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Encounters with the Unknown—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, March 2021

Case of the Bigfoot with Green Glowing Blood?

by: Albert S. Rosales

Location. Near Fort Lewis, Washington
Date: 1978
Time: 00:15 a.m.

At the time of the encounter the main witness, Edwin Godoy, was an E-4 rank soldier in the U.S. Army, stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington. Fort Lewis is located next to a large, forested area. Godoy was also an expert marksman who took third place in the U.S. Army marksman competition that year.

One night as his platoon was returning to the compound after participating in ‘war games’ in the forest the truck suddenly malfunctioned and lost all power. Finding it impossible to re-start the truck the commander decided to return to the base on foot with the soldiers and ordered Godoy, as he had been the one who had signed the truck out, to stay with the vehicle and guard it until morning when a tow truck from the base would come to retrieve it. To Godoy this was somewhat irregular, as normally two men usually remained behind with disabled vehicles. Anyway, everyone left around 8 p.m. and Godoy remained behind alone. Around 15 minutes after midnight Godoy noticed a figure some 300 meters away from him, standing next to some pine trees in the forest. What shocked Godoy was the size of the creature, as it was very tall, and its body was completely covered with dark long grayish hair. It stood next to a pine tree swinging its body from side to side while looking straight at Godoy. According to Godoy it looked somewhat like a man, but it was not a man. It was very strongly built, with a broad chest, and its eyes glowed red in the dark. The moon was behind it and there were no other lights in the area, so the red glow from its eyes was not due to any reflection. They seemed ‘self-luminous’. Suddenly the creature started running towards Godoy, so he shouted at it to halt three times, asking it to stop and identify itself. As it would not reply Godoy fired a shot into the air and then shot at the creature. The creature grabbed its chest and emitted a loud moan, stopped, and then ran to his right, disappearing into the forest.

Godoy, extremely nervous reasoned that he had just encountered a “Bigfoot,” one of the forest’s legendary creatures that the local Indians often talked about. Afraid, he locked himself inside the truck until 6 a.m. when two mechanics from the base arrived in a tow-truck to pick up Godoy and the disabled truck. He explained to the two mechanics what had happened, but they would not believe him. They walked over to the location where the hairy creature had been apparently shot and were surprised to see huge human-like footprints imprinted in the soft ground and several pools of blood that looked red, but was strangely oily in appearance, and fresh. The mechanics stared at each other and then looked at Godoy in a strange way, mumbling something between them in a low voice. From that moment on they kept their distance and would not talk to him. They communicated by radio with the base and reported the incident. Later, the truck strangely started on the first try. At about 730 a.m. several unknown personnel arrived at the ‘shooting site.’ These men were wearing white lab coats, and thick gray gloves and boots and took samples from the tracks in the ground and the alleged “blood”. Several vials were filled with the liquid substance and handled with extreme care. The mechanics talked to these men, but Godoy was not allowed to speak to them. Later they were all ordered by radio to return at once to Fort Lewis. Godoy was to report himself to the base hospital immediately upon his arrival.

To his surprise, an Air Force medical officer, a Colonel, was waiting for him there. Fort Lewis is a U.S. Army Base with no apparent ties to the Air Force, so why the presence of this Air Force Colonel there? He could not say. The Colonel was not from the Hospital medical staff. This officer thoroughly debriefed Godoy and performed a complete medical examination on him. While examining him, he kept asking how far away he had been from the creature, where in its body he had shot it, the description of the creature. The Colonel also asked Godoy if he had felt “any tingling sensations or if he had a sore throat”, headaches, rashes, and other things. This Air Force medical officer apparently “knew” what to ask, as it was obvious to Godoy that the officer was looking for specific symptoms. Blood samples, skin samples, urine, saliva, and other types of samples were taken from Godoy. The whole time Godoy asked the officer several questions but received no answers. After the examination he was ordered to go to his barracks where he took a shower and rested. Later Godoy was ordered to appear in the Base Commander’s office. Once there, the Commander, a Lieutenant General, was there, together with his company Commander, (Captain Underwood) and a Colonel who last name, to his best recollection was Kropsie. They debriefed him again on what had occurred out in the woods and then the base commander ordered Godoy not to talk ever to anyone on what had taken place, and was warned that if he did, he would be court-martialed. Godoy agreed. Later as he headed back to his barracks, he was approached by L. Robles, another Puerto Rican soldier who worked in the hospital’s lab. Robles asked Godoy what he had shot, and Godoy told him that he was not allowed to discuss the matter, but Robles insisted on asking. According to Robles, he and two other men had to analyze the blood samples taken from the ground and when he examined the samples he found three weird things in it. The blood contained human blood cells, animal cells and chlorophyll. Also, when the blood was removed from the light and placed in the dark, it glowed green, almost as if had been “radioactive”. Shocked, Godoy told Robles that he could not discuss the incident and left. For some reason, Godoy felt like the commanders of the base knew more of what was going on. He remembers one time entering a sort of large Vault-like storage area on base and seeing many bottles stored there. According to Godoy these bottles were filled with a liquid substance that glowed green, like what Robles had described. The bottles in the vault were kept under very heavy security, because, according to Godoy the liquid in the bottles seemed to have been plutonium stored at the base.

Source: Jorge Martin

Author comments: Green or greenish blood has been reported before in conjunction with these creatures and others. And according to the source several years ago there occurred a fatal jetliner crash in Colombia, South America. Among the mangled corpses of the ill-fated passengers was the corpse of a man, an alleged citizen from Israel. But there had been something incredible about this man. Instead of blood he had a bright green liquid fluid circulating in his body. The body of this man was later claimed by the Government of Israel. It was also informed that the U.S. government had sent representatives to Colombia to investigate the matter and take samples from the corpse’s tissue and “blood” before it was released to the Israeli government. This case was allegedly reported in the Spanish language U.S. network “Telemundo” in their “Ocurrio Asi” television show.

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