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Letters to the Editor—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, June 2021

Readers may remember the word “stendec” as being part of the last message from the British plane that vanished in the Andes in August 1947. [http://kevinrandle.blogspot.com/search?q=stendec] The plane was not found until January 2000, after the wreckage had “flowed” downhill with the glacier it had crashed into, and finally flowed to the surface.

The spelling “Stendek” was later used as the title of a prominent UFO magazine published in Spain from 1970 to 1981. I wrote two articles for the magazine. Curiously, the word is also part of the UFO contact story of Enrique Mercado of Mexico City. [http://ufology.patrickgross.org/ce3/_mexico.htm]. See also Fortean Times, 232, p. 46, as his was one of several cases involving alien food.

His full name was Victor Enrique Mercado Orue. He died on Dec. 9, 2003, at the age of 75. I met Sr. Mercado on three occasions, in March 1986, August 1987, and August 1995. Though I am unable to assess the factualness of his claims, he struck me as a sincere, humble man. I sent Sr. Mercado the two articles I had written for the “Stendek” magazine after our first meeting. (This was before I had read his typescript; the word did not come up when I visited him) He had been unaware of any other usage of the word, and was astonished to see it in the name of a magazine. In Sr. Mercado’s account the word “Stendek” was the name that the aliens from the planet Mu (in the MIT system) gave to the human race. My introduction to Sr. Mercado was through the courtesy of Mexico City UFO researcher Zitha Rodriguez Montiel, who took me to his house to interview him. Zitha has helped me with some of the details above.

Richard Heiden

A quick note: I just read your latest AP Magazine entry. Your writing style, experiences and zeal best captures the Keel spirit. I am truly honored to know you. I just needed to pass that your way. Thank you, Brent.
Jimmer Hardy

Hi Brent,
I love the May issue and your article on paraufology!!
Bob Davis, Ph.D.


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