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Classic Mysteries—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, March 2021

A Russian case of alien abduction?

by: Albert S. Rosales

Location: Nalchik, Caucasus, Russia
Date: May 30, 1990
Time: 06:03 a.m.

A local man named Sergey Kovantsev suddenly awoke and felt unreasonable fear without any apparent cause. Immediately after that he appeared in an unfamiliar room. Judging by the interior of the room the witness realized that he was onboard some type of flying object. The room was shaped like a “lentil” and it had oblong shaped elongated windows. He was sitting in a deep armchair placed around a table, with other chairs around it. The chairs and the table were of the same ivory color. The floor appeared to be made out of a greenish velvety material. The walls were brown in color and the ceiling greenish orange in color. Numerous ellipse-shaped bigger windows were located along the walls. In front of the witness sat two humanoid entities, who appeared to be conversing about something.

Sergey did not hear their voices and noticed that the aliens at times seemed to nod their heads. The dialog was obviously telepathic, and from time to time they looked at the witness without interrupting their conversation. The aliens wore thin overalls, bluish in color without any pockets or seams that covered them, all the way up to their necks. Their heads were of “normal” size but with clearly different eyes from that of humans, which were approximately 4 times bigger than human eyes. Their pupils moved in a very strange manner, and appeared to narrow from time to time, becoming a dot and then expanding to cover the entire eye cavity. The pupils were bright raspberry in color, and their eyeballs were of a pure white color. The alien mouths were slit-like, without lips, and were never opened, and Sergey never noticed them move. They had flat wide noses, and their ears were very tightly fit to their heads, elongated and 1.5 times bigger than those of humans. They had short yellowish hair with “modern” haircuts. The light emanating from the ceiling was even, soft, and pleasant.

The witness could see what appeared to be an indentation on the wall to his left that could have been a door, but without any visible handles. Most interesting was the state in which Sergey was in, while sitting on the chair. He was apparently able to see his own body from a point away from the table (out of body travel?), as well as what was occurring inside the spacecraft simultaneously. Another entity, the same as the other two seated ones, approached Sergey from his back and placed some type of device on his head, which resembled terrestrial “earphones”. Suddenly he heard crackling and squeaking sounds at first in the “earphones” like a radio receiver tuning into the necessary frequency. The sounds stopped quickly, and then Sergey heard a distinct female voice. That is, judging by the voice it sounded like a woman of 50 or 60 years of age. The female voice spoke “interesting” information, which Sergey unfortunately could not remember, only vague recollections remained in his memory. The witness then asked, “What year are you in?” The female voice answered, “The 6648th”. Soon after that the voice began fading away and static appeared again. After that Sergey heard another younger female voice, which he felt more at ease with. Confidently he asked her, “What is your name?” The alien female voice answered, “Maya”. And then added that the year in her planet was now the 9869th year (different from the other alien female voice). Maya then said that in honor of their acquaintance and her respect to the witness, a song performed by a children’s chorus would now be heard (!). At that very same moment, Sergey heard a melodic, electronic music and voices of young children. The song was mostly about joy, friendship and a happy life. Soon Maya communicated again with Sergey who then asked her when they would meet again. She then mentioned the number 17 and something which Sergey did not hear properly since the voice began fading away. After that Sergey experienced a memory gap and later returned to his senses lying on his bed, in a totally confused state. The clock now read 0615A and according to his estimation he had only been onboard the UFO for 12 minutes. The next day, he learned that a local driver had seen a globe-shaped UFO with a broad rim flying low over the houses between Nalchik and the hamlet of Khassanya. The object emitted thin multicolored beams of light in different directions. The object then stopped in mid-air and began to rotate slowly around its axis. Apparently, the witness had been abducted onboard that very same object.

Source: Fyedor I. Konovalov, local UFO Researcher

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