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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, July 2021

Rebirthing in Time

by: Edward Carlos

I reflect herein on thoughts concerning mystical experiences via close encounters of the third kind and similarities discovered in the explorations of Edgar Cayce in 1937; additionally, my thoughts, too, are about current scientific theories regarding the sun’s heliosphere. I find equations thereby coming forth by the associations thereof.

This address comes, oddly, from an untitled old fragment of someone’s Edgar Cayce-based book that simply, suddenly, appeared in my own spurious accumulation of books, artworks, music recordings and note taking over many years. Conjurations of these ideas as they appear seem adapted to and from a codification of insistence in our individual lives, discovered and authenticated by our arts and our sciences.

I suggest the recent verifications in scientific explorations such as in defining the edges of our universe as our sun’s heliospheric bubble within which occurs a backwards looping that conjures for me a systemic re-visitation joining together past existences as an entanglement at the smallest indications of what matter implies. I recommend the readers explore, if interested, the various essays on the heliosphere and the ULYSSES mission currently in outer space.

The knowledge pressed upon me during my own close encounters with hayyot (holy living beings, as akin to the Judaic merkavah tradition of mystical theology) began early in my present existence. The information received in these encounters involves visual and visionary narratives presented telepathically to me as a “living” metaphoric substantiation of soulful needs. Memory is involved and activated. The information received during encounters is enacted through opportunities appropriate to human will (in this case of the soul) like Edgar Cayce acknowledged regarding his readings. Cayce inferred that in one’s unconscious mind, we carry the basis and essence of the teachings/tellings brought to us, individually but which I suggest is structurally similar to the lessons given in close encounters. Our personal predicament involves our interpretation of these lessons, and more so, about how we expedite the implications into our general lifestyle.

We are admonished by the hayyot to be faithful as to our experiences thereafter the various, many actually, encounters teachings. Then, truths will become evident as to our telling and thereby sharing if our interpretations ring true.

Prophecy is manifest via the disclosing of revelations from the otherwise hidden secrets of essential creative processes as to our being; a congruence seems inevitable in keeping with the entirety of Creation bringing forth the evolving of being. Revelations are informative and consequently formative in Creation’s manifestations of which we humans are a part, as with every other existing species. In this fragment I found, Cayce seems drawn to the idea that prophecy exists within every statement as to his readings. As I read him, thereof I see the thoughts expressed in our eventual interpretations expressed essentially in the visually (visionary) metaphoric (ultimately) narratives of our personally oriented close encounters.

In the encounters, an explicit revisiting of past lives somehow envisioned continuously in the long run of matter is expressed in our physical corporeality. Eventually conjoined, these living experiences offer countenances relevant to the prophetic aspects seemingly hidden. Such secrets will eventually come forth and be revealed over time, akin to information derived from our personal encounters – blessings as I view the enormity of the encounter experiences and contentions.

In each phase of our physical development throughout each given life, and the form accepted by our personal will, each lifetime is a personal mental system as to our development through time. Each phase of our life’s current development provides a simulation of our lifetimes interwoven with past history. In our present life, the hayyot offer us their own profundity of ultimate wisdom to be henceforth calculated; these as insights are deeply considered as to truth about being an entity in each of the given lives we “inherit” from the mainstreaming of Creation as an evolutionary factoring of development.

Regarding past lives, memory acts as a correlative manifesting of the implications of being within the realm of humanity, and indicates our relationship to ultimate existence. This is a responsibility, an adjuration we each accept by our return to being. We are to bring forth the memories of former experiences within this life, or as our subconscious indicates through our inner psychical searching processed from glimpses into past lives. These lives coordinate; they are movements within each embodiment that comes forth for the soul to find and to ultimately gain one’s ultimate freedom.

The inspirations of our deeply personal glimpses are wrought through consciousness. As we discover the levels of consciousness we grasp what is pertinent regarding being as an ultimate freedom in terms of Ultimate Being immersed in time. Such an implication via encountering is a guidance that has historical precedence. The stories in the Old Testament and in the New Testament are examples of this precedence often enacted metaphorically and/or symbolically.

The moments of inspiration and aspiring nature of our existence come to us through the narrative conditioning we accept as given within each encounter. Each new encounter moves beyond where the previous lifetime encounters came forth, but the residual memory of that earlier truth gains ascendance as to the next coming forth. Recognizing that in our next encounter, past encounters have delved into the awareness or consciousness gained in the previous amalgamating of earlier encounters and lifetimes. Truths come forth in encountering at various levels of encountering, such as Cayce’s readings might infer and such as the scientific theories present that are currently in our midst.

Hence, our responsibilities involve moving through the events and obstacles facing this lifetime, and the possibilities for our growth. Edgar Cayce in the detailing of his many readings stresses the application of the self with the engendered information as to our present histories before us. In encounters such conjoining of information depends upon our individuation within the world of our explication as met.

Hence, we have work to do, commitments we make to fulfill, and earn our place in the future of our universe. Everything counts.

Sunday, June 16, 2024