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Audio Interviews—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, May 2021

Hosted by Brent Raynes


Tonya Madia describes and demonstrates Soul Contact Hypnosis

Tonya Madia demonstrates a Soul Contact Session which she describes as a gentle form of hypnosis allowing access to higher states of consciousness, guiding each person on a journey into the unconscious mind, for the purpose of making contact with the soul, the higher self, to explore possible past lives, lives between lives, or perhaps making contact with guides or spiritual masters, for the purpose of discovering what the individual has accomplished at the soul level and, in the case of past life recall, uncovering whether there was a spiritual gain or loss during a particular life time. Here is a link to the website of Peter Woodbury, who oversaw Tonya’s certification in Past Life Regression: https://peterwoodbury.com/ Here is an excellent article by him on Soul Contact Sessions: https://peterwoodbury.com/beyond-the-veil-part-ii/ Tonya Madia is an author, Reiki Master, medium, yoga teacher, and massage therapist who believes in the importance of cultivating and trusting your intuition.

Editor’s Note: While two separate people were hypnotized, only one session is presented here. The session conducted in this interview with Tonya Madia proved to be, by co-host Barbara Mango’s own testimony, a very profound psychic experience in which she felt that she had connected with a late aunt and her father’s spirit. It’s an emotional and very engaging session.

In addition, here’s what Barbara also wrote about it in her blog Extraordinary Experiences: https://www.extraordinaryexperiences.org/post/visits-from-the-afterlife-energy-beings

Wednesday, May 31, 2023