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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, August 2021

SETI, UFOs, and Arecibo

by: Brent Raynes

Just recently in the prestigious Scientific American there appeared an article written by John Gertz that was entitled “Maybe The Aliens Really Are Here.” Interestingly, Gertz is the president of the Foundation for Investing in Research on SETI Science and Technology and a former Chairman of the Board of the SETI Institute. Gertz speculates that robotic space probes coming into our solar system may be the most logical way in which we’ll discover advanced alien life, something he feels may move the two camps of ufology and SETI scientists closer together.

Puerto Rican journalist and noted ufologist Jorge Martin Miranda provided me with a YouTube interview of Gertz that was streamed live for nearly four hours by UFO enthusiasts in Argentina on July 15th. Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSa2Lf6GnrQ&t=1s

“For years I have been arguing in the SETI community that it makes much better business sense for ET to send information to our solar system physically in probes than it goes for them to transmit the information by radio or laser beacons from their home star system,” Gertz explained in his interview on La Senal Ciencia y Misterious - “The Signal of Science and Mysteries.”

“Usually, SETI stays very far away from UFOs because there’s a sort of craziness about the UFO phenomenon,” Gertz added. “But here I’m trying to say listen, if we in the SETI community really admit that probes may be here in our own solar system then maybe it is possible that they’re also here in our atmosphere.” Of course, to many ufologists that’s not so hard for them to conceptualize.

“SETI members know much more than they say publicly about the UFO issue,” Jorge Martin Miranda declared to us in a statement. “The event mentioned here took place in the area of the Arecibo Radio Observatory in Puerto Rico, and is an example of a good number of similar events related to the presence of UFOs in that center of astronomical radio research.”

“In the summer of the year 1989 Mr. Víctor Agueda, a resident in the Hato Viejo sector of Arecibo, observed one night at about 12:30 a.m. the apparition of a large oval light in the sky.”

“The aforementioned light was, according to him, white and as bright as the light of an electric arc welding. The 'light' grew in size and suddenly a circular area of yellowish light appeared in its center and a bright opening formed in it, from which six spherically shaped light objects came out. After leaving the light mass the six objects took a vertical position in the sky and descended, one by one, on a mountain next to the Radio Observatory, disappearing there.” “After that, the opening in the large light mass in the sky closed and the large light began to wane slowly and decrease in its size until it completely dematerialized and disappeared.”

“What Mr. Agueda described is compatible with the manifestation of an apparent cosmic portal, or a time-space or dimensional wormhole, and the event occurred alongside the facilities of the Radio Observatory, so security personnel and the scientists in the center must have observed it.” “As a matter of fact, we have testimonies from Security Service employees in the Radio Observatory that revealed to us several UFO incidents in that location.” “Events have occurred there with large sized cylindrical objects, large flying saucers, spherical UFOs, triangle-shaped crafts, luminous UFOs, etc. Neighbors in sectors close to the Radio observatory such as Esperanza sector, Hato Viejo sector, Dominguito sector and in the area of road #129, have been witnesses to many such events.”

Jorge wondered if John Gertz was aware of the events that he described to us here. He mentioned to me that he intends to try and conduct an interview himself with this SETI scientist.

Wednesday, November 29, 2023