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Audio Interviews—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, February 2021

Hosted by Brent Raynes



Barbara Fisher was born and raised in Charleston, West Virginia, where she realized early on that she saw strange things most people didn't notice. She's earned a BA in Writing with minors in History, Journalism and Biology from Ohio University. She's worked as a journalist, magazine writer, line cook and chef, and has taught culinary arts and art. Currently, she lives in Athens Ohio where she hosts the 6DJK [6 Degrees of John Keel] Podcast and makes mixed media paintings.

Kendra Maurer spent her formative years in Southwestern Ohio and New Orleans, and also grew up seeing and experiencing things most people didn't. She went to college at Ohio University where she got a BS in Environmental Science. She met Barbara at OU, and somehow, discovered that the longer they spent time in each other's company the more intense their experiences of the paranormal became. She's a writer and does great work in construction and landscaping, in addition to being a host of the 6DJK Podcast.

Morganna is Barbara's daughter and was born in Charleston, West Virginia and has spent half her life there and half in Athens, Ohio. She, too, grew up seeing and interacting with strange things from early childhood, but luckily had the support of her Mom, stepdad and Auntie Kendra to help her make sense of it all. She attended Ohio University, and has worked as a line cook since the age of 17. This year, she returns to college to finish her degree in History, in addition to being a host and an amazing researcher for the 6DJK Podcast.

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