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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, July 2021

Updates From the Field 7112019
A few accounts at Board Camp Crystal Mine

by: Daniel Erickson

Board Camp Crystal Mine is a wealth of phenomena that I am pleased to research primarily because of the friendliness of Cheryl and Orville Murphy. It is my opinion that their kind and respectful approach to the phenomenon directly results in positive encounters. I would categorize the phenomena at their site as curious, playful, and respectful.

A few things come to mind that I've connected the dots through researching other areas. Orville mentioned to me an instance where he received a gift directly related to the crystal mining business. He had a conversation with himself while alone in the woods looking for crystal veins and lamenting it was hard to find the crystal vein. The next time he went to this area it appears as though an explosion had blown out the rock and clay from a hillside. Orville suspected it was a Bigfoot that dug out the area. He explained to me that using explosives to remove the crystals damages their structure so he “births” them from the ground. One morning he took me to this secret place to pick crystals. As I approached the hillside the sun shone a beam of light through the trees that fell upon a mound of dirt. When I got closer the light was reflecting off the mound as the rain from the previous day had washed and exposed the crystals. I was overjoyed and had that kid in the candy store feeling wash over me as I eagerly dove into the pile, pocketing many beautiful crystals. If I've ever had a magical experience; that was one for sure. Thank you Orville!

I found this incident of the cliff being dug out interesting because in Canada the folks in the Nahanni Valley call the Bigfoot the "Cliff Scratchers". The Legend of the "Nakhon" who live along the Mackenzie River and Mountains in NW Canada were described as boogymen who would carry you off if you went outside the protection of the campfire. This was probably used to keep children from wandering off. All indications from local legends are this area is a portal of some kind protected by cryptids. Whether the disappearances of people in the area and reports of deaths are a result of Bigfoot protecting its territory or the the result of other warring interests in the area is unknown. But it can be concluded that contact with the phenomena in that area is viewed as dangerous and defines the negative relationship. I'm excited to spend some time there next year and find out for myself.

As near as I can tell, there is a portal on or near the Murphy's property that allows for the interdimensional transfer of these creatures. They seem to use a part of his land as a nursery and training area. Most indicators are that they are gentle but protective. Sometimes the young adults will run up behind you as you are walking along the trail and stop just inches away. Then they will reach out and touch you. Like they are playing tag. All the while they are cloaked so you can't see them but you can hear them or feel them touch you. On more than one occasion this has happened to me and others I have brought to the property for a visit. I have not mentioned this previously because I use it as one of those independent validations.

On one visit to Board Camp Crystal Mine it was winter and very chilly. I wore a black knit hat, a black hoody and black sweat pants with white socks and black and white tennis shoes. The tight fitting pull on cap had a white tag that stuck out around the ear area. This is typically hidden when the cap edge is folded but I needed all the cap because I had it pulled over my ears. I was quietly working on some equipment. I was looking for the source of all the orbs showing up on my night vision camera. I suspected it was from floating dust based on the size. I got to the spot the orbs were coming from when I felt something pulling on this tag and releasing it so the cap then sprang back against my head. Amazingly, I was well composed in that moment and did not come completely unglued by jerking in a fearful manner. This activity lasted about a minute of something examining my knit hat and the presence of this white tag. It was very gentle and genuinely curious about what I was because I did not look like a human. I had questions of my own about the levitating objects. I got three impressions. First the presence of the quartz and associated electric fields generated by the Earth are a source of fuel used by several things. Some “things” emit byproducts that cause the quartz to turn smokey. This spot also shows up as a bright spot on the Earth and is used as a navigation point. The presence of these craft will lift certain rocks as the flow of energy is taking place. The other is cloaked creatures playing with the rocks because it is fun to watch the excited reactions of people. The third is the unwitting use of creative energy by humans who are picking up on the training taking place there. These points on the land allow for the manifestation of the concentrated will.

Board Camp Crystal Mine is located near the dome of an ancient underground volcano. When this dome was formed millions of years ago it upwelled the crust causing fractures and pushed the shale up so it breaks through the ground almost vertically. Over time pressure forces silicate out of the accompanying sandstone into the voids creating quartz crystals. You can think of it as mother Earth repairing its' broken skin. There is a fault line that runs parallel to the road just in front of the Crystal mine. Secondary fault lines criss cross the property and at one location there are perhaps as many as six veins of quartz that meet together. Guess what? That is where the beams of light came out of the ground. Another geologic indicator, usually associated where phenomena is located, is the presence of sulfur in well water. Surprisingly, the “Crystal Water” bottling plant is located not far away from the town of Board Camp. The water from that well is sold all over the US as crystal pure water. The well water at Board Camp Crystal Mine has a sulfur smell and taste indicating that a volcanic vent existed in this area in the past. This is not an issue now that the local utility provides fresh water. There are also psychological reactions to the energy located at Board Camp Crystal Mine. The short term reaction is one of euphoria and a bit of dizziness. It is like stepping out from a refreshing shower after a workout. It is also possible to find other sensations on the property but each person will react differently. Typically most folks will not attribute their excited mood or the feeling of being touched with anything paranormal. Board Camp Crystal Mine is a fun place to spend a day digging your own natural crystals or just looking for a wonderful crystal to purchase in the gift shop.

Visit them online at boardcampcrystalmine.com

Wednesday, November 29, 2023