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Encounters with the Unknown—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, August 2021

The Bizarre Story of Susan X

by: Brent Raynes

One of Ohio’s most extraordinary cases was investigated by the noted Earl J. Neff, the founder of CUP (Cleveland Ufology Project). On the night of November 10, 1971, “Susan X” [real name withheld but on file] appeared on the Allan Douglas show out of Cleveland, Ohio’s WKYC radio. Earl Neff and ufologist Larry Moyers took part in this interview as Susan shared her incredible testimony.

The story begins on July 21, 1963, when Susan [witness names are pseudonyms] and Joan were picked up by their boyfriends Paul and Tom, who had phoned them and wanted to get together to tell them something. As the girls got into their car, the young men proceeded to tell them this unbelievable tale of how the week before, on the night of the 14th, that they had accidentally struck a man with their car. This man, incredibly, stood right back up, brushed himself off, and climbed in their car unhurt. Next this man explained to the young men that he was from another planet, after which he vanished from their car without a trace!

A couple of days later, on July 23, Susan got a phone call from Paul, around 7 p.m. At first he was almost unintelligible in his speech. She wanted to know why he hadn’t picked her up to go to the county fair, as they had earlier planned to do. However, Paul told her he was calling from a phone booth, gave her directions, and said he needed her to come to him.

She did as he requested, finding Paul still in the phone booth, looking as white as a ghost she explained. He appeared to be in a state of shock and she helped him get out of the booth. She asked where their friend Tom was and he told her that he was sitting on the curb across the street. Sure enough, there he was, also in a similar state of shock. In fact, he didn’t seem to be able to talk at all at that point.

They located the car which Susan discovered was covered inside and out with a glittery silt, as though the young men had been in a limestone quarry. They asked Susan to call Joan and tell her that they would pick her up in 10 minutes. Once together again, the girls were told another incredible story. This time the young men said they were driving up a steep hill, passing another car, when Paul, who was driving, turned to look back when he saw the stranger again in the backseat!

This man was ordinary looking, dark haired, average build, perhaps 5 foot 11, dressed in the same slacks and short-sleeved summer shirt as before. Speaking clear English the stranger told the young college men something about a solar eclipse (later finding out that there had been one on July 20th, visible from Alaska to the Hudson Bay area, with a total eclipse visible only in Maine). He also told them that they were on earth only to observe and that they could speak any language and blend in with us.

The next thing Paul and Tom knew they were standing in an arid, dry desert-like environment. The horizon was black. They were then confronted by a dozen or more humanoid figures, 3-4 foot tall, with shiny silvery bodies, resembling mercury. They had slits for eyes and mouth, no nose, and although they saw no lip movement they heard the same voice of the stranger. The voice explained to them that they were now on his planet, and that they wanted to show them that they could take anyone they wished. The two men became angry at this and Paul demanded to be returned to earth immediately. The voice however informed them that although they meant no harm they could do so if they so desired. Then Paul sank down into the sand up to his neck. Tom tried to help his friend, but then he too sank down into the sand and up to his neck.

The voice told the young men that they could multiply but did not die, and this was the reason they were watching life on earth. They wanted to study how we lived, procreated, and even what we died from.

Approximately two weeks after the teleportation incident, the four young people were going to a picnic when the mysterious stranger appeared in the back seat of the car. Susan recalled it said, “I just want to remind you again that you have indeed made a very terrible mistake involving these two women, and I suggest that after this time that under no circumstances are you to even discuss this among yourselves.”

About three weeks after the teleportation incident, Paul was in his office at a large manufacturing plant where he worked part time when the alien voice spoke to him over his intercom and told Paul that he was still being watched.

Shortly after this Susan saw Tom at a local drive-in restaurant and he brushed her off. A week later, he called her and insisted that she not see Paul anymore. She told Tom that only on Paul’s say so would she agree to that. She therefore felt that Tom must have had some kind of additional experience similar to Paul’s voice over the intercom episode.

At the time of the radio interview, Susan said that about five years before Tom had disappeared and Joan had moved away, and that with even trying to reach her through her parents she had been unsuccessful. Paul however remained in contact with her. Susan become a nurse.

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