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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, March 2021

Ghost or Alien

by: Albert S. Rosales

“Are ghosts really UFOs and UFO entities, or are UFOs really ghosts? Take your choice.” – John A. Keel

Sometimes there is a very thin line between both phenomena and sometimes they seem to be intertwined. What are we to make of such cases? The truth is possibly not what we think it is.

The following narrative deals with a bizarre series of events said to have taken place in Denmark between 1987-1988. There were several cases, some apparently clear-cut and others not so much. Read the following summaries and arrive at your own interpretation.

The first event, seemingly a UFO encounter with a possible extraterrestrial in the vicinity.
Location: Pedersborg, Denmark
Date: August 2, 1987
Time: midnight

A witness reported seeing a “boy-like” figure sitting on a stonewall by a lake. Around the figure there was a red glow. The witness watched as the red light seemed to revolve around the figure who stood by the wall and looked out over the lake. The light turned white, and then a dazzling green. Suddenly it became dark again and there was no trace of the “boy” or the light. The witness had been only 30 meters away from the figure and did not see it go along the road.
Source: Kim Moeller, UFO Nyt 1988, Denmark
The description of the “boy-like” figure will become more mysterious in the later reports.
A few days later, there was another report describing a “strange boy” and an apparent UFO.
Location: Soro, Denmark
Date: August 12, 1987
Time: 08:00 a.m.

A red orb-like object was seen circling over a lake. It then hovered over a local school. At the same time several separate witnesses reported encountering an “odd” boy or child-like being in the area. No other information. Source: SUFOI

The next episode is when it starts to get more complex and weird:

Location: Kogejev, Ringsted, Denmark
Date: November 6, 1987
Time: 04:30 a.m.

A red luminous light ball was seen over the local cemetery by a witness who was about 50m away. The sphere appeared to be almost transparent. It then slowly descended behind the nearby fire station. The witness approached along the sidewalk near a slaughterhouse and there he saw a “strange boy” walking out of the cemetery. The figure was wearing a dark T-shirt and blue trousers. He walked along the sidewalk and suddenly sat down on the cemetery wall. Then a dark red ring of light came down around the “boy”. It emitted flashes of light and the boy disappeared in front of the witness’s eyes.

Source: Kim Moeller in UFO Nyt # 88, Project Becassine

We read the first instance in which the strange boy is reported in, or in the vicinity, of a local cemetery along with a UFO. What is the connection? Next is another similar report with a clearer description of the “boy” and also a UFO: Location: Ringsted, Denmark
Date: November 12, 1987
Time: 2020

A witness walking towards Tvaeralle notices a strange reddish glow on a nearby field. On the grass stood a boy-like figure and next to it about 4-5 meters away was a glowing object. The object was about 3 feet in diameter and there were red flames circling it. The witness was at about 25m from the figure and the object. He approached and at the moment he reached the hedges around the parking lot the boy walked towards the light and the light came towards him at the same time. The ball of light enveloped the boy and then began rotating at very high speed. Its red flames became one dark red ring around it. It then rose and flew over the swimming pool and over the top of the tree branches until it disappeared. He described the boy as wearing light blue pants, a gray T-shirt and one glossy metal buckle on one arm. The boy’s hair was dark, and half-length, ruffled. The witness adds that he would recognize the boy if “he saw him again”.
Source: Aldrich/Project 1947 & Kim Moller Hansen, UFO-Nyt Jan/Feb 1988 Type: C

In the next case the “boy” seems to be somehow “different” and might have bi-location capabilities:

Location: Roskildevej, Central Zealand, Denmark
Date: November 26, 1987
Time: 19:50

The witness was on his way home after a visit to Benlose Park when he saw an unusual light shining in a field. He stopped the car and got out to take a closer look at this light. At approximately 25 meters from the light, it slowly went out and the area became dark. Then, across from him he saw a “person” sitting on the grass near the sidewalk. The figure saw him also as he walked across the road to ask him if he had seen the light also. The person was a “boy” and although it was very cold, he was only wearing a T-shirt. The figure then got up and walked along the sidewalk towards town. The witness caught up to him and asked him what he was doing there. The strange boy did not answer. The boy turned and the witness realized that the figure was not an ordinary “boy”. The figure stood still and looked at the witness with an expression that the witness “had never seen before”. The witness was speechless. The figure turned around when a car drove past.

Also, a couple of teenagers on their mopeds also saw the strange figure standing by the river. They approached the figure who remained silent when they tried to talk to it. Suddenly a light shone around the figure and he disappeared. While looking for him the same witnesses saw the mysterious figure as they walked on a trail by the creek. He was now in the field on the other side of the creek. They could not figure out how the boy had arrived at the other side of the creek since there was no bridge nearby. As they watched a white light enveloped the figure and then a red glow and he disappeared again.

Source: Kim Moller Hansen, UFO-Nyt Jan/Feb 1988
The next and last incident in 1987, again the boy is seen in the cemetery and apparently possesses other strange abilities:

Location: Near Haslev Denmark
Date: December 23, 1987
Time: near midnight

Two men saw a strange boy-like figure cross the road in front of them. As they approached, they noticed that there was a red glow around him and that he was carrying some sort of metal in one of his hands. He had thick hair and was wearing a short-sleeve top and blue pants. The witnesses did not dare approach any closer. Another motorist stopped, but then drove on.

Around the same time at Gyrstinge Cemetery a witness, Bente Jensen, was placing a wreath on a grave site when she saw the boy-like figure standing nearby looking at the chapel. Then the figure walked through a gate into the rear garden. Shortly after he came back again and walked towards the exit. He ignored the witness, but otherwise she said goodbye to him. She had never seen him before. When he reached the wall at the exit there was a red flash of light and the witness saw him walk straight through the cemetery wall. She did not see him again.

Source: Kim Moeller Hansen, UFO-Nyt, Jan/Feb 1988 and Project Becassine

The next and apparent last incident of the strange series of events, the witnesses did not see the “boy” but there were some other interesting details:

Location: Ringsted, Denmark
Date: January 4, 1988
Time: 1845

Near the Vetterslev church, two 35 centimeter appearing red spheres maneuvered low over a field starting at 1845 and continuing for two hours. Melted snow and small footprints were later found in the field. No other information.
Source: Scandinavian UFO Information Newsletter Issue # 11

The whole affair leaves one with more questions and hardly any answers. What was the connection with the boy and the cemetery? If the boy was an alien why was he wearing normal clothing and only a T-shirt in the middle of winter? I can go on forever with questions for which I don’t have the answers.

March 25, 2021
Albert S Rosales
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