visionary experiences, even possibly out-of-body type episodes, and hear voices, all of which I’ve shared in my previous articles described by people I’ve shared the whistles with. Statnekov describes the effect as “psychoacoustical.”

Bob and Brent blowing the whistles together

Nancy recalled how some 40 years earlier she had a friend who had these whistles too. “She held regular group seances with the whistles,” Nancy recalled. “We were roughly 7-10 people all blowing our whistles together for a long period of time. Eventually you begin to feel like you are traveling on a complex sound wave together. It changes your headspace.” British author and historian Andrew Collins joined Dr. Gregory Little, myself and others at Greg’s Memphis (TN) home back on June 10, 2006. I brought seven Peruvian whistles that day and a group of us blew them. Four of us had like a vision of a kind of spinning vortex, all of us seeing it spinning in the very same direction! Andrew was very impressed by what he and others had experienced, suggesting that with “controlled meditations” these whistles might be used to aid participants in “entering into the vortex” and they might then be “carried to the future, the past, or maybe just carried to a different place.”

Getting back to Clearwater, let me begin with what we discussed with Nancy and what she had to share with us. But first I should begin with a little background information. Nancy has worked as a securities litigation attorney, is certified in Intuitive Gestalt Psychotherapy, is a linguist who is fluent in French and is trained in German and Thai languages, and is a magna cum laude graduate of Princeton University. Though referred to as “The Skeptical Psychic,” Nancy is a remote viewer trained in military CRV methods and in recent years has been studying and experimenting with psychokinesis – not long ago spending two weeks at an institute in Russia trying to learn their methods. Nancy is very interested in UFOs also, and is the author of How to Talk to An Alien (2016), with a foreword written by Stanton Friedman himself. She even has a webpage devoted to studying alleged alien scripts provided by experiencers, as well as studying the methods of alien communications. As a linguist and psychic herself, perhaps she may have a leg up on this effort. The site is: https://www.talkalien.com. Here’s another one related to her psychic work: https://www.theskepticalpsychic.com.

As I recall, Nancy entered the UFO field because of an experience on June 19, 2011, when as she and her daughter exited a movie theatre in Parsippany, New Jersey and then observed a football field sized boomerang shaped craft in the sky overhead. There was even a smaller “white orb” estimated at 15-20 foot in diameter that appeared off one of the wings and flew around in a circular pattern, eventually disappearing behind the flying boomerang. But here to me is the high-strangeness part of this incident that really screams out – something British ufologist Jenny Randles some years back called the “Oz Effect.” However, Nancy didn’t seem familiar with that term when I mentioned it, but her description is a classic example of what Randles was describing. As Nancy and her daughter first emerged from the theatre it appeared to be “100 percent empty.” She said, “It was the weirdest damned thing. The whole theatre was deserted. Literally we were the only people there. There might have been one guy with a broom and that was it, and that was not like this place. I mean, it’s the middle of New Jersey in a city of 55,000 people.”

The weirdness didn’t end there. “For the next year and a half my daughter and I, we’d get on the phone – she was in Brooklyn, I was in New Jersey. Didn’t matter what combination of cellphones, landlines, or whatever – and we’d be talking and suddenly we wouldn’t be able to hear each other but we’d be interrupted by a very strange electronic sounding, metallic sounding voice speaking. It sounded sort of male, kind of errie, spooky, and it was speaking some language I did not understand. At one point, it said her name. Then it would hang us up simultaneously and then we wouldn’t be able to call each other back on average for about 5 or 10 minutes. And eventually, after about a year and a half of this going on, it started to happen between her and some of her friends and me and some of my colleagues.”

“I think we had some type of a contact.”

Another bizarre personal story that Nancy shared with us happened she said well before her interest in aliens. She and a friend were shopping in New York City and came upon a clothing store on lower Broadway that Nancy had never noticed before. She bought a lavender silk jacket that she really liked, and struck up a conversation with the store owner who she described as a “peculiar woman” only about 4 ½ feet tall, and though old she had long black hair and a face covered with what to her resembled Indian war paint. The woman said her name was Luxor Tavella, who turned out to be a famous Italian fashion designer to the stars. Not long afterwards, Nancy and her friend decided to return to the store and walked up and down the same section of lower Broadway, but it was as though it had vanished.

Two years later, once again in the same area, they this time came upon the store! Luxor was still there. Nancy and her friend giggled to themselves. Later, while in the back of the store looking at clothes, a very tall, strange man seemed to appear out of nowhere. Nancy pointed out that there were no doors in the back.

At this point I’ll quote directly from Nancy’s description of what happened next from her book How to Talk to An Alien: “He walked right by us. He was at least 7 to 8 feet tall and dressed head to toe in old-fashioned black garments, including an 18th-century-looking black coat. He had the gaunt, rigid-facial features of Abraham Lincoln. As he glided past us, he did not acknowledge us or demonstrate any emotion. His skin was peculiar because it was pure white like fresh snow. My friend looked at me with an expression of terror and insisted we leave the place immediately, which we did, and haven’t been back since.” Nancy said the store’s name was Paracelso, the same name of the historic Swiss-German alchemist. Bob immediately upon hearing that part of this story pulled it up on his cellphone. We all agreed it was all rather unusual indeed.

Nancy’s concluding remarks on this incident in her book went thusly: “In retrospect, given the odd time warp characteristics of this store named after Paracelsus, and the fact that it disappeared and reappeared like an alchemist’s dream in the middle of New York City, is it possible this ‘giant’ was an alien?”

Just prior to my deadline, I emailed Nancy about a high-strange episode that she described during our visit that I had not heard before, to which she not only filled me in on that but also recent developments that enlarged upon the mystery even more.

She wrote:

“Had just finished luncheon with Don Trump Jr. and his then girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, in New York City. Then I got my car out of the parking garage across the street and began driving back to New Jersey. As I explained to you, I never listen to the AM/FM radio. And I always, always have it set to satellite radio on the spa music channel. I never, never change that setting.”

“As I was driving and listening to my spa music, suddenly the music was interrupted and switched off. It was replaced with some unknown conversation between two women. At first I couldn’t understand why it had suddenly switched over to what appeared to be some kind of radio station. I checked the settings in the car. My cell phone was not plugged into the car system. At first I wondered if perhaps the car was playing some audio file that might’ve come from my cell phone. But clearly that was not the case. Nor had I touched any of the radio or satellite buttons. So that was out as an explanation.”

“The two women were having a very casual conversation. The first woman was explaining excitedly about several unidentified flying objects that she had seen in the sky above her. She was trying to explain to the other woman how they were flying in the sky. Going behind some of the clouds and apparently only one was significantly visible. I suddenly realized that the woman talking was a friend of mine from real life named Pat. I couldn’t understand why she was apparently on some radio frequency talking about UFOs because I had never spoken with her about UFOs in the past. Then the other woman spoke and responded and asked Pat some questions about the appearance of the craft. At that moment I realized with great shock that the woman speaking to Pat was me!! Pat responded saying that the craft were beginning to dematerialize and seemed to disintegrate with a kind of sparkling quality. She used the word ‘scintillating.’ I knew from real life that Pat would never ever use that word. However, I have and would use that word.”

“As soon as she finished saying this, the strange broadcast terminated and my car went back to playing the spa music as before. A couple of days later I called Pat up on the phone and I asked her if she and I had ever had such a conversation. She said absolutely not. I asked if we had ever discussed UFOs in the past. And she said no. I asked her if she ever used the word scintillating and she laughed and said never!”

“To this day, I don’t have a clue what could have generated that conversation.”

“I will tell you that one week ago Pat came to visit me here in Florida and the very first night she was here she was sitting out on my terrace and was able to take a video of a UFO in the sky. It was a pink/orange colored ball of light drifting around the sky several miles away. She is a superb paranormal photographer.”

“I will also tell you that a couple of nights later as I was lying in bed at around 1:30 AM trying to fall asleep, I was looking at my smoke detector on the ceiling and the little tiny, tiny red and white lights on it. I begin to wonder if I could use my psychic abilities to cause the light to expand in such a way that it would fill up my entire room. Of course, it did not and I went to sleep. However, the next morning Pat told me that at approximately 1:30 AM the night before she awoke from a deep sleep because her entire room filled with white light. I have no idea what happened here.”

“As for your idea that perhaps it was a recollection from some kind of abduction or being on a craft which I had forgotten, I can only say that I have zero memories of ever being on any UFO craft, although many people have actually told me they have seen me on various craft!! I have never had missing time - with the exception of ten years as it relates to events with Ingo Swann, my mentor and creator of remote viewing, and a guy named Jim Schnabel who was working with Ingo when I knew Ingo (2003-2013) and wrote the then definitive book on remote viewing.”

“Perhaps the conversation with Pat is yet to be had and will exist in the future! Who knows!”

“Or, Pat has told me over the last six months she has had several repeating dreams about hearing me yell for help while on an alien craft!! Seems unlikely to me. But then again, I can’t remember anything at all and I’m not hypnotizable!!”

I’ll certainly be standing by to see if there are any further developments in this situation with Nancy and her friend Pat.

Next I will introduce to you Bob. Bob Davis is a retired Ph.D. sensory neuroscience guy. I initially became acquainted with him about five years ago when working as a fellow volunteer with the Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Experiences [FREE]. He had become very actively involved in researching and investigating UFO contactee claims, as well as afterlife and near-death case histories. He authored The UFO Phenomenon: Should I Believe? (2015), Life after Death (2017), and Unseen Forces (2019). In addition, he co-authored “A Study on Reported Unidentified Aerial Phenomena and Associated Contact with Non-Human Intelligences,” with Russell Scalpone, Rey Hernandez, and Rudy Schild in the Journal of Scientific Exploration 32, (2018): 298-348.

Bob also did a lot of interviews, lectures and podcasts, representing FREE in many of those. My very first contact with him however was right after his UFO book had been published, when I interviewed him for AP magazine, and then later we crossed paths via FREE, which is when we became much better acquainted. Early in 2017, Bob went to Australia to lecture on behalf of FREE where he had an up close and personal experience with kundalini – something quite a few people in the contactee community can identify with. I wrote about what happened at that time in the March 2017 edition of this magazine. At the time however, I didn’t reveal his identity. He was still processing what had happened. Still recovering.

Here’s what I wrote:

A fellow UFO researcher, who is well respected and well versed in science, was attending a conference in Australia recently when he met a medical doctor named Maree Batchelor. “I was informed by others that she had great power and can access and channel 'off-world' energies to create a spiritual awakening. And so, I participated in a session with three other recipients followed by a separate one-on-one session with Maree the following day.”

As a result, he experienced what he could only describe as a profound kind of kundalini spiritual awakening. With awe in his voice he told me over the phone, “This stuff is real!” He shared a Youtube video interview with this doctor that had been done by Alfred Lambremont Weber. In the interview, she described how her life had changed dramatically back in June 2008 following the tragic death of her 4-year-old son, who had been struck by a car driven by a reckless, unlicensed 15-year-old. Unexpectedly she began to receive psychic messages, and then one day she returned alone to the scene of the accident. A mysterious ball of light appeared, immersing her in its energy. She was comforted by a great sense of calm, a feeling that all was okay. This was the beginning of her own kundalini awakening. “I was being rewired,” she told the radio host at one point. Visits to a sacred temple in India has greatly facilitated her spiritual evolution. In fact, I learned that as I am writing these words she is in India right now. I've been told that she has a strong desire to help heal and awaken others.

Here in my UFO researcher friend's own words is what has happened to him:

“While relaxed with eyes closed Maree began speaking about energy, timelines, DNA, time and space, the greater good, cleaning and healing different parts of the body, negative and positive entities, past lives, emotional traumas, among other concepts that seem to perplex yet maintain my interest, as my body began to respond involuntarily to her words and intentions. Numerous physical reactions occurred which included, excessive coughing, facial twitches, and rhythmic and repeated head turning. Moments of exhaustion mixed with feelings of high energy, euphoria, and positivity occurred throughout the session as she spoke.” The following month I presented an interview I had just had with Dr. Batchelor in the April 2017 issue of my magazine, getting her story firsthand. She described how many she works with indeed describe some pretty incredible experiences, including seeing her “holographically shape-shift into the frequencies coming in and I’ll actually present as a different person in front of them. I have found that extraordinary. I have been told many, many times ‘you turned into a Native American’ or ‘you’re sitting there as a blue alien being.’ One of the things that keeps coming through is this holographic presentation of Bhagawan Nityananda, the great being who, in his human form, was an elderly gentleman of Indian origin sitting there. People are seeing that quite clearly. And there is a woman named Anandamay: Ma who is a realized female being, sort of early 1900’s. I believe she’s got Galactic Blue Ray connections. …Even at one point I was a snake for somebody and they said that the snake energy just went and opened up their heart chakra.”

“I just recently came back from India traveling with a girl friend of mine who initially came to see me as a client and I woke her up in a fairly significant way and now she’s really receiving more and more – and she downloads a lot of information that’s for me and for my journey. But what’s interesting is that since we came back from India she’s had greater third eye activation and greater awareness in higher frequencies. She’s now being visited by off-world beings. She rang me one night and said, ‘Oh gosh, they’re in my room. They want me to go somewhere with them. What should I do?’

“I said, ‘Well, do they feel benevolent?’ She said, ‘They feel very loving and very supportive.’ I said, ‘Well, I think you’re fine. Off you go.’ And she had this extraordinary experience only a week ago where she went off with these beings and learned more about the Blue Ray.”

Meanwhile, back in the Clearwater library, Bob demonstrated for us how he looked when he allowed the kundalini energy in the form of what’s called kriyas to surface. “I simply allow it,” he explains. “I think it’s an ongoing process, which becomes more pronounced when I let it be. It sounds like an oxymoron, but the explanation is ‘subject’ in nature, an ‘inner world’ experience that escapes language description/translation, other than a ‘letting go’ type intention to allow its’ more pronounced physiological appearance (kriya) to do its thing, whatever that may be.”

Photo of Skylaire

Sadly, Skylaire Alfvegren, a self-described “gonzo journalist and a Fortean explorer,” a former friend of John Keel, passed suddenly and unexpected on August 27, 2021, at age 44. She claimed that she saw her first UFO at age 13, at Edward Air Force base of all places. I shared a brief email exchange with her shortly after Keel’s passing in 2009 and I had hoped to do an interview with her for Alternate Perceptions at some point, but alas it never came to be. Below is a report on Skylaire with details of her life and recent passing, with a collection of photographs of her, presented by noted cryptozoologist Loren Coleman: http://www.cryptozoonews.com/alfvegren-obi/?fbclid=IwAR10r2DxgKawSa9i-mUivuWTmQtgUcXwmDJB40Nmfce6NGdO4Bzf5YDfLDY

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