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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, May 2021

The Hypnopompic Experience

by: John A. Keel

In Strange Creatures from Time and Space, I offered a cursory examination of “waking dreams” as related to the UFO experience. In Operation Trojan Horse I extended this material to include the complex process of prophecy and attempted to explain the mechanism of the process. In 1927 an aeronautical engineer named J. W. Dunne published a small book titled An Experience With Time. It still stands today as the best of the very few valid studies of time and “waking dreams.” Through proven experiments Dunne determined that “waking dreams” are often glimpses of the immediate future and he made an intelligent and scholarly effort to interpret the mechanism involved. His theories and conclusions carried the ideas of Hinton and Einstein another step. Although the book may be completely incomprehensible to the average UFO buff it should be carefully studied by qualified researchers struggling with the hidden implications of the phenomenon.

Dunne offers the following basic laws, based upon his studies and investigations

1. Every time-traveling field of presentation is contained within a field one dimension larger, traveling in another dimension of time, the larger field covering events which are ‘past’ and ‘future,’ as well as ‘present,’ to the smaller field.
2. The serialism of the fields of presentation involves the existence of a serial observer. In this respect every time-traveling field is the field apparent to a similarly traveling and similarly dimensioned observer. Observation by any such observer is observation by all observers pertaining to the dimensionally larger fields.
3. The focus of attention in any field has the same number of dimensions as has that field, and is a dimensional center of the foci of attention in all the higher fields.

I attempted to greatly simplify this in my Flying Saucer Review article on the UFO Time Cycle Factor. A greatly expanded version of that article appears in Operation Trojan Horse. Many UFO observations indicate that distortions of time and dimensions are frequently involved. Objects moving into and through our time field and spatial dimensions are controlled by dimensional considerations but are unaffected by our “natural laws” (gravity, inertia, etc.). Ultimately, this means that the psychic condition of the observer is more important to our studies than the descriptive nature of what he has perceived. The manifestations of the phenomenon can therefore assume any shape or size since such manifestations are based entirely upon the observer’s powers of perception. An Experiment With Time went through many editions and can be found in many libraries and larger secondhand bookstores. It was published by Faber and Faber, London.

Source: Saucers, Space & Science, No. 62, 1971. Editor and publisher was the late Gene Duplantier, Willowdale, Ontario, Canada.

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