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Letters to the Editor—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, June 2021


I enjoyed the synergy between the article I wrote, "Initiation of the Grey" and the stories related to Bobby Lake-Thom. Bobby has an experience then the next day finds validation that the experience was real when he can see dirt on his feet and tracks in his yard. “I later awoke in my bedroom at daybreak, excited and afraid I noticed something peculiar: My feet were wet with dew and mud. I traced my own tracks through the front room, down the apartment steps, and into the meadow. There was a very large circular indent amongst the flowers."

While reading the story I was reminded of an important point about this phenomena. That we are experiencing a blending between the physical and spiritual reality. Whatever this phenomena is it will communicate to us in a familiar cultural context. Bobby is aware of this when he said, “’What in the world are Indians doing in a flying saucer!?" For Bobby, this was perhaps the only way he would listen or pay attention to what was being said. Bobby's experience illustrates the point I was making about how an OBE can be experienced as a physical event indistinguishable from a waking physical experience. That the saucer is the vehicle to transport the person to the spirit world where information is shared by wise ones. But what about the mud on his feet? There have been other instances of people who said they were abducted and other physical oddities were observed such as a blanket stuck half in and out of a glass window. This evidence can be examined but it will only demonstrate what it is such as "wet feet" and not mean that the story is true or false. Ultimately the only thing that is important is what you experience, how you validate that experience as real, and what you do as result of what you think is true. Bobby Lake-Thom was strong enough to acknowledge his phenomenal experience. I would have enjoyed meeting him.

Daniel Erickson

Wednesday, November 29, 2023